C344 Communication Between the Two

For convenience’s sake, A6-3 was named the Resistance, a planet that was at war with alien civilizations. This marked the first time the Insect Girl Clan had been disturbed by the alien civilization. The C5 that was close to it was temporarily known as the aviation port system, and it was the frontline of preparation for war.

The current three airports would continue to expand, and Lo Ya would also build more bases and produce and send hundreds of millions of Engineering Beetle.

With the help of such a large scale of beetles, Insect Clan’s spaceports would surely expand very quickly. The frigate Worms would be sent here one after another, hiding in the endless void, and setting up large amounts of Glasses Insect to explore every area.

In the so-called A6 Star System of the Resistance Planet, at least 10 or more Glasses Insect had to be set up to pay close attention to the movements of aliens.

In fact, in July of the 5th year, the battleship that was 300 meters long had once again arrived. And this time, it also brought 5 different spaceships, 2 of which were around 130 meters long. The other 3 were also over 300 meters long, but they didn’t seem to be that powerful.

“There’s a total of 6 ships, it’s hard to deal with them.”

The Nourishing Insect that Lo Ya used to hide in the bodies of the other ships had long been cleaned up. Currently, the information collected was very little. They only knew that the other party called himself “Luoga people.” The civilization that they represented was naturally the Luojia Civilization.

The name was a little strange, but the pronunciation was indeed like that.

This time, the flying ship brought thousands of soldiers and headed straight for the Resistance Planet. Although after a few months, the swarm on the planet had expanded to a certain extent, However, up until now, there were only 1,300 Sickle Insect and 450,000 small beetle. Hence, once both sides engaged in a battle… This meant that the Insect Girl Clan would suffer heavy losses.

Once the situation became unfavorable, it was very likely that they would lose control of this planet.

Therefore, Lo Ya wanted to try one thing, and that was to rely on the Spiritual Link to communicate directly with the target civilization.

The purpose of communication was naturally to delay time and avoid fighting. To the Insect Girl Clan, going all out to fight with such a civilization was a very bad thing.

As long as she exposed a large portion of the Strength, the other side would most likely not want to fight to the death. Moreover, the strength of the Sickle Insect was much stronger than an ordinary small beetle. If they really fought, it would not be beneficial to anyone.

The target fleet circled around the space orbit. First, three flying transports separated from the hull and landed with unknown instruments.

This time, some of the soldiers seemed to be wearing more advanced mechas. Other than the more powerful Strength on their mechanical arms, they also seemed to be wearing more advanced mechas. The firing speed and power of the weapons increased by a small margin. They were equipped with laser weapons that could cause blindness through instant illumination. All kinds of smoke, poisonous gas, and ammunition had extremely high lethality.

As a result, when they landed on the ground, other than Electromagnetic Cannon, the other weapons were almost useless. Hence, they became a routine battle where they relied on guns to advance and retreat.

In order to obtain victory, the troops used several single soldier nuclear weapons. They were also hit. Furthermore, each soldier had a nuclear bomb controlled at 30-40 tons of TNT equivalent weight. A single shot would cause the entire cave to shake. Rocks collapsed and countless insects died.

In order to avoid heavy losses, the Brain Insect began to spread out the insects and sent out sneak attacks from time to time.

After two hours of fighting, a Sickle Insect took the initiative to approach the target and asked them, “Why did you invade our planet?”

As it was a one-sided inquiry, there was no tone in it. It was just a simple message.

The soldiers in the front row who received the signal were shocked and immediately lied down behind the sandbag.

“Did you hear the sound just now?” The captain of Squad One asked the warrior beside him in a low voice.

“Sir, I heard it.” The warrior replied.

“What about you?” Taking advantage of the fact that the swarm was not strong enough, he turned his gaze to the others.

“I heard it. It directly appeared in my head.” The team members all expressed their unease.

“Damn it.” The captain silently cursed, then turned around and shouted to everyone, “Everyone retreat.”

All the teams heard the long distance communication from the Sickle Insect. This was not any known communication technology, it was not even quantum communication. Hence, the instruments on the plane did not receive it.

“Captain, there are too many enemies, why don’t we try to communicate with them?” As the few warriors were killed by the Explosive Beetle that rushed out, the team members shouted as they fired.

The sandbags and automatic shooting equipment protected the dozens of people on the scene. The drilling robots helped them protect the ground. Compared to the last time they landed, the tactic this time was clearly effective.

However, the life force reaction on the detection equipment was becoming more and more intense, telling them the horror of the scene.

“How should I answer them?”

The information was reported to the captain of the flagship, but he didn’t know what to do. The last time he came into contact with this planet, he didn’t encounter such a thing. The two sides only fought and didn’t have any other communication.

“Tell the people below, let them try it themselves”

Soon, the message was sent. Hearing the order, the captain of Squad 1 hesitated for a moment before shouting at the insects in the distance, “We don’t want to fight, can we stop fighting?”

The result was out of his expectations. The bugs suddenly slowed down their attacks and began to retreat in large numbers. As a result, the pressure on the battlefield suddenly lessened. The Luoga people that had lost more than ten precious lives all heaved a sigh of relief.

“They understand what we’re saying. Sure enough, they can communicate.”

Captain No. 1 tightened his grip on the weapon in his hand. The expression on his face was much more relaxed.

A Sickle Insect crawled out of the rocky ground. Facing these aliens, it sent out a message from the Brain Insect’s Spirit. “Why did you invade our planet?”

This was the second time he asked.

“Captain, these guys know about the planet!” This was something worth being surprised about.

Even though they were creatures living underground, they couldn’t fly and didn’t seem to have much intelligence, yet they knew about the planet and had this unknown technology.

“Report it to the boss. Let the boss carry out this kind of communication.”


20 seconds later, the captain began to communicate through the communication channel, letting Captain No. 1 reply in his tone, “We are exploration ships from distant planets, originally we were just exploring the environment here. We didn’t know that this planet has a master”

Cerebrate Bacteria replied, “This is the territory of our Insect Clan. All investigations are acts of war.”

As if expressing its anger, all the bugs let out a shrill cry, making the Luoka soldiers a little unhappy.

The captain of the flagship, who was also the owner of the fleet, thought for a few seconds and said, “We will stop exploring. This is the first time we have encountered an alien civilization. I hope to establish a harmonious relationship with them.”

It would be strange if they were harmonious.

Lo Ya felt that these people’s eyes were filled with greed. Even if the Insect Girl Clan had a good relationship with the Luojia Clan in the short term, there would be conflicts sooner or later.

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