C336 Dark Clouds

Fortunately, no boss came out and the bloody light lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared. The eyes of the statue opened, and a beam of light fell on the top of the altar, revealing the figure of a human girl.

“Did you send the core?”

Like a goddess, the temperament of the girl was not inferior to Lo Ya at all. The girl with the light effect reached out her fingertip and pointed. An invisible barrier covered the entire world.

Then, the girl disappeared.

[Main Mission: Illusion Isolated, Completed.] ]

[Please return to Lo Ya to receive your reward.]

“Lo Ya must be the super cute, super skin-skinned girl from before. I didn’t expect such a perfect female character to appear in the game. Hehe, I don’t mind even if the Insect Clan is the villain now.”

The general laughed foolishly. The female mage walked up to him and gave him a Chestnut, signalling him to go and get the reward.

This time, everyone used the teleportation function of the teleportation ticket and returned to the place where they received the mission.

Lo Ya was indeed there.

“You guys did well. This is the reward for you guys.”

Lo Ya waved her hand and 1,000 mini bombs made from crystal appeared on the ground. There were a total of 10 boxes.

[Reward: 1. Faction Friendship (Insect Clan) changed to Friendly. 2. Concentrated bombs 1000.]


The female mage and the white ball both cheered.

They saw the power of the concentrated bomb, it was actually equivalent to the full power of a Level 60 powerhouse. If this was used in a battle, it would be enough to make them one of the top experts on the leaderboard.

Lo Ya did not say anything else but stood quietly on the spot.

But a hexagonal pattern appeared on her head.

After playing games for so long, the three of them knew. This hexagonal pattern represented matters related to the faction. This meant that players could actively explore it to obtain information related to the faction. They could even accept the missions or contact the relevant personnel.

The three of them confirmed this point through private chat and decided to continue trying to obtain information.

However, at this moment, the system issued a notice:

[Adventurer has completed the main mission, triggering the bug invasion storyline. ]

“F * ck.”

At the same time, all the players in the game were shocked.

“He triggered the mission so quickly?”

“Shouldn’t he have a few months of preparation time?”

Among the countless doubts, the three of them looked at each other in dismay. They couldn’t help but wonder if it was related to the crystal installation mission that they had completed earlier.

“Right.” Lo Ya, who was standing here, seemed to have thought of something and said lazily, “This space is not very safe anymore. I suggest that you return to the main world.”

After saying this, she turned around and left the scene.

“Hey, wait, little sister, I…”

Just as the general shouted, Lo Ya had already disappeared from his sight.

“Directly disappeared. Sure enough, she is not an ordinary character.”

“Are we leaving? It doesn’t feel good.”

The three of them finally decided not to come to this card space for a period of time. Since there weren’t any quests, they might as well try their luck in the main world.

That night, the Insect Girl Clan’s main force started to split up. After five hours, they successfully conquered the card space.

This small world was indeed not large. Its population was only about a hundred thousand. Against the insects with an average strength of transcendent (equivalent to level 60 and above), it could only choose death and surrender.

After completely controlling this space, Lo Ya began to send a large number of insects into this place. She communicated with the administrator’s authority and built a passageway to the game’s main space.

The landing point was a boundless mountain range, and it was also the most difficult place to train in the 3.0 era. An army of Transcendents slaughtered in this area, and they actually lost thousands of them.

However, the bug horde was still a bug horde. It had almost wiped out the hundreds of thousands of wild monsters in the entire mountain range. A small number of players who were leveling were forced to return or retreat. They spread the news of what had happened online.

“The creatures in this new DLC are too strong. It’s fine if they’re above level 60, but they’re still moving in groups. Let the officials give them an upgrade. There’s no way to fight them. ”

“Leveling up now requires hundreds of thousands to millions of experience points. Fighting a powerful monster is only a few thousand experience points. They only have a few tens of thousands of experience points every day. This is a huge scam.”

“The combat power of the new version has collapsed. This is a serious protest!”

The Insect Girl Clan sent out 10,000 Undead Insect and 200,000 main cannon fodder swarm. All the Sickle Insect, killing insects, and Flying Dagger Insect had the title of elite monster on their heads. The sawworm was a high level elite monster. The Undead Insect was even a BOSS.

Up until now, those who could defeat a Boss by themselves… Basically, the top 10% of the players were ranked after 40%. It was difficult even to fight the Sickle Insect. Not to mention, there were also a large number of level 40 small beetle and self-destructing beetles in the mountains. Although charging into a pile of beetles and using AOE skills was fun, the danger was also quite high. The experience gained from one wave was only a few thousand points, so the investment and output were completely disproportionate.

[Announcement: The bug invasion storyline has begun. All players, please join the siege. 】

Following the announcement, the Insect Girl Clan army charged into the black fog of the Undead Insect, like an army from the darkness.

The moment this wave of attacks appeared, the entire internet was filled with cries and protests. Every time a player died, they would lose a level. Even if they continuously died, they would not be able to withstand the increasing number of bug attacks. The good leveling game had become unparalleled, and every player was just a small soldier.

Lo Ya was determined to flatten them as soon as possible. She invested 100 million small beetle and 3 million main insects. These armies were like an ocean, slowly covering the entire world in endless shadows.

The Supreme Tower in the distant mountains was covered by gray clouds at this moment. Bolts of lightning cut through the darkness, showing the terror of a strong enemy to the world.

“It seems like we’ve completed an extraordinary mission.” The white ball didn’t know what to say to his two teammates.

Currently, on the map of the entire server, half of the area had already become an abnormal black area. Currently, the Winged Race that was called closest to the Gods was blocking the Flying Dagger Insect that blotted out the sky and covered the earth, but the situation wasn’t good.

Yes, even the Winged Race that had a high status in the eyes of the players could not stop it. One had to know that in the entire server, only three people had completed the quest to defeat the Winged Race. And according to the storyline, the Wing Men were too weak. One of them was chased out of the tribe.

“The situation of the winged humans isn’t good. It can be seen that the combat strength of the 4.0 era is about to expand. Normally, the progress of the game wouldn’t be that fast. One of the main problems that appeared was… We completed the main storyline mission ahead of time, which led to the opening of the demonic gate.”

The main storyline of this game was hidden. If a player completed a main storyline mission and didn’t let others see it, then no one else would know. However, the storyline also advanced because of this.

This was like a real world, and only those who came into contact with it would know the truth.

In the end, players could only rely on their own information and outsiders to have a general understanding of the background.

What they could confirm now was that their mission had actually removed a seal and released the bug monsters from the darkness.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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