C354 Endure Until Reinforcements Arrive

Whiz, whiz.

A small rocket flew out, dragging a long trail of white flames behind it, bombarding the Woeful Disaster’s body one after another.

This monster that was dozens of meters tall screamed in pain as it retreated in the explosion. Then it suddenly let out a loud roar, spurting out an extremely dark, completely black poisonous fog.

In fact, the fog was made up of tiny drops of liquid, and it instantly engulfed the five warriors.

Vaguely, their bodies could be seen melting at a speed visible to the naked eye. The Laser Insect that was within the mist sprayed out flames with all its might, but it did not have much of an effect. Seeing that something was wrong, the captain immediately ordered all the soldiers to retreat.

“Leave this place and report back!”

The alien was indeed dangerous!

Caijia almost ran away as the cheering of the four-armed men came from behind her. Due to her injuries, the calamity did not chase after her. So everyone ran for a distance and killed a three-meter long bug along the way. They were temporarily safe.

Just as everyone was considering whether they should go back directly, the captain’s expression suddenly changed. Then, he said to the remaining three members, “Just now, the Brain Insect had a spiritual communication with me, and asked us to retreat 10 kilometers. Set up camp there and wait for the other four teams to arrive. Set up a defense line. ”

“Set up a defensive line?” One of the team members glared and repeated.

“Mother Star has sent a new flying ship over. Two Insect Girl will personally join the battle. It seems like the higher-ups value this planet very much.” The captain smiled, but everyone could see the sadness in his eyes. He had lost six companions in a short period of time. These Green-skinned Man were not as cold-blooded as the insects. It would be sad.

Cai Jia pondered for a moment, then asked in a low voice, “It would take at least a few months for a spaceship from Mother Star to come, right? Will our days be very sad after this?”

“Don’t worry too much. The Sickle Insect has already started hunting and breeding. The other Laser Insect has also started to duplicate. We will soon have new combat strength to assist us.”

Extraterrestrial exploration was not easy. Long-distance wars were difficult to transport. In this direction, one had to be wary of the powerful Tiss Civilization. They also had to explore this strange planet.

What was even stranger was that they did not get much useful information from the octopus monster. The civilization that crashed the spaceship was actually the kind of wandering civilization that escaped from the Mother Star, because the Mother Star was facing extinction. The scientists could only choose to take the spaceship and leave, and continue to reproduce as a tinder.

The mothership of the stray fleet eventually fell into silence because of the lack of energy. This ship was an alien exploration ship, and its purpose was to find a suitable planet to live on. They didn’t expect to actually find it.

Unfortunately… it was useless to find it. The ship crashed, and they couldn’t contact the mothership.

The instructor prepared to search for the stray fleet according to the information provided by the other party. With their technology, They could only fly at a speed of 300 kilometers per second, crossing an entire galaxy for who knows how many years. Therefore, they were most likely still floating in that place.

After retreating 10 kilometers without any danger, Team 3’s four Green-skinned Man began to cut down trees with the daggers they carried with them. They built simple wooden walls and sentry towers. In order to avoid being attacked, the two team members cleaned up the surrounding 500 meters of wild beasts. Then, they piled up rocks to build “shooting racks,” dug trenches, and then counted the ammunition.

“There are still 500 bullets left. Many monsters need more bullets to kill. So, in the following battles, if there is no need, try to reduce the consumption as much as possible. Everyone go to the nearby stream to wash the blood, in order to avoid attracting large beasts. The wooden wall doesn’t need to be firm, it only needs to be able to block the beasts’ vision and help us observe.”

The captain followed the instructor’s instructions and made arrangements. As for the specific situation, it would be up to him to adapt to the situation and how effective it would be.

During the process, they were lucky enough not to encounter any danger. After completing a 15m diameter circle, they each faced a direction and began to guard against the surrounding objects.

“Now, eight hours of shifts and rest. Two people in a group.”

In order to avoid being too tired and to increase efficiency, the four of them took turns to rest.

As a result, at night, everyone encountered three large beasts of different sizes. They were about six meters long and had spikes all over their bodies, like enlarged hedgehogs.

After a wave of shots, these monsters actually turned into balls and rolled over. They only died in the explosion after a blast.

At night, they continuously repelled two groups of creatures. Everyone finally waited for the next day for four new teams.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Everyone greeted each other and began to build a larger camp. Because there were too many people, each soldier was not as nervous as before.

After half a day of preparation, the team members began to plan how to deal with the threat that the calamity might bring.

As a result, in the next four to five days, four Sickle Insect, one Laser Insect, and one small team arrived one after another. No one was attacked by the calamity. It was not until a week later that the 30m tall monster appeared in everyone’s field of vision. It ran towards them like a madman.

The electromagnetic rifle immediately gave support. The Sickle Insect rushed out. In the rain of bullets, the calamity suffered a fatal attack and let out a wail.

“What is this thing? Its skin is so thick?”

The attack from a few days ago did not cause enough fatal damage to the monster. At this moment, even a transcendent Sickle Insect could not defeat the monster.

Although they were both Transcendents, the difference in strength between them was not ordinary.

With a blast of explosive bullets and poisonous gas cannonballs fired, the gigantic lifeform that finally managed to charge a hundred meters away finally fell to the ground. The Sickle Insect tried their best to wave their weapons, but one of them was accidentally sent flying by the calamity’s claw. It was heavily injured. The Laser Insect used a laser, and then it sprayed flames at the creature.

After struggling for six or seven minutes, the calamity was no longer able to escape and died on the spot.

The soldiers might as well save their bullets during the last moments of the swarm battle. Otherwise, this battle would consume most of their ammunition.

A normal electromagnetic bullet could cause soil as high as a person’s height to splash on the ground or break a person into two. However, the damage it dealt to the Calamity was limited. It was truly terrifying.

In the next month or so, the team cleared the 200 kilometers distance between the camp and the landing site. They also tried their best to breed more than 200 Sickle Insect and 15 Laser Insect.

Although they had sufficient strength, no one attacked the village. Naturally, the owner of the calamity did not come.

Then, the reinforcements from the Insect Girl Clan finally arrived.

Five new small-scale transport ships had sent 10,000 small beetle, Sickle Insect, Bladebug, and Flying Dagger Insect. In total, there were 5,000 of them. In the end, there were less than 100 Wind God Winged Insect, Laser Insect, and so on.

In addition, for the long term outbreak of troops, one Shooting Reproductive Insect was also sent over.

Of course, the most important thing was that there were two Little Insect Girl here.

They were Lo Ya and Lo Xin.

“What an amazing planet.”

Even the terrible environment of Planet Lighthouse was considered not bad. It could be seen how precious a suitable planet was.

The richness of resources on this planet was only second to Mother Star.

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