C345 Strange Race

And in the eyes of these aliens, the swarm must be outdated, without technology, outwardly distorted primitive, unable to see any civilization information at all.

At least through the vision of the Sickle Insect, Lo Ya had already noticed the contempt in the other party’s eyes.

This kind of situation could also be understood. Let’s assume that a human landed on a planet that relied on brute force on a high-tech spaceship. Furthermore, he had communicated with the locals, so he most likely had a sense of superiority that ordinary people had in his heart.

For example, if a rich person ran into a primitive tribe, they would feel superior because of their own advantages. This was the common nature of all living creatures.

In short, Lo Ya could clearly feel the contempt of the other party during this exchange.

Although she could see this point, the Brain Insect still replied, “We do not mind your arrival and are willing to treat you with rich food.”

A group of small beetle brought along a small amount of Slime and Nourishing Insect, preparing to be used as a gift to receive them. These Luoga people were brought to a cave by the insects.

For the current Insect Girl Clan, using genes to create some glowing biological components was not difficult. Hence, they successfully created a room with light spots within a kilometer of the ground.

The stone plate contained the frozen results of the cut, and it was also mixed with “Shattered Nourishing Insect Meat Balls.”

The Slime was very beautiful. It was crystal clear in the light, but the Nourishing Insect was completely translucent and rotten meat. In the eyes of a normal Luoga people, the former could eat much more than the latter. The problem was… they were alive.

Dozens of people sat in front of the disc, maintaining quantum communication and real-time photography.

Then Captain No. 1 said awkwardly, “Let me try the taste first.”

It picked up the Slime that had been cut into a small piece of jelly and threw it into the preparation room.

The taste of the jelly!

Of course, Lo Ya did not know if the Luoga people had food like jelly. In short, he felt that it was very delicious.


After the Slime was crushed, it would be split into two smaller lives, and the smallest could be maintained for 1 centimeter. That was, before the ball of liquid was decomposed into a centimeter in diameter, they were still alive.

“The taste is not bad.”

At first, the captain was worried that it was poisonous, but in reality, it was fine to eat it, and the equipment didn’t give any warning.

Thus, everyone began to eat.

Halfway through, the captain tried the Nourishing Insect meat. In the end, he almost vomited it out in disgust.

Seeing that he didn’t like it, everyone else was glad that they didn’t eat it.

“It’s my first time coming to such a special place as a guest. I’m really not used to it. Hehe…” It was unknown whether the smile on his face was real happiness or a bitter smile, especially when he was nearly 3 meters tall. The Sickle Insect was so ferocious that it looked like a monster. He and the surrounding soldiers did not seem very natural.

They were completely not of the same civilization, and their way of thinking was definitely different. The computer had already analyzed the Insect Girl Clan, and according to the underground cave and the mysterious behavior pattern, They suspected that the swarm was an unknown life form that was completely different from any normal species.

It was more like some kind of hornet type creature.

When the Luoga people occupied, it could not understand how such an intelligent civilization was developed, nor could it understand how such a strange creature could communicate with its mysterious consciousness. What was even more terrifying was that it only relied on genetic evolution. Just let your body reach mechanical strength.

“I wonder what I should call your civilization?” Captain No. 1 followed the boss’s instructions and started to ask more questions.

“Insect Girl Clan.”

“Insect Girl Clan?”

Although the pronunciation was different, the meaning was exactly the same.

Chong could tell, so how could the word ‘mother’ be explained? Could it be that within this civilization, it was a matriarchal society, or that there were many women?

“Boss, I think this might be the type of civilization that scientists talked about that only exists in theory – a pure biological civilization.” Captain No. 1 whispered to his boss.

“A pure biological civilization?” The boss was stunned for a moment, then asked back.

He quickly remembered that the scientific world did indeed believe that creatures evolved to the end. It was very likely that relying solely on primitive evolution could do many things that technology could not do. This kind of strange civilization was formed from monsters, and it was quite terrifying.

“You’d better find a way to use the latest model of equipment to test the strength of those monsters”

Captain No. 1 helplessly said, “Yes.”

However, how to test them? They had already fought before, so they couldn’t start fighting now, right?

In any case, it was very easy for an honest mecha to defeat the beetles. However, it was likely that they wouldn’t be able to defeat the Sickle Insect. The current new Mech wasn’t sure if it could break through the defense of such a large bug, if it could fight fairly…

Just as he was thinking this, the Sickle Insect in front of him suddenly moved to the side, revealing the Brain Insect that was slowly crawling out of the darkness.

It was taller than an adult human. Its entire body was covered with tentacles, and its lower body was covered with insect limbs. There were also many eyes on its body. Its appearance alone was that of an indescribable monster that would lose its value.

Seeing this thing, none of the Luoga people could maintain their normal state of mind.

“Invading our territory for no reason, leading to the death of a large group of insects, we must pay compensation.” The Brain Insect’s expression was rather cold, and the Spiritual Link also had an element that made people uncomfortable.

“Didn’t you just kill a few bugs? You also killed a few of our elites.” When mentioning their fallen comrades, some of the Luoga people warriors immediately became angry.

In fact, most of them were angry, just like how humans wouldn’t treat the lives of ants and livestock as their own. In their eyes, no matter how many insects there were, they weren’t qualified to kill a single Luoga people.

Captain No. 1 actually had the same thought. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Do you still want to make a fuss about this matter? Or do you want to use your weak strength to feel the power of the Luoga people and directly start a stupid war?”

He said the words that the boss wanted him to say. Actually, Captain’s heart was also a little nervous. He was just afraid that one sentence would provoke the other party and cause a war in this old nest.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that the boss was actually bluffing. In the end, it was just a universal exploration company. The capital behind it would at most hire a few spaceships and a few thousand mercenaries. The death of every mercenary meant a large amount of pension. The reason they came to this planet was for its value – once they provided good clues to the government, they would receive a reward that was much higher than the investment.

The boss definitely did not want to fight at this time, and the purpose of bluffing was to gain the initiative. As long as they scared the swarm, they would be able to gain more benefits and have more space to operate.


The bugs are soft, but not tough!

“You will pay the price for your choice.”

Squeak! Squeak!

All the insects hissed and directly attacked.

“Wait, tell them that we have no intention of fighting.” The boss immediately became anxious and quickly shouted at the other end of the communication device.

Hence, Captain No. 1 immediately shouted, “Please stop fighting. I have a better solution!”

The moment he shouted, the two soldiers at the side were already attacked by the small beetle. Fortunately, it was only for an instant before the attack stopped.

“What do you have in mind?” The Brain Insect asked.

“A competition. A battle. The winner takes the initiative.” The captain said in a quick-witted manner.

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