C339 Youth

The game is the second world, at least in this world where virtual reality technology is at its peak, Everyone thinks so. It could be used to confuse reality, making people who lived in it feel like a brain in a tank. It couldn’t differentiate reality.

It could make people in reality fall in love with NPCs, let them marry and have children, let them enjoy the pleasures that were impossible to have in the real world.

Now, many players were immersed in the war in the game. They were willing to join in and fight to protect their comrades and family in the game.

Of course, the most important thing was that the game would not really die.

Lo Ya’s bug swarm continued to expand as the invasion progressed. The Beetle Army was completely throwing away their money, and the main force of the army went straight to ten million.

Such a number was a disaster to the entire world. The few players that occupied the game world could not stop it, and the NPCs played a huge role. The Dark Faction and the Light Faction, which were originally hostile to each other, rarely united together because they were facing the real Destroyer.

“We think that they come from a different dimension, a completely different world from ours.”

The highest principal of Jade Academy, who was reputed to be the strongest human mage, said these words in front of the students. After saying this, these young people also became resistors, and walked onto the battlefield. Facing the endless swarm of insects from the sky and the ground.

It wasn’t that there was no hope in this resistance, at least most people had the ability to kill those insufferably arrogant beetles. The powerhouses could defeat the Sickle Insect, the Flying Dagger Insect, the Blade Killer Beetles, and the Drill Beetles. The Wind God Winged Insect also had to face a legendary powerhouse above level 90.

However, the number of insects was increasing.

The areas that had been painted black on the big map were all red dots of light. The density was getting higher and higher.

The players felt like they were heroes. In the midst of explosions and crazy battles, they used combat skills and Magic to clash with the insects that kept appearing. The corpses of both sides covered the mountains and rivers, stretching for thousands of miles.

White Ball sat in the tavern, drinking Outlander beverages. On the other side. I think the 4.0 era was the most interesting, not like before,” he said. He kept leveling up and making it to the top. Right now, everyone in the world is aiming to resist the invasion, and they’ve clearly been losing. However, everyone is still as enthusiastic as ever.”

“Our affability level with the antagonists is so high. Do you think that the root of the invasion will be us?” The female mage suddenly had an idea.

“You mean…”

“Right, this is an impossible war. The game company wants us to experience unity, let us experience the feeling of a hero. Obviously, combat strength is not the key factor for victory. The quest itself is also testing the overall quality of the players. Simple. By relying on battle, there is no way to clear the 4.0 boss. ”

“It can’t be. Don’t tell me you want to tell me that you’re thinking of some RPGs, using Love to obtain the Strength, or playing tricks on your enemies?” The general felt that this was too abnormal.

“Don’t think that it’s not easy to play online games like this. Perhaps this is what the game company is trying to do. Think about it, why did the swarm invade our world… There must be a purpose, right? I remember playing a game in the past where the Demon King invaded because the human king killed his lover. The Braveheart used medicine to save his lover in the end, and the Demon King gave up on attacking. The game’s victory ended. The goal of the officials might be to create this game into a flesh and blood game, which is why they arranged the 4.0 storyline. ”

Everyone felt that what she said made a lot of sense.

As the few people closest to the main storyline (of course, they might not be), they could actually try to come into contact with the swarm by relying on their current favorability bonuses.

“If that’s the case, I’ll go and chase after Lo Ya. She’s the most beautiful NPC in the entire server.”

“You? Level 120, that is the level of a god.”

The so-called 120 was actually referring to the upper limit of 120. Insect Girl was too much of a broken watch, so she could only use 120 in reality. In reality, no one knew how strong they were.

Under such circumstances, Lo Ya brought over many little Little Insect Girl.

Everyone was clearly young and cute, but they were all over level 110. Lo Ya threw them to the frontlines to eat. There were all kinds of excellent genes from monsters, as well as the corpses left behind after players died in battle and returned to the city.

At this moment, a few players had gone through a lot of hardships to kill a few hundred bugs in a small battlefield. They panted as they sat by a tree to rest.

Their summoning beasts were all dead. The huge lion dragon fell in front of them. Under the level 80 font, its health bar had long been emptied.

“This game is too realistic. After dying, the corpse will slowly rot and stink. Summoned beasts can’t be revived. What a pity.” The captain looked at his own monster with reluctance and decided to buy a few more next time.

Fortunately, this battle wasn’t a loss because there were quite a few items dropped.

At this moment, the only Warlock sister in the team excitedly called out.

“Look, look, there’s a little thing over there.”

As expected, where her finger pointed, there was a little Little Insect Girl that was 8 cm tall lying beside the lion dragon and swallowing.

When she got closer, the row of words on her head caused the expressions of the people present to change slightly.

Young Insect Girl, LV116, Insect Clan.

“Level 116, what is this?”

Meng Meng’s little thing already knew how to use some Magic. When she opened her mouth, dozens of kilograms of meat were cut into pieces. Awoo! It howled and stuffed it into its mouth.

When the little tail wriggled, it would move up and down from time to time, just like a puppy happily swinging its tail.


The little thing’s eyes were full of food. She didn’t even know that others were observing her.

In that instant, her real life level increased to 53.

After a string of leveling numbers, the game’s measurement level instantly jumped to 120.

“F * ck, so much increase in an instant.”

The captain opened Little Insect Girl’s interface.

[Insect Girl (Young): Ruler of the Insect Clan. The Empress of the Insect Clan threw her baby body around the world. She wants them to hunt for food to increase their wildness. This creature was very dangerous, and its strength was terrifying. Once it was threatened, It would cause the swarm to go crazy. ]

“This little thing is Level 120?”

The captain turned to look at the Warlock girl.

“Maybe. It’s so cute, and it doesn’t seem to notice us at all.”

As the Warlock spoke, Little Insect Girl shouted, “Wow, meat!” and rushed to another piece of meat beside her. She didn’t forget to chew some fruits when she ate.

The three of them curiously surrounded her. In the end, they felt that Little Insect Girl and them were like two different worlds.

“This is the first time I’ve discovered that insects can be so cute. Back then, the one who destroyed the gods was one of this little thing’s kind, right?”

Most girls were afraid of insects, but Insect Girl would not make people feel afraid.

Actually, although Little Insect Girl seemed to be all alone in the wild, there was actually a Spiritual Link constantly monitoring her. There would not be any danger at all. Even if the main body of the god descended, it would most likely not be able to harm young Insect Girl’s life.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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