C347 Fallen Army Exploration Ship

Deida’s failure made the already suppressed Luoga people even more unhappy. As a higher species, being threatened by a group of insects and being suppressed in terms of strength, how could these mercenaries tolerate this?

“Disgusting insects, wait until the boss sells the information to the government and see if you can still be arrogant.” Facing the battlefield, Captain 3 coldly snorted.

Just as everyone was suppressing their anger but was unable to do anything… The captain gave a new order: “We can think of a way to get back to the ship, I’ve already contacted the government. We’ll report the situation later, everyone relax, Our mission is done”

What he said really made the mercenaries’ mood rise.

The boss made a lot of money. Besides the fixed commission, they could get more benefits.

“If you are willing to bet and admit defeat, I will apologize to you on behalf of Luoga people.” Captain No. 1 made a special gesture of apology to the Luoga people and lowered his head to cover his face.

Lowering his head represented apology, and covering his face represented begging for forgiveness.

The Cerebrate Bacteria originally wanted some benefits, but Lo Ya ordered it from a distance not to cause trouble, so it gave up on such a plan.

“I accept the apology.”

After saying that, she said some more words, and all the teams returned to their respective spacecraft.

Flagship, using quantum communication to contact the boss of Luojia government, calmed down and slowly said:

“The environment of the earth planet is not suitable for living creatures to live in, but these strange creatures are not only able to withstand the environment here. And have a pretty good understanding of this planet. We suspect that they aren’t native species, but we can’t find any evidence from outer space. ”

After the Luoga people male heard this, his expression did not change. He just calmly asked,” How is the combat strength of this planet? How many Strength did you throw in during the battle? ”

The boss replied, “At first, we only invested in one fighter aircraft and one team of ground troops. The enemy they faced was mainly a medium-sized pincer creature that was more than 60 centimeters long. There were many of these monsters. However, their combat strength was generally low. On the contrary, the larger sickle monsters that were smaller in number were even stronger. Not only could they penetrate the new exoskeleton armor, but they were also much stronger. They could also pierce through the outer shell of the fighter aircraft. During the second contact, I sent six teams. After going deep into the underground cave, we lost 7 soldiers in the battle… However, we also killed quite a number of insects. Conservatively speaking, the casualty rate is 1: 10, and there are about 10 sickle creatures among them. ”

“Understood, I’ve already recorded your information, please wait for the notice”

After hanging up, just as the captain and the crew were bored to death, the official reply indicated that they had already sent out a high-speed exploration fleet.

After the crew received the information, they were all very excited: “Great, the boss’s information has been accepted. The closest region had military interstellar exploration ships, and they only had a few rotation cycles (1 week in the Luoga people Mother Star autobiographies). That’s the end of the day. They will be able to arrive. ”

“Haha, I really look forward to that time.”

Although a few days was short, it was enough for the Brain Insect to make some preparations.

Whether or not the galactic war had the strength to carry out was unknown. In any case, the things that needed to be done could not be reduced.

This small planet was the port of communication between two civilizations. The Insect Clan used it to hide themselves and probe the position of the enemy. Before everything became clear, he had to hide himself.

Now, the Insect Girl Clan had a total of close to 20 frigate. Apart from continuing to breed more, they also needed to evolve a larger and stronger ship – a destroyer.

New weapons, including laser and plasma cannons, had to be studied. It might be difficult to stabilize antimatter weapons, so it could only be used as a long-term goal.

Now that it was the beginning of the interstellar era, the development of weapons naturally had three directions, 1. The cost was lower. 2. The power was greater. The speed would be faster after the launch.

These three points determine the current strength of interstellar warfare.

And the most valuable one was naturally the laser weapon.

Electromagnetic waves that could travel at the speed of light were almost impossible to detect before being hit. High intensity laser often meant high energy, which could instantly melt a spaceship, producing terrifying high temperature and light pressure.

But this weapon was easy to create, but it was very difficult to form high-intensity combat power. On one hand, the cost was too high, and on the other hand, it could not create enough high-energy binding light rays.

The laser weapons used by the Luoga people were actually very strong, but they still used blind as the main means of killing. They had an extremely powerful laser cannon in their hands that had been used once in battle. At most, it would only burn through the outer armor of the Sickle Insect, or melt a few dozen centimetres into the ground.

Not only was the strength normal, it was also because it was too much energy and was not suitable to be used multiple times.

Lo Ya had been staying in Mother Star to communicate with the Brain Insect on the Resistance Planet from a long distance.

A few days later, two military exploration ships of the Luoga people arrived on time.

These ships not only had very strong combat strength, but they were also not small in size. All of them were 320 meters long. This time, they brought a large number of tools. It seemed like they were preparing to set up an outpost on the Resistance Planet.

“Prepare to bombard the landing site.”

Knowing that forcefully landing on the planet would result in conflict, the soldiers on the exploration ship immediately gave the order to seize it by force.

A super powerful kinetic energy nuclear bomb flew out from the 3 meter wide launch site and rushed to the ground at a speed of 30 kilometers per second.

It was too fast. In a short five seconds, the ground lit up with a glaring light.

The explosion happened underground.

This cannonball relied on the powerful propulsion force at the end of its tail, directly penetrating a few hundred meters underground and exploding in an instant.

The destructive force of 100 million tons of TNT equivalent weight instantly enveloped several kilometers in a glaring light ball. Even thousands of kilometers away, it felt as if a scorching sun had appeared in the distance.

“The explosion is successful. Life within ten kilometers of the ground is estimated to be cleared.”

The smart computer gave out a computing model.

Because it was not an air explosion or ground explosion, plus the pollution damage was limited, this kind of nuclear bomb was directly used as an explosive weapon, purely relying on an explosion to kill.

The exploration ship immediately opened the cabin door and released a few small planes.

These airplanes quickly arrived on the ground, opened the cabin door, and let out land soldiers wearing military armor with endless momentum walking out.

A few of the soldiers’ electromagnetic rifles were equipped with medium-bullet launchers that could shoot a neutron rocket dozens of kilometers away. Their rifles’ firing speed was higher, and beside them were automatic transport robots. Helping to transport ammunition and also assisting in battle.

What made Lo Ya even more surprised was that there were a large number of robot soldiers and aircrafts controlled by smart computers following them out.

These aircrafts were similar to aircrafts, but they were equipped with firearms on top. They could search for enemies to shoot automatically and did not need biological remote control.

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