C352 Unable to Leave

The Insect Girl Clan’s system was still a mystery. Not even humans could figure it out, let alone these aliens.

Everyone had only heard of the high and mighty, mythical Lo Ya. It was like in a certain civilization, some people mentioned the god of XX religion… This feeling.

Because it was too far away, the core of the Insect Girl Clan was the one that made people let their imagination run wild.

Although there were very few… For example, Cai Jia had seen Insect Girl before, but this did not mean that she could understand that kind of creature.

Everyone filled their stomachs, picked up their weapons again, and began to explore in small teams.

The forest was very large. Along the way, there were all kinds of dangerous beasts and tribes. According to the information provided by Insect Girl, this planet had a certain degree of primitive civilization (relative to the interstellar era). This meant that its environment was much better than expected.

At this moment, Lo Ya’s mind had already become that kind of all-encompassing state. Although it usually seemed like nothing was happening, the Spirit was constantly monitoring every region.

Then, when she mentioned this planet, she got another unexpected piece of information from the girl from ancient Earth.

“The universe was empty a long time ago and there were not that many civilizations. When humans first entered the deep space, there was a dead atmosphere everywhere. There were no signs of life at all. At that time, it was far from what it was now, a civilization that could be found within a few dozen light years. ”

” But you said that this is a new Star System. ” Lo Ya remembered what the man in the white coat, Earth, said.

“It was a new Star System at that time, but now it may not be. However, it has to be calculated. The lifespan of this galaxy is not too long, and the probability of a higher civilization appearing is relatively low.”

“That means that it might appear, right?”

The universe was so big, and Insect Girl’s Milky Way was so small. In short, Lo Ya was under a lot of pressure.

Moreover, the space expansion speed of the universe was very terrifying. Even with the guiding technique, it was basically impossible to travel through the entire universe.

“Nowadays, the understanding of the microscopic world has always been indirect observation. People use their own models to explain that if the mathematical formulas and experimental conclusions were perfectly matched, Then it can be called an effective theory. What was terrifying was that when you entered the universe, you would soon find that… Under the influence of the same set of equations, many civilizations take out completely different phenomena. However, it was also a perfect explanation model. In other words, in theory, we can find countless ways to correspond with the various objective phenomena in the universe. ”

The human girl hugged Lo Ya and said while rubbing her tail.

“So, it is very likely that the current universe model of mankind is wrong?”

“No, it should be said that most civilizations do not understand this universe. Especially when it involves some fundamental problems, the scientific community often choose to avoid talking about it. ”

“Don’t talk about it?”

“For example, what kind of world was it before the Big Bang? We would think that it was meaningless, there was nothing before the Big Bang. There was no time and space. Actually, it is not that there was nothing, but that the laws of physics at that time could not possibly affect us now. It is also very possible that it is completely different. Thus, we believe that there is no point in discussing such a situation.”

“If it’s meaningless, it’s indeed useless to discuss it.”

Lo Ya pondered and realized that the end of physics was very likely to be a pursuit with no end. The closer she got to the truth, the more mistakes she made. She might never know what the ultimate answer of the universe was.

Who are we? Where are we from? What are we going to do?

Lo Ya left the human girl’s arms. There was nothing much to play with that divine attribute girl, so she did not like to talk to her. Instead, she liked to play with other Little Insect Girl when she had nothing to do.

“My dear children, I am coming.”

Lo Ya rushed over and found Lo Lo saying something in the pile of Little Insect Girl.

“As long as everyone learns these, they will become as smart as me.” Little Lo Lo proudly patted her chest. Under the admiring eyes of a large group of little Little Insect Girl, she kept rambling on and on.

“Oh no.”

Lo Ya was startled and immediately wiggled her tail and rushed over.

If this idiot were to teach Little Insect Girl, the consequences would be unimaginable.

She rushed forward and grabbed Lo Lo’s face and lifted her up. With a whimper, Lo Ya threw her dozens of meters away. Then she shouted to Little Insect Girl and the others, “Don’t believe a single cent of Lo Lo’s words, do you know?”

The Small nodded their heads repeatedly, not knowing if they were scared or not.

In the distant exploration planet, Cai Jia, who was holding the gun, finally left a dark forest and came to a slightly sparser place.

“News from 200 kilometers away from Nourishing Insect, we found a building that resembled a wooden wall. It was guarded by the era of cold weapons and used bronze equipment.” The captain’s news surprised everyone.

“There really are intelligent life forms here?”

Initially, they thought that there was no civilization here, but now, it seemed that other than those weak tribes, there were still some relatively mature existences.

“Listen up, everyone. Now, let’s try to explore the target and communicate with the local natives.” The instructor shouted at everyone.

At this moment, another member of the Green-skinned Man who had been sent out to investigate the situation ran back. “Report, we found a strange metal building.”

“What, a metal building?” The instructor frowned.

“Yes, it’s a semicircle, about 10 meters tall, with a sci-fi appearance. Bullets can’t penetrate it”

“Let’s go take a look”

The captain brought the group of people to the vicinity of the building.

“This isn’t something that the locals can build. It’s most likely an outer space civilization.”

“An alien creature descended here?”

Some Green-skinned Man started discussing.

They were originally civilians, but now that they were wearing such handsome uniforms and holding weapons, they had an inexplicable sense of pride as aliens.

A Sickle Insect came to the side of the metal building and used its sickle to claw with all its might, directly creating a deep hole on the surface of the metal building.

It wasn’t too hard.

Thus, after some hard work, the metal building was broken through, and a group of Green-skinned Man rushed in.

However, the interior was empty, and there was only a pile of bones.

“There’s nothing at all.”

Caijia couldn’t help but close her hood to avoid smelling the strange stench inside.

“Keep an eye on this place first. Everyone else, search the surroundings.” The instructor waved his hand and ordered the surrounding teams. Then, he quickly left the building.

Hundreds of people carefully approached their destination. However, on the way, a Sickle Insect suddenly dug open the ground and caught a creature that looked like an octopus in a small cave.

“Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit…”

A string of strange sounds came out of its mouth that it could not understand.

With the help of the Spiritual Link, a Brain Insect successfully received the other party’s thoughts.

“I surrender, don’t kill me!”

Alright, after hearing this piece of news, even the Cerebrate Bacteria was surprised.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Our ship accidentally landed in this area, we couldn’t find any fuel. We can’t leave… ”

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