C350 Alien Combat Training and Uniform

After waiting in the square for more than 10 minutes, a miniaturized transport bug slowly landed on the square.

This was a miniaturized version developed on the foundation of a normal transport ship, with a length of only 15 meters. The internal space used was ten times larger, specially used to deal with small-scale transport that occurred all over the world. They did not have very strong combat strength, and were only installed with Electromagnetic Cannon at the initial speed of 10 kilometers. Their actual combat strength was only equivalent to the Insect Girl Clan battleship that had just entered space.

Currently, there were only 20 small-scale transport ships. There were not many of them. However, their reproduction speed was indeed much faster than the large-scale insects, and they were also fully supplied with food. It was estimated that they would double every month. Most of them would be used for transport within the planet, and occasionally provide intergalactic travel. The original 10 x 5 x 3 space became 100 x 50 x30 size, divided into 6 levels. Under relatively free circumstances, they could transport at least a few thousand Green-skinned Man.

When the ship landed, these Green-skinned Man entered with a strange feeling.

They originally thought that the interior was just as hideous and terrifying as its outer appearance. There were all kinds of moving objects, but who knew that the scene inside shocked them.

The luxurious chandelier, the aura of the Magic, and the interior decorations of the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star Empire seemed to have brought them to a magical palace.

This kind of palace. The cost of dressing up was very low, and they were all using the Magic products produced by the empire’s assembly line. What was even more unbelievable was that even though the outside was so small, the inside was like a different world. It was unimaginably large.

After all the Green-skinned Man entered, the cabin door closed, and a window opened beside it. The spaceship took off.

“Everyone, I am your next instructor. In the next five months of this voyage, Special training for you.” A human soldier from Empire of Insect Girl stood at the top of the hall and shouted at the group of Green-skinned Man.

Due to the Strength of the Magic, all of the Green-skinned Man in the hall were filled with respect from the bottom of their hearts.

However, everyone noticed one of the words: Five months.

“How long will this voyage take? Are we really going to travel dozens of light-years away?”

“Heavens, doesn’t that mean this spaceship can travel at light speed?”

As they discussed in low voices, hundreds of small beetle placed soft protective inner armor in their mouths in front of the different Green-skinned Man. The appearance of the insect was very terrifying, causing many people to feel fear.

“Now, put on the soft armor. In the first two months, you will undergo basic physical training. This process is very tiring, but there is delicious Slime jelly to supplement nutrition. I believe that after training, your physical fitness will be able to meet the standards of being able to adapt to the alien environment. ”

Training itself was only training the body, and most of the time, it was the Magic aura produced by the Slime itself. It allowed the enhanced Green-skinned Man to obtain a higher quality than the modified Green-skinned Man.

The various equipment used for physical fitness training were similar to the gyms, but they were all very difficult to control. For example, a treadmill could reach a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour. If it wasn’t for the quality of a Black Iron Level or above, it would be impossible to do so.

Caijia quickly joined in the tough training, carrying weights to run, and carrying weights to do push-ups. High-pressure endurance training, high-temperature and low-temperature training, the instructors and the bugs were too strict. She once thought that she would die. But every time she was half-dead, a few mouthfuls of Slime would enter her stomach. The fatigue on her body would be greatly reduced.

The instructor kept telling them that this training was for their own good. Those who did not work hard enough could die in the cruel exploration of outer space.

Thus, day after day of training that almost made people collapse, two months passed in the blink of an eye.

In the process, 100 Green-skinned Man were eliminated because they could not endure it. Three people died because they could not adapt to the body and the training method was wrong.

The last test showed that everyone who persisted passed. Their average Strength was 5 times higher than before, and all of them had the physique of a Black Iron to a Bronze Level.

However, at this moment, everyone wondered if it was a mistake to choose this kind of work.

“Your performance is very good. Next, I will equip you with a very expensive weapon.”

The instructor wore a flashy system in front of everyone. The main color of his body was black, and he had a scientific sense of black blindfold, a helmet, an automatic arm, and an electromagnetic machine gun.

Although it looked like a super soldier on the technological side, it was actually a biological armor made from insects, and it only used some mechanical shooting.

The electromagnetic machine gun was a new product made after the Luoga people battery rifle was adopted. It was not that powerful in terms of power, but it was equivalent to the power of a conventional anti-equipment sniper rifle, and it could even shoot at a high speed.

In terms of defense, it mainly relied on the black insect shell and thin layer of bulletproof alloy. It was equipped with two explosive bullets with steel bead fragments, one gas bomb, one flash bomb, and one flare bomb. As long as it was installed on the hanging device under the gun, it could be fired. It could reach up to 500 meters. At night, they would use the night vision equipment and infrared sensors of the humans on the side of the Magic. Other than radio communication, they would also use the night vision equipment and infrared sensors of the humans on the side of the Magic. There was also the Spiritual Link network created by the bugs. In addition, everyone received a small square box with a diameter of one centimeter. After opening it, they could release 3 Nourishing Insect to scout for information.

The equipment was very powerful. It could easily penetrate the outer shell of the small beetle, and there were also defensive power that were in between small beetle and Sickle Insect. The ventilator in the gas shield was a chemical bottle that could produce oxygen. When encountering toxic gases, It could supply the gas through chemical changes… 24 hours of breathing.

Everyone wore their equipment under the request, but when they saw themselves in the mirror, they couldn’t believe it.

“In the following time, everyone will be divided into groups. Follow me for basic shooting, obstacle training, learn how to fight under complex conditions, as well as team cooperation.”

Everyone listened obediently. In the past few months, the instructor didn’t allow any Green-skinned Man to ask any questions. It was like he was in charge of the army, demanding that he obey orders, and obey orders.

In reality, these were only the workers who were going to explore outer space.

“Of course, the training after this won’t be that hard. And just now, I received good news from Lord Brain Insect.” The instructor suddenly smiled and continued, “In the A7-2 Star System further away from our destination, we found a planet with a large amount of primitive life. Its climate was relatively humid and hot, with an average temperature of about 25 degrees. There are countless biological resources inside. Your first stop is to go there and cooperate with a small number of Beetle Army. Contact the local primitive civilization and obtain the corresponding information. This is a good thing for you, because our original destination is very bad. It’s impossible to have such a comfortable environment for you.”

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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