C351 What Is the Insect Mother

“A primitive life planet?”

The depressing training made the Green-skinned Man present not look forward to the so-called planet exploration operation, but compared to the overall training in this small cabin, to be able to personally land on an outer planet and experience different environments was much better.

The small transport ship changed direction on the same day, raised to 12 times the speed of light, and flew for three and a half months in a row.

This place was 9 light-years away from the B4 Galaxy, not the territory of the Tiss Civilization. Because they found a valuable planet, the Insect Girl Clan decided to build a defensive base around here. As the front line of the war with the Tiss Civilization.

A7-2 was a planet with a diameter of 6,400 kilometers, and 20% of the surface was the ocean. Most of the land areas were rainforests, and a small portion were deserts and grasslands. Under the hot and humid climate and high oxygen content conditions, many of the creatures here are huge in size. They were comparable to dragons from the era of dinosaurs.

“Attention all, landing buffer is about to begin. Everyone, sit in a fixed chair, grab your weapons, and calm your mind”


In the last moment of the instructor’s roar, the deceleration ended. The aircraft crashed into the ground at a speed of 20 meters / second.

The reason why it did this was to protect the weak Green-skinned Man.

“The hatch is open. 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion, put on your helmets and go out through the door in succession. 3rd Battalion, prepare your heavy weapons and build a landing circle.”

Holding the weapons, Cai Jia, who was walking on the road, ran out of the opening like the other Green-skinned Man exploration warriors and arrived at a cabin with a completely different environment.

The moment he stepped out, he felt hot. When he breathed, his chest felt stuffy, as if there was something in the air that made him uncomfortable. There were towering trees everywhere, and the tallest one could be hundreds of meters tall. The uneven mountains and rivers were covered in green, and clear and rapid streams flowed through the distance.

“Squad Three, follow me.”

The captain shouted at the nine members behind him and accelerated towards a slope not far away. Vague gunshots could be heard from there.

Caijia immediately followed, her feet stepping on the uneven ground, but her body did not feel tired at all.

As they ran up the slope, a group of people immediately raised their guns and aimed at the hillside a few hundred meters away.

A group of strange upright creatures with four arms and all kinds of colors on them made a sound of “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” Holding stone rods and all kinds of props, they crazily rushed here.

Another team’s captain pulled the trigger, and the electromagnetic rifle emitted a red light. It began to spin in circles. Bullets shot out. The sound was not loud, but the monsters in the distance were badly mutilated. Balls of meat paste were formed and shot in all directions.

“Sss ~ ~ Heavens!”

Seeing this scene, even the shooter was shocked and almost threw the gun in his hand.

The power of an electromagnetic weapon was too strong, a bullet could instantly split a person in half, at least half of the flesh was smashed into pieces by the impact.

A string of bullets passed, and three to four monsters died.

“Shoot, eliminate the threat!”

The instructor happened to be nearby. When he heard the order, every Green-skinned Man endured the discomfort and started shooting at these natives.

There was no such noise as that of traditional firearms, and most of these weapons were made of insect shell, so there was almost no need for heat dissipation. Using a small amount of shattered Energy Charging Crystal, it could be used for dozens of days. The spaceship had at least hundreds of millions of ammunition stored in it, as well as the ammunition bugs that were responsible for replenishing the ammunition.

After a series of attacks, the third squad leader shouted, “Reporting to the instructor, it has been dealt with.”

“Put on the protection, close range inspection”

One Like training, the team split up and covered each other, getting closer to the target’s pile of corpses. They took out bottles, endured the disgust, and stuffed the blood and flesh into them, then brought them back.

“Not bad.”

A few Sickle Insect ran out from the cabin door, and started dragging the meat to eat. More and more soldiers began to open up the surrounding area. Within half a day, They would build a small village and use it as their base. Exploring this planet.

There was no absolute safety… This was what the instructor told everyone.

Interstellar exploration was full of danger to any civilization, and some seemingly peaceful planets could also become so-called burial grounds. The alien virus was very likely to be fatal, and some incomprehensible life forms could kill without a trace.

Sure enough, less than an hour later, a 20 meter tall planet appeared. The monster was covered in scales, and its body was covered in scales. It charged out of the mountain, and more than ten people were killed by the bullets. Finally, under the combined attack of the bug swarm and the soldiers, the monster finally fell to the ground.

This battle went on for more than ten minutes. Even the Sickle Insect did not gain the upper hand.

The 50 Sickle Insect on the transport ship did not have the time to eat a large amount of food. Fortunately, they were sure that these corpses were not poisonous. Hence, on this day, many exploration team members ate delicious food.

While eating, the instructor sat beside him and used the Magic to light a bonfire. Then, he enjoyed the dried meat comfortably.

In terms of digestive ability, humans were much stronger. This was the advantage of omnivorous mammals.

When they were about halfway through their meal, everyone started chatting. Cai Jia took advantage of the instructor’s good mood to ask a question, “Sir Instructor, your species is the same as ours. It was invaded by the Insect Girl Clan. To become their people?”

The instructor was silent for a few seconds after he asked this question. He swallowed the meat in his mouth and said in a deep voice, “We were born on the same planet as the Insect Girl Clan.”

… “”

No wonder humans had such a high status.

If you look at the entire universe, the different species on a planet, you might be able to call them hometowns.

The instructor did not receive the bug’s warning, knowing that the information he revealed was not confidential. So he said again, “In the competition, Insect Girl Clan obtained the last life, and defeated the beast alliance that can fight against humans. They also defeated humans, elves… They are a group of true monsters. ”

He smiled and said, “Back then, I had a battle with them on the battlefield. Of course, the Insect Girl Clan at that time was far from being as powerful as it is now.”

“At that time? Did you leave the planet not long ago? ” A Green-skinned Man caught on to this detail.

“It’s 5 years in the Empire of Insect Girl calendar. Have you guys not thought about what this year means? 5 years ago, the Insect Girl Clan just established its country. At that time, it was still fighting with us on the planet. And now, they have already controlled dozens of galaxies. ”

…” ”

Of course, he hadn’t revealed anything that was truly frightening. It was as if the Insect Girl Clan had suddenly appeared in recent years, and their origins were unknown.

If they really only spent a few decades to evolve from low level magical beasts to the current interstellar civilization, then I’m afraid… This entire universe was going to be involved in a terrifying catastrophe.

“On our planet, there is a creature called an insect. They are of a variety of species, and their speed of differentiation and evolution is extremely fast. They are spread all over the world, but they are also very fragile, and any creature can easily crush them. However, their exaggerated reproductive abilities allowed them to survive one extinction after another… Humans were the opposite of them, the chosen ones of fate stood at the top of the food chain. Development. Out! It was a high-level creature of a glorious civilization. At that time, we will be just like your Green-skinned Man. We would be able to control the entire planet. However… those monsters appeared. ”

The instructor curled his lips and said,” The so-called Insect Girl is an existence that has integrated the advantages of insects and humans and has abandoned all the shortcomings. ”

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