C353 Super Evolved Life Form

“How long have you been on this planet?”

The instructor grabbed the fellow with his bare hands. The Strength in his hand directly crushed the combat uniform on the other party’s body, causing it to emit sizzling sounds.

“Stop pinching. We have already landed for a long time. According to the date of this planet, it should be around 7,200 days.”

“7,200 days?”

The instructor calculated. It was about 13,000 days in Mother Star, so these guys had landed here for almost half a century.

“After my parents landed, they gave birth to me. They wanted to control the natives of this planet, but they failed. Me and the others had no choice but to escape here.”

” Oh. ” The instructor nodded his head and turned to the captain of Caijia and shouted, “Number 3, bring your people to get in touch with those aboriginals.”


Just as the team was about to set off, the octopus monster suddenly said, “Those aboriginals have problems, you must be careful.”

“Is that so?” The instructor pondered for two seconds, then let the Sickle Insect beside him bring out an even more special bug: Laser Insect.

Although this kind of bug had been born a long time ago, Lo Ya had never put it into actual combat. The early stage of the Insect Girl Clan’s laser weapon was too terrible. The Laser Insect’s main purpose in the battlefield was to blind and cut at close range. In addition, it was a 50-meter fire-breathing equipment. Although theoretically it could also be thrown into space, too little power seemed to have no effect.

Therefore, before finding an effective way to increase the power, the Laser Insect had not really been thrown into the war.

At this moment, this one was two meters long and 0.8 meters wide. It was 0 meters tall. The 3 meter long cockroach that looked like a bug jumped and landed near the team. The octopus monster seemed to have never seen such a ferocious thing before, but in general… Among these creatures in front of him, apart from Green-skinned Man and humans, it was still acceptable. Some of the other bugs looked a little scary.

The cost was only about 1.5 Sickle Insect. In fact, Lo Ya would not feel too bad even if she died in battle.

“Do you have new bugs to help?”

The captain’s confidence was greatly boosted, and he started to lead the team towards the target.

The road was long, and in order to save bullets, the team members used single shots. Only when they were unable to block the enemy monsters would the Laser Insect use fire spray to assist them. Usually, in a wave, no matter how strong the monsters were, they would be burnt to death.

The next morning, the team arrived at the outskirts of the small town surrounded by wooden walls in perfect condition.

Ten people had just passed through a slope and appeared in the line of sight of the city guards. Those monsters with four arms cried out in panic.

The Spiritual Link was established, and they obtained the information in the other party’s mind.

“As expected of the indigenous people who were frightened by those octopus monsters.”

These primitive people were very lucky, because they were only facing a few alien life forms in a spaceship that had crashed. Thus, the difference between the two sides was not large, and these natives finally won. They chased the octopus monster into the forest.

The team arrived at the entrance of the town. A few four-armed men were holding wooden clubs in their hands, looking very nervous.

“What is this place? Who are you people?”

The captain relied on the Spiritual Link to directly transmit the message to the other party’s brain.

“Ahhh!” The four-armed man was so frightened that he threw away the equipment in his hand. He immediately knelt down on the ground, “God, God!”


With the Brain Insect as the center, the Spiritual Link system instantly browsed through a large number of information points in the other party’s mind and knew what the so-called God Emperor was.

Similar to worshipping a god, when they saw an incomprehensible existence, they knelt on the ground and shouted.

“Who is your highest leader? Bring me to him.”

With a thought, a guard nervously invited this group of unknown monsters to the center of the town.

Next to the stone building, the one who brought a group of four-armed men to continuously stab was their leader.

“Elder, these… Gods want to see you.”

The word ‘God’ had an uncertain tone, but he only dared to call him that.

The leader was so scared that his body trembled. He saw the captain point the gun at him. “Give me all the information you know about the distribution of forces and the map.”

The other side did not dare to disobey and took out a very simple leather map.

The range of the map was not large. It seemed to be the range of the other party’s forces.

“So that’s how it is…” The captain took the map and left.

There was no need to communicate with the locals. After understanding the situation of the map, it would be much more convenient to directly head to the core of the map.

However, not long after they left the village, a four-armed man sitting on a 30-meter tall, scarlet-lion-like monster ran over.

After sharing Lo Ya’s scouting ability with the Brain Insect, he saw a line of text on the monster’s head.

Disaster, Super Common, Super Evolved Life.

It immediately told Lo Ya the information.

“Super Evolved Life…”

It was not a monster from the Magic system, but it was indeed a transcendent power. The four-armed man sitting on the monster’s head actually had the combat strength of a Space Level. This made her feel very shocked.

No wonder those octopus monsters were defeated. The native creatures here were indeed different.

“These monsters are here again. Don’t think that you can fool me just because you changed your appearance.” The four-armed man knocked on the back of Woeful. The monster quickly crawled over and opened its mouth to spit out a mouthful of boiling poisonous fog.


The movements of the ten people were all extremely fast, but there was still a warrior who was corroded. His entire body emitted sizzling sounds and he quickly let out a miserable cry.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

The electromagnetic weapons fired with all their might, and a series of bullets hit the Woeful Disaster’s body, leaving behind a series of holes. The monster howled in pain, and the four-armed man above its head quickly laid down to avoid being hit.

The Laser Insect rushed over and spewed out flames, instantly covering half of its body. The poisonous fog was ignited in an instant, causing the monster to cry out in pain.

In his anger, Woebegone stretched out his palm and forcefully slapped downwards. The entire ground immediately caved in, forming a large pit that was dozens of meters in diameter. The air currents swept across the ground, blowing the team members away. The Laser Insect that bore the brunt of the blow cracked twice, and part of the carapace on its body actually split open.

The Laser Insect’s flat body quickly crawled for a long distance, and then it released a piercing laser.

It was this beam of light that caused the calamity and the four-armed man on its back to howl in pain. Not only were their eyes blinded in an instant, but their skin was also covered in blisters. They were all red and swollen from the heat.

Even the spectators watching from behind felt that it was glaring.

“Everyone, close the helmet.”

He put on the mask to block the light and turned on the thermal vision device. The soldiers kept shooting at the giant monster.

The other four-armed people all looked at this scene in fear.

Needless to say, the calamity was definitely an extremely powerful monster, but this 30 meter tall giant red monster that looked like a moving building was hit by the nine people and one bug until it kept howling in pain.

“Use the explosive bomb!”

The captain knew that the damage of ordinary firepower on this monster was limited, so he gave the order. The team members took out a bullet from their waist, installed it under the gun, and pulled the trigger.

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