C346 Competition

“We accept.”

Compete, it was also a good chance to test the other party’s combat strength.

However, it was obvious that the Luoga people side would not casually send out warriors. Captain No.1 had long thought of sending out super warriors who had undergone gene strengthening and were wearing the most advanced combat suit to fight the enemy.

“Deida, come out.”


His entire body was covered in muscles, and his body was as hard as steel. The exoskeleton armor on his body was made of the heaviest and toughest superalloy. If he took a single step, even rocks would be crushed.

“Let me experience your strength.”

Its heavy weight made it look extremely frightening. Fortunately, the Brain Insect had noticed him a long time ago. In order to deal with this super warrior, the swarm used the single unit evolution mode for the first time. It specialized in compulsory gene debugging for an adult Sickle Insect.

After two hours of struggling, this Sickle Insect finally did not expand in size. It obtained a large amount of growth. Apart from the fact that it weighed three tons and the wings on its back had hardened, The sickle was also installed with positive and negative Components, just like Insect Girl and the others. It could produce a voltage of tens of millions of volts.

In addition, the Brain Insect’s nerves and Spirit parts were added to the Sickle Insect’s body. Its reaction speed had been greatly increased. During a battle, some of the newly added small spikes on the ___’s body could be suddenly shot out. Like whips, they pierced through the target. Then, they could be withdrawn at any time.

The cost of such an insect was directly three times that of an adult Sickle Insect. Under a one-on-one situation, ordinary Luoga people Warriors simply could not withstand a single strike from it.

When this monster walked out of the cave, many of the Luoga people were stunned.

Just from its appearance alone, one could tell how terrifying this monster was.

“It’s a powerful warrior like us.”

The Cerebrate Bacteria moved to the side, causing the mutated Sickle Insect and the super warrior to look at each other.

“This place is not suitable for fighting. Let’s go outside.” Deida looked at the narrow cave and said.

The bugs agreed, so everyone left the bottom cave, and with the help of the lighting equipment, they came to the surface.

The earth was desolate, and hot winds blew. The temperature of the air had reached 70 degrees, this kind of environment was considered very good in the universe. However, for most creatures, this was still unbearable. If an ordinary person were to come under such weather conditions, they would probably be unable to endure it for a few minutes.

However, both parties had high adaptability. The Luoga people and the Mech. Even if they did not, relying on the advantage of the Vitality brought about by gene strengthening… And to be able to last a few dozen hours in an environment above Baidu, this is absolutely incomparable to Mandarin life.

In an area one kilometer away from the landing point of the plane, both sides faced each other. One brandished a sickle, while the other held an alloy blade that was 1.8 meters long, and they were about to start fighting.

“Hehe, I don’t believe that these guys’ blades can cut open a new generation of armor. Moreover, Deida is the monster of the mercenary group, the perfect person in the fund modification. Every punch has a few tons of Strength, and has the armor bonus. I don’t believe that these monsters can take it. ”

“Cut the crap. Take a good look. Those who believe in technology, Strength.”

The battle began. The Sickle Insect’s speed instantly broke through 100 meters per second. The two meter long sickle drew a curve in the air and instantly crashed into Deida’s weapon.


In the clear collision, the nitrogen jet at the back of the mecha released a strong fiery light. The huge pushing force instantly pushed the weaker mutated Sickle Insect dozens of meters away.

“So strong, as expected of Deida.”

“I told you these bugs can’t beat us. Deida, beat it to death!”

Every Luoga people felt superior.

Moreover, they were surrounded by hovering fighter jets, and there were a few huge spaceships in space. With such an advantage, it wouldn’t be too difficult to completely get rid of the living beings on this planet. After all, they still had nuclear weapons that could be called a killing machine.

The Brain Insect waved its tentacles, but it wasn’t too worried.

Nitrogen accelerated high energy consumption. Although the mutated Sickle Insect was pushed out, it was not injured at all. It quickly counterattacked with its weapon and instantly sent Deida flying.

The horn on its head pierced a hole in the armor, and Deida’s chest also had a layer of skin torn.

“So strong.”

Before Deida could get up, he saw the Sickle Insect leap up. Countless sharp spikes shot out and hit the alloy armor.

The tiny holes indicated the terror of this wave of attack.

The sickle followed closely behind. He rolled backwards and pressed the laser button on the side of his body with his right hand, releasing a powerful laser.

The energy of this light was very high, almost instantly melting the Sickle Insect’s shoulder. The red beam of light that cut across the ground left a few centimeters deep mark, even emitting waves of black smoke.


The Sickle Insect cut the sharp blade into his abdomen.

“Stop!” Captain No. 1 hurriedly shouted.

Unfortunately, without the Brain Insect’s order, this mutated Sickle Insect would not listen to him at all. The other sickle had already been swung out, directly chopping towards its neck.

“Admit defeat!”

The moment the sickle missed and Dai Da dodged it, the captain’s shout finally made the Brain Insect accept it. He ordered the mutated Sickle Insect to stop attacking.

“I didn’t expect your warriors to be so powerful.” Captain No. 1 said, but his expression didn’t look good. The owner of the spaceship was naturally even more unhappy. According to the contract, Deida would at least have to pay a large sum of money for this injury.

“These are the stronger warriors of our race.” Cerebrate Bacteria very naturally said this lie.

At this time, neither side understood the specific situation of the other party’s civilization. The Luoga people suspected that the swarm was not a civilization here, but had landed on this planet for some unknown reason. After all, this place was too desolate and the climate was too bad. Without any life force, it was impossible to evolve a group of highly intelligent species from this environment.

However, if they came from a foreign planet, how could these insects do it?

Just relying on the physical body to travel through space?

This was too inconceivable.

On the flagship, the female secretary asked her captain, “Boss, this incident has already proven that we have encountered an intelligent alien creature. Unlike the outdated primitive species we have encountered before, these are true aliens. We can communicate with them, if we sell this information to the government, we will be able to make a lot of profit ”

“Do you think we need more information?” The boss asked.

“No, I don’t think so. Although the other party isn’t very strong, he’s hiding it very well. They’re suitable for underground battles. Once there’s a conflict with them… We might suffer unnecessary losses. The information we’ve obtained is enough for you to make a huge profit ”

” Alright, I accept your opinion. Go and tell the mercenaries not to cause any trouble. If they cause any trouble because of their hot temper, don’t blame me for not caring about them.”


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