C340 Danger Is Coming

“This game setting is too bad, let’s fight this creature.”

Little Little Insect Girl foolishly lay beside the food and ate. Her mouth made a “hum” sound and her eyes looked around vigilantly from time to time.

However, she did not seem to notice any danger. On one hand, her human legs were too big for her. Even her entire leg was like a heavenly pillar. If she did not use all her strength to raise her head, she would not be able to see the whole thing clearly. On the other hand, she often lost her memory.

For example, when she was about to observe the side, she forgot what she was going to do as soon as she realized the danger. Then, her nose was attracted by the food nearby.

After a while, the little thing wriggled to the side of the captain’s feet. It wrinkled its nose and sniffed carefully. Then, it fainted and fell to the ground. Its two eyes turned in circles.

“Captain, your feet smell too bad. Get out of the way.” The girls in the team were angry.

Thus, the captain jumped to the side.

Not long after, Little Cute got up from the ground again. She wriggled to the side of the corpse and bit a hole in it. Then her whole body went into the hole. It was like a worm wriggling in a broken piece of meat. Its tail was exposed in front of everyone’s eyes from time to time.

At this moment, the swarm in the distance launched a fierce attack. The few of them had no choice but to give up on observing and prepared to leave.

The captain was prepared to record the video and post it on the Internet, but he received a prompt: Due to the unknown Strength, filming cannot be completed.

“Stop messing around, quickly escape.”

They could only leave regretfully. Losing one level was really not worth it.

The loli arrived not long after. She took out little Little Insect Girl who was trying to eat from the inside of the corpse and took her away from the scene.

Good food was everywhere. There was no need to eat these low-level monsters.

So she prepared to carry the little cutie to eat the rare meat.

The biggest feature of this game space was that it could produce high-level life forms and produce excellent genes on its own, which was very beneficial to Insect Girl’s evolution.

The war continued, with the arrival of the insects from the interstellar era. More and more land in the world fell into the hands of the Insect Girl Clan. The players in the game were forced to retreat, even though they could gain experience. However, every time they died, they would be reduced by one level. It was too much of a loss. As the frequency and scale of the battle increased, This war had already lost the possibility of resistance.

During the process, the main body of the dark gods descended, and in the end, they were beaten up by Insect Girl. The three of them from the white ball tried to contact the bug, but they did not get Lo Ya’s reply.

The entire land was swallowed by the rolling bug tide.

The billions of small beetle that they did not know where to throw were thrown into this game space by Lo Ya in piles. After their death, the energy within their bodies could still be integrated into this space. In order to breed more magical species, it would instead allow the insects to obtain more types of genes that they did not use.

Half a month later, the players no longer wanted to play in the game. The real world was filled with protests. The officials knew that the game had lost control and announced that it had entered an indefinite maintenance period.

There were all kinds of discussions on the internet. When the players questioned the game company, the relevant ratings dropped sharply.

The officials did not care, because this was the real virtual world controlled by the governments of various countries. Since it had developed to such an extent, there was no need to make use of the game to gain benefits anymore.

They used incomplete authority and sent out specialized investigation teams to enter the game. In the end, they found that the swarm had already taken down almost 90% of the area.

“The energy density in the space is increasing, which proves that these creatures come from other spaces. It’s very likely that there are other similar worlds outside of this virtual world. ” The investigator stood on top of the mountain, using his binoculars to look at the insects slowly approaching. He said his own judgement.

“High-energy low-energy flow, if a higher level virtual space is opened, it would be more valuable for research”

The game had only appeared for a short period of time, but humans had developed quite a bit of potential within it. It was because they had brought part of the Strength from the game into reality. Some people thought that… By relying on some methods, they could extend the lifespan of humans. They developed some special abilities.

Although until now, the most powerful person was only able to increase his strength by a lot, lifting a few hundred kilograms of heavy objects with one hand.

The few of them noticed that the swarm had already closed in on them, and had no choice but to retreat. Half a day later, they had already arrived at the corner of the world’s boundary.

“We can leave now.”

They left the game, but they probably didn’t realize that the moment they left, Lo Ya also captured the information that led to the Gemini Experiment World behind the game.

She tried to build a teleportation portal and succeeded.

“That’s great, let’s invade tomorrow.”

Lo Ya sent herself to the target world.

It seemed like it was not much different from Earth. It was a city, a building, and a commercial district.

Using the illusion to hide her figure, Lo Ya looked at the different places and felt that it was not much different from the Earth, so she used the appearance of a human.

The old method was to get a phone and try to buy something, but found that there was no electronic payment, so she could only use cash.

Then she sat in a coffee shop and Lo Ya met a man in black clothes.

He first said to the waiter beside him, “I will buy this little girl’s bill.” Then he sat in front of Lo Ya. “Sorry, can the little girl ask you a question?”

“No.” Lo Ya’s words instantly stunned him.

“Cough cough.” He looked a little awkward, but he was not discouraged. Instead, he took out his business card. “I’m the director of the Entertainment Culture Company. I think you have potential. Maybe you can become a singer or an actor or something. It just so happens that there’s a movie that’s missing a role recently. I feel that you’re quite suitable. ”

Lo Ya used the Spirit Magic to sense it and discovered that this fellow really did not lie.

From the looks of it, he really took a liking to her?

“Your company is called Tian Yuan, right?”

“Its full name is Sky Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., and the recently famous Milky Way Sword is directed by me. If you perform here, you will get at least a million acting fees.” He smiled slightly. Who knew that Lo Ya would raise her phone and reveal a message below:

Your account has received 30,000,000 RMB. Current balance is 8137918137 RMB.

“Do you think I care about your company’s little money?”

… “”

F * ck, tycoon?

The man took a deep breath and said helplessly, “So it’s the young lady from a rich family. Sorry for my rudeness.”

“It’s alright.”

Lo Ya smiled at him and said goodbye to him. Then, she left the world.

The space channel opened and the invasion plan started.

However, Lo Ya was not in the mood to pay attention to this battlefield because… her territory was suddenly attacked by an unknown civilization.

She had never seen it before… A powerful alien.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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