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“But we haven’t been able to figure out the method to descend the true body. Everyone’s combat strength will be greatly weakened. Most of those humans are already close to the legendary stage. There are also many legendary experts among the swarm. If there are too many of them, I’m afraid our projections will be piled to death.” The one with the least experience among the gods who represents the Illusionist of the Sky. The Lord of Life who can create life says uneasily.

“As long as we descend together, the Dark Faction will not let go of these arrogant outsiders.”

“If that’s the case, then contact the Holy Church and prepare to descend into this world.” The Winged Dragon, which was the divine eye of the Winged Race, released a wave of energy with a frequency comparable to gamma rays, and its figure disappeared from where it was.

Due to the invasion of the bug swarm, the NPCs from all over the country issued countless resistance missions to the players. Just the number of small beetle from the vanguard alone was enough to cause one to feel fear.

In the game, the increase in level would increase the gap in strength. With every level up, the increase in strength would be greater. Hence, the higher the level, the more powerful one’s combat strength would be.

The small beetle itself had very little experience, but its damage was close to level 60. At this time, most of the players were below level 70, so they were unable to crush the insects.

Under such circumstances, continuously dying and returning to the city became normal.

When the NPCs and players were gradually unable to resist, the Gods descended.

Although they did not descend from the level 120 main body but a level 100 projection, it was still the world’s strongest Strength.

The upper limit for players and ordinary NPCs was level 100. The game’s settings made it impossible for them to reach the level of True Gods. Moreover, these level 100 monsters also brought a large number of level 90 and above angel or god servants’ projections. They were gathered in the palace of the Lord of Wings. Just the pressure alone made many players unable to breathe.

Lo Ya, who knew the situation at the scene, was not worried. Because her main body could descend, and her level was also 120, reaching the maximum limit set.

Therefore, facing these gods, she did not mind crushing them and displaying the terrifying Magic from another world.

A day later, when the Gods slaughtered their way into the mountains and eliminated hundreds of thousands of insects, Lo Ya appeared.


The illusion of becoming bigger was activated, and Little Insect Girl, who was taller than the mountains and rivers, laughed arrogantly. With a swing of her huge tail, the mountain was smashed into powder on the spot. The white and fat squirming bug body was like a devil, and any movement would be like the end of the world.

Lo Ya’s hands protected her chest and her cute little face was insufferably arrogant as she looked down at the dumbstruck deities and god servants.

Lo Ya, the Empress of Insect Clan, Level 120, God.

The red words above the game revealed its identity to the players, Gods, and ordinary NPCs.

“Pfft, isn’t that Lo Ya?” The three people from White Ball who were observing from afar were all stunned when they saw the terrifying monster that towered into the clouds.

“Wait a minute, I got it. No wonder our mission was friendly with the Insect Clan, because the one who issued the mission was the biggest boss in the DLC.” The female mage cried out in excitement.

“Ah, ah, ah, why? Why is the cute Lo Ya the boss?!” The general’s elder brother held his head and felt the beautiful love in his heart break apart.

“Look at her tail. It’s a bug. No wonder it’s the Empress of the Insect Clan. It’s a bug from the start.” The female mage glanced at the general with disdain, “Maybe she’s like the ant queen, giving birth to a lot.”

“Pffft ~”

Critical strike!

“Cute is justice. Anyway, it’s just a game. I’m definitely going to be the villain.”

As the only three players in the entire server who maintained a friendly relationship with the Insect Clan, they resolutely rebelled and experienced the craziest and most enjoyable path of being enemies with the world.

“Hahaha, this is how fun it is to play a game and be the villain.” White Ball suddenly became extremely excited and began to throw the bomb he had obtained from the quest at the surrounding crowd.

A full-powered attack that was equivalent to a Level 60 expert’s energy consumption… which was also the power of self-destruction.

The Divinities were also dumbfounded.

“Why is she able to descend with her main body?” The God of Fortune widened his eyes.

“Damn it, this monster is even stronger than me when I was at my peak.” The Winged Dragon gritted its teeth and released a glaring beam of light that was dozens of meters thick.

But this attack was blocked by the wondrous Magic shield that appeared in front of Lo Ya.

“Wakakaka, die.”

The huge girl raised her right hand, and with a few pipa sounds, she released an electric current. Following which, dark clouds curled up in the sky, and countless bolts of lightning that were as thick as houses fell down, fiercely smashing onto the surrounding life forms.

White light flashed, and a large number of players died. The NPCs turned into charred corpses.

“Let’s experience the magic of the tsunami.”

A few square kilometers of Magic water fell from the sky, forming a 100 meter tall waterfall, instantly swallowing dozens of mountains.

This was already the limit of Lo Ya’s spellcasting. She had used the administrator’s authority. It was so terrifying that even when the Gods were at their strongest, they could not do it.

In an instant, the projection of the gods was completely destroyed, and the original bodies in the God Realm were forced to gather again.

“That is a monster, and it has exceeded the limit of the gods. Who made this monster descend?”

“This is simply the end of the world. Even if my true body descends, what kind of monster is that Empress of the Insect Clan?”

The Soul Master looked at these Gods and was silent for a long time. Finally, he said, “Why don’t we pull the Dark Faction over as well? Now is not the time for internal strife. Compared to the Dark God System, the Insect Clan is the true enemy.”

… “”

No matter what the gods were thinking about, under Lo Ya’s lead, more and more land on the map fell into darkness.

Her huge appearance was too scary, but on the internet, countless people were talking about the design of the Empress of Insect Clan.

It couldn’t be helped, she was too cute.

She was clearly a big bug, but she wasn’t disgusting at all. Thinking about how this Boss would be killed by players in the future, many people couldn’t bear it.

But thinking about it carefully, was this monster really something that ordinary players could kill?

The tempo of the game had long been destroyed. Who knew which player did something good to advance the storyline ahead of time?

In this kind of game, everything was related to each other. NPCs were all intelligent. What happened now was definitely not a problem with the setting, but something that someone had done.

Reality, Twofold Experiment World.

White Ball, who had lost a level, logged out of the game.

Through killing players, he had leveled up by 3 levels and dropped by 1 level, so he still made a profit. However, because of this, he became a dangerous player and was wanted by the system.

However, the favorability of the Insect Clan had increased to “very friendly.” He felt that his choice might not be a problem.

He went to the street and saw the real-time status of the game displayed on the screen next to the building.

A third of the square map had already fallen into darkness. Under the huge bug sign, the words “Insect Group Forces” were written.

“This game has already become an epic.”

Many people felt a sense of unity when facing the Apocalypse together. The players formed a united front, and the game was filled with high-spirited slogans.

“We are not standing together in reality, but in the game…”

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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