C337 Dragon Rank

“Instead of saying it’s a version, it’s more like turning the whole world into an instance dungeon.”

Many players had such an evaluation of the 4.0 bug swarm invasion, which greatly increased the difficulty of the game. People couldn’t help but wonder if there was a problem with the game company.

However, very few people knew that even the game company didn’t have any control over the development of the game.

They only discovered the world of the game and sent thousands of players to play it.

Dragonborn was the number one expert in the game, and he was also the model for the lower-class players to become the elites of the upper class by relying on the game.

Ten years ago, when the 16-year-old Dragonborn entered the game for the first time, He was stunned by the fantasy-like scene. It was like a second human society, filled with all kinds of legendary creatures. Countless players were addicted to it, unwilling to come into contact with reality.

At that time, the highest level players were already over level 30. The Dragon Rank players who came in from the broken game cabin did not have money or connections, but they relied on their own abilities to fight their way out.

After killing a monster, they would drop a godly weapon, throw a stone, and trigger hidden quests. Countless people were jealous of them.

The current number one Dragon Baron actually had a very, very, very deep secret in his heart.

He… was actually a reborn person.

In his previous life, he, who was poor and destitute, tragically jumped down from a tall building. To die. He ended his life. However, he did not expect that at the moment of his death, his eyes would once again light up. He discovered that he had become a baby, lying in his childhood bed.

He had been reborn!

Yes, when he found out all of this, he excitedly shouted, “My life is mine, and I can’t help it!” However, he did not expect that the baby could only make squeaking sounds.

He knew where his hope was, so after experiencing the first ten years, he chose to enter this game and changed his life.

But in his previous life, the Dragon Prince did not remember that there was a bug invasion mission in this world.

“Could it be that I was reborn in a parallel world, or my actions triggered the butterfly effect, resulting in a change in the future?”

The bewildered Dragon Baron finally blamed the problem on his own level.

Yes, he was already level 88, second in rank at the same time. Less than 12 levels lower than him, less than a tenth of his strength. Whether it was the strongest opponents in his previous life or the insufferably arrogant big families, Can’t even withstand a casual strike from him. This game had long since become a game for him alone.

Invincible loneliness!

At this moment, he stood alone among the mountains, looking at the level 70 or so bug creatures in the distance, his brows furrowed deeply.

“This is too much. Could it be that the heavens and earth discovered that I am a reincarnator and came to block my path?”

“Hmph, who cares if you are a demon or a god, you won’t be able to block my Dragon Prince’s path!”

He unleashed his skill, and a beam of light swept across the mountains, instantly creating a 100 meter long ravine. Six Sickle Insect and dozens of small beetle were killed on the spot, and even their corpses were scattered all over the ground.

Lo Ya’s side immediately knew about the situation here.

“Level 88?”

After taking a look at the level 60 Sickle Insect’s strength, she understood that the martial power in this game world was not ordinary.

Although it was virtual, the energy was real. As outsiders without an account, once the insects were killed, they would turn into energy and scatter into this world. It was too much of a loss.

Looking at the Dragon Baron charging into the swarm of insects and starting a massacre, Lo Ya ordered all the Sickle Insect to retreat and let the small beetle take over.

Don’t look at the level 40 +. In actual combat, it could also take away dozens of points of health from the opponent. But the Dragon Baron had many moves, strong attack power, and blood medicine. He was completely unafraid. If he really could not defeat the enemy, he would be able to safely leave the battlefield after returning to the city.

He even shamelessly filmed his own scene and broadcasted it live on the Internet to display his powerful Strength.

“Looks like it’s time for our big boss to take action.”

Lo Ya prepared to let the Wind God Winged Insect beside her go to the scene.

The Wind God Winged Insect that was born was level 85. After being upgraded to the top, it was equivalent to level 90 in the game. Therefore, Lo Ya did not hesitate to send a level 90 Wind God Winged Insect that had been through hundreds of battles to the front line.

When this monster with a wingspan of more than 10 meters appeared in the sky with a roar, the Dragon Baron immediately felt its power.

[Warning!] Legendary Boss.]

The system notification shocked him.

The Legendary Boss was the strongest wild monster, second only to the strongest Gods in the game. Most Legendary Bosses were above Level 80, but their strength was dozens or even hundreds of times stronger than bosses of the same level.

“I’m broadcasting right now, so I can’t be scared off.” The Dragon Prince gritted his teeth, determined to test his own strength.

He never thought that he would be at 3. He had never thought that he would suffer such a setback at 4.0.

“Bloody Cross Slash.”

A cross radiance flew into the sky. The Wind God Winged Insect agilely moved sideways to dodge this attack.

It opened its mouth and shot out a few poisonous bullets, accurately hitting the Dragon Baron.

Its health bar directly decreased by 10%.

The Dragon Baron felt that something was wrong. The weapon in his hand suddenly blossomed with light and extended to 30 meters long, slashing out even more powerful vibration waves.

However, the Wind God Winged Insect shot out a missile that was hanging below his body. It collided with his shockwave and produced a shocking explosion.

The fireball bloomed and the shockwave swept in all directions.

The Wind God Winged Insect continuously spat out venom from its mouth, continuously weakening his blood line.

“Damn it, it’s so agile.”

Skills came one after another. They only managed to hit the target a few times, but the number of life points that were destroyed was pitifully small. Seeing the missiles fly down again, the Dragon Baron had no choice but to return to the city.


The Electromagnetic Cannon on the back of the Wind God Winged Insect was activated. A shell with a firing speed of 6 kilometers per second instantly fell and exploded where he was standing.

The live broadcast turned back to the Beginner Village.

[You have died, level decreased by 1.]

Countless people who were watching the live broadcast were boiling with excitement.

“How is that possible? Level 88 and the most powerful equipment in the entire server, the Dragon Baron, were instantly killed.”

“What kind of boss is this? Damn it, the Insect Clan! The officials, please give us an explanation!”

The forum was bustling with activity. Due to the limit of eight hours per day, most players were unable to go online continuously. Hence, when they were free, they liked to chat on the forum.

Actually, the officials were also very helpless. If the game was not controlled, they might restrict the entrance and maintain it for a period of time. If it was not safe, then for the health of the people, the game might be forced to shut down.

The swarm was still expanding. At this rate, it would only take 10 days to completely occupy the entire game.

In reality, the godly NPCs described in the background didn’t take action.

Rather than saying that they did not appear, it would be more accurate to say that they were scared.

At this moment, the main Gods of the righteous path gathered together to discuss the changes at this moment.

“A few decades ago, this group of people called players descended. They couldn’t even kill them, and instead turned our world upside down. Now, there are even more terrifying insects. We need to descend to the main continent once more, we can’t let those guys be too arrogant”

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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