C335 Core Crystal

The reward for the second round seems a little shocking the first time they saw it, they thought they saw it wrong.

First of all, it was the exaggerated 5,000,000 experience points.

Right now, the three of them were all around level 60. If they received this amount of experience points, It was equivalent to jumping up to level 7 or 8 in an instant. It was equivalent to instantly closing the distance between them and a large number of players in front of them. He would increase his level ranking from the bottom of the entire server to the middle.

More importantly, the first reward position was the friendship of the Insect Clan?

“Hey, the information piece this time is the invasion of the Insect Clan, right?” White Ball couldn’t help but ask his two companions in private, “This stupid mission is related to the current 4.0 era.”

“So before the expansion is updated, it’s understandable that we didn’t get any rewards. She also said earlier that the other party came from a different place at a different time. Her seven days there are equivalent to a few years here. And to complete the other party’s mission and obtain the friendship of the Insect Clan, I’m afraid that they are hinting at us. They are related to the Insect Clan… and they are even the bosses in the DLC.” The general analyzed.

“It seems like we have really accepted an incredible mission. This part of the mission is still considered quite easy to complete. Just give her a teleportation ticket. But this information is called the invasion of the Insect Clan. Why do I feel that this mission will bring us trouble? ” The female mage said anxiously.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just a game. There’s no reason to be confused about a mission. Besides, the rewards are abundant now. All my previous efforts were not in vain.”

White Ball made up his mind and smiled at Lo Ya. “We have something called a teleportation ticket on us. We can go to the main world. We can also go from there to here. If we don’t set the specific coordinates, then it will appear in the Novice Village. ”

As he spoke, he handed over the two tickets in his hands.

[Main World Teleportation Ticket: Return to and fro the main world and card space, single ticket can only be used once. 】

Lo Ya knew that she could make a large number of copies of these tickets through the administrator’s authority, but it was too troublesome to use them, and the cost was too high. It was better to use a more stable method.

“Is there any better… A way to let a large group of creatures pass?”

When Lo Ya asked this question, the scene of countless insects swarming out of the trailer immediately appeared in the minds of the three people at the scene.

“Maybe there will be, but we don’t know right now.”

“Alright.” Lo Ya was not disappointed. If it was not possible, she could use her authority.

[Large Hidden Epic Chain Mission: An important matter, the second round has been completed. ]

[Reward (Second round)] Reward (Second Circle): 1. Faction Friendship (Insect Clan) has been changed to Familiar. 2. Level experience: 5 million.

Rays of leveling light appeared. White Ball and the Mage had leveled up to level 66. Because General had used up his skills, leveling up was slow. He was only level 63 now.

“You guys are not bad. I will give you one last mission. Help me place this stone in the hall of the North Horn Mountain. If you complete it, I will give you a lot of benefits.”

Lo Ya took out a red Energy Charging Crystal and gave it to the other party.

[Core Crystal (Mission Item, Mythical): An unknown crystal that emits the mysterious Strength. There is a huge secret hidden within. ]

Holding it in his hand, this information popped up in front of the white ball.

“It’s actually a Mythical grade item.” His Spirit shivered. Up until now, he had not even encountered an Epic item, let alone a Mythical item.

The grade of the item was divided into Normal, Excellent, Superior, Epic. Legendary, Mythical, the best item that most players currently possessed was only Superior. Epic items were mostly obtained by rich people or especially lucky players. Now, they had obtained a mission item. It’s actually a myth.

Of course, they did not know that these ratings and introductions were randomly filled out by Lo Ya.

The mission at the North Horn Mountain was also created according to Lo Ya’s request. It was the prelude to the invasion. The human girl was prepared to play the role of an NPC for Lo Ya.

[Main Mission: Illusion Isolated] 】

[Description: Give the core crystal to the mysterious man in the North Horn Mountain.]

[Reward: 1. Faction Friendship (Insect Clan) 2. Concentrated Bomb 1000.]

A few seconds after obtaining the crystal, the mission immediately popped up.

“Main Mission…”

Main mission 4.0.

From 1.0 to now, there had never been a version of a Main Mission that could be opened so smoothly. They felt that they were simply lucky. They were so lucky that they got the chance to get in touch with the main storyline of the game right after the update.

“Don’t worry, we’ll send it to you.” White Ball’s face was full of joy.

Lo Ya immediately bowed, “Thank you.”

After both sides bid farewell, the general whispered, “Too beautiful. Not to mention the real world, even in the entire game, I have never seen such a beautiful girl. If only she was in real life.”

“It is not your turn to be in real life.” The female mage said without mercy.

“Speaking of which, can you chase an NPC? With such intelligence, you might be able to experience a beautiful relationship.”

“Give up, you have no chance.”

General:… “”

The North Horn Mountain wasn’t too far away, just close to the heart of the card world, because the 3.2 era card war had ended, this world was now practically worthless.

No one had discovered any hidden quests in such a long time, not to mention the dangerous terrain, a barren rocky mountain.

After walking for three days, they finally crossed the rugged rocky mountain. On the other side of the mountain, they saw the hall Lo Ya had mentioned.

“It’s so grand. I don’t think there was such a thing in the past, right?”

The swarm that appeared in the 4.0 era was now restless and planning to invade. The players knew nothing about the real background story.

There were many dangerous monsters here. Lo Ya threw them over from the Fresnel Forest. They were all at least at the Gold Level. There were even a few small beetle that had an extraordinary aura mixed within.

In just a short distance of 5 kilometers, the three of them had spent a day. Along the way, they had experienced a fierce battle and consumed a lot of magic herbs.

Finally, they entered the magnificent gate. Only then did they realize that there was still a terrifying BOSS battle to be fought here.

One by one, the huge human-shaped statues began to crack. From inside, a 10 meter tall armored giant appeared.

After fighting for a long time, they finally got rid of these monsters. Finally, they safely arrived at the innermost part of the temple.

Then, everyone saw a goddess-like beautiful sculpture.

The sculpture was shrouded in the white light that was cast down from above. Its facial features were solemn and solemn, and its entire body emitted a holy aura.

“Look, there’s a hole there. It looks like it’s embedded with gems.”

The female mage pointed at the altar in front of her and shouted.

The white ball immediately took out an item and said, “I’ll go and embed it.”

After saying that, he quickly walked to the altar and pressed the stone down.

A beam of bloody light shot out from the crystal, instantly enveloping the whole scene in a terrifying atmosphere.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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