C342 Exploration in the Cave

“There are too many of them, retreat to the aircraft and prepare to fire.”

An order came from above through the radio. All the soldiers quickly retreated to the entrance. They fired while waiting for the hatch to close slowly.


With a heavy sound of closing, a beetle that had climbed to the door was crushed on the spot. The people in the cabin immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

The Sickle Insect drew a line of cracks on the plane. Fortunately, this was not a fatal injury. Following a burst of flames with a temperature of over a thousand degrees, the Mech slowly floated in the air. Small holes with a diameter of three centimeters were opened on top of the Mech, shooting out dazzling beams of light.

The bugs that were hit by the light were instantly burned out one by one. Although it was very powerful, these small injuries were not a fatal threat to the bugs.

“Their heads are all burnt through, yet they can still move. What kind of creature is this planet?”

They held a half-dead beetle and two Sickle Insect limbs in their hands. They did not dare to take off their combat suits, but went straight to the isolation laboratory and threw these parts to the side of the machine.

As a result, the small beetle struggled, and the large pincer broke one of the steel mechanical arms on the spot, causing the experiment to be unable to proceed smoothly.

“Monster.” The female alien blushed with shame.

Only when the Strength was over 5 tons could the experimental mechanical arm be broken. This showed how powerful the small beetle’s combat power was.

“Gu En, use the diamond mechanical arm.” She ordered the warrior beside her.


The alien man answered and walked to the instrument beside him. He entered a series of codes and two mechanical arms appeared in the cabinet.

After installing it in front of the counter, the woman placed the beetle on top of it and the mechanical arm immediately grabbed it.

The beetle tried to clamp down on the machine, but it failed.

“We can experiment now”

The diamond was indeed a diamond, and it was very hard. Under the control of the smart computer, the automatic experiment could begin. The few of them went to the cabin next to them and took off their armor to sterilize it. Then, they went to the driver’s seat.

When they got there, they went down through the glass wall in front of the fighter and found out how intense the battle was.

A large number of bugs were lying around the fighter’s body, continuously attacking. Guns and laser beams bombarded everywhere, causing the ground to be filled with the corpses of beetles. There were hundreds of them.

The smart computer kept sending out warnings, “The wings have been hit, the Force Field Shield has been destroyed, prepare to accelerate. All passengers, please return to your fixed seats.”

“Everyone, take a seat.” The captain of the airplane turned around and reminded everyone.

Because it was an autopilot, after sitting down, the tail shot out more firepower and forced the acceleration to 120 meters / second. Although it was a huge burden on the physical body, it could shake off the insects lying on the plane.

However, they miscalculated this time…

“Unable to get rid of external threats, activate emergency plan.”

The emotionless voice of the computer filled the cabin with tension.

This was something they had never encountered before, even though it was a native life form of a planet, but it was so difficult to deal with.

The surface of the spaceship started up a small flame jet, directly spewing out 3000 degrees of heat. With the help of the laser, many bugs were unable to withstand it and began to fall. Only one Sickle Insect, which was very Agility, crawled to a blind spot and began to wave its sickle to attack the thin alloy shell.

The aliens inside the cabin could hear a series of loud noises. The metal above their heads continuously caved in, as if it was going to break at any moment.

“Everyone, hold on. We’ll be back in the spaceship after a while.”

A warship with a sense of science and technology. In a low-Earth orbit, a few minutes later… The plane approached the huge landing site. The cabin door of the opened hull was brightly lit, and a few workers wearing aerospace mechas were waving flags. They commanded the aircraft to land.

The instant they landed, the automatic gun in the cabin killed the Sickle Insect in an instant. Of course, the price was that the aircraft suffered even more serious damage.

The cabin door then closed, and the landing area was filled with air. Only then did the small team of soldiers float out from inside.

“Damn the trip, we almost lost our lives this time.” The captain swore as he expressed his dissatisfaction.

“What exactly happened to you, why did your quantum communication suddenly stop?” The man who put down the flag asked them with a smile.

“Take a look, those damn bugs” The captain pointed at the Sickle Insect corpse beside the plane with a speechless expression. ” Originally, they thought that it was a lifeless planet, but in the end, a large number of bugs appeared. I wanted to bring a few of them back alive, but who knew these monsters could even crush mechanical armor. Hurry up and inform the captain, prepare to conduct a detailed scan of this planet. I think the harvest this time will be quite good ”

” I understand, thank you for your efforts ”

At this time, the woman walked to the corpse and reached out her hand to grab a spider that had crawled out of the Sickle Insect’s body.

“It’s still alive.”

She handed the bug to the captain.

“Disinfect the body and send it to the laboratory as well. Wait for the data to be scanned before considering countermeasures.”

After making the decision, everyone entered the waiting time. About ten minutes later, the captain received some information:

After a global scan, it was confirmed that thousands of organisms were underground from 0-3 kilometers away. The deeper parts of the planet couldn’t be determined due to technical reasons, but he believed that it was a valuable planet: A creature that could evolve in such an environment must have something special about it.

Not long after, 20 fighter jets took off, including the team that had previously explored the ground.

This time, the aircraft used a drilling weapon to clear out targets close to the ground, and then let the marines enter a cave.

The external armor allowed the individual’s combat strength to be close to a robot’s. The alloy skeleton had tons of Strength, and it could also resist a considerable amount of cannon fire. However, when fighting the bugs, the exploration team clearly felt that their combat strength was insufficient.

The terrifying thing was that 30 kilometers away, the Shooting Reproductive Insect hidden 8 kilometers underground had already produced 140,000 small beetle in a day. A portion of these bugs had already dug a tunnel from underground and arrived near their landing site. In addition, there were thousands of beetles gathered here, so the 200 or so exploration warriors that came would be facing an extremely intense battle.

Sure enough, not long after, a gunfight started in the solid underground karst cave. Electromagnetic weapons fired continuously, spitting out flames. Insects rushed out of the darkness. Relying on night vision equipment and heat sensing equipment, the soldiers could see large groups of creatures in the darkness.

The battle between the two sides was very intense. The bug covers were shot through, and the pliers easily broke through the target. But overall, the armored bugs of Insect Girl Clan were at a disadvantage.

However, there was a Shooting Reproductive Insect on this planet. Relying on the initial stockpile of Slime and adult Nourishing Insect, the production could be maintained at full capacity a few days ago. It was only after the beetle had expanded to five hundred thousand that the resources would be depleted. Only then would the planet’s resources be needed to slowly reproduce.

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