C332 Gemini Experiment


A loud sound echoed in the solid and thin atmosphere, and the entire earth seemed to be shaking.

Pouring water onto a planet, this kind of unreliable thing could only be done by the Insect Girl Clan.

But Lo Ya felt that it was worth it. A more suitable environment meant an endless stream of biological energy and a comfortable living space.

When the liquid was fully released, the cube transport bug was repaired again and filled with a small amount of dye. It began to accelerate back to A2-3.

“If the 2-2 transformation is successful, then it will be the next colony planet.”

Apart from Mother Star, Insect Girl Clan currently had a total of five more valuable planets, including the three satellites Blue Moon, Red Moon, Silver Moon, and Planet Lighthouse and Metal Star.

There were hundreds of other landing planets of various sizes, including 62 planets, 310 satellites, and 300 asteroids.

In several of the Cobry belt, the swarm had set up simple observation posts. Most of them had been built in the early stages, so they were quite backward. Usually, there were only 1 to 5 Electromagnetic Cannon with a speed of 18 kilometers per second, as well as two Glasses Insect with an observation speed of 18 kilometers per second, as well as two Glasses Insect that could transmit information. In normal battles, there were no more than 100 Sickle Insect. They were responsible for silently breeding and gradually strengthening themselves.

“Oh, I can bring little Little Insect Girl and the others to the beautiful liquid planet to swim.”

Space was not necessarily a dangerous place for Insect Girl and the others, or it could be said that most of the planets currently occupied were safe. Many places that were completely unhabitable for ordinary creatures would not make Little Insect Girl feel uncomfortable at all.

Lo Ya went to the middle of a pile of sleeping Little Insect Girl and hesitated on which one to bring along to play.

The environment in Mother Star was too comfortable for them and the hunting process was not difficult at all. Not to mention the weak Ant Eater from back then, even extraordinary magical beasts had to weigh their own strength.

Lo Ya came to the front of a cave and saw a fat and white tail coming out and contracting at the entrance as if it was stuck.

“Newborn indeed has little strength.”

Lo Ya poked with her finger and the tail went in.

Not long after, a head with a rat in its mouth suddenly popped out from the other hole. When it saw Lo Ya, it happily crawled out and wriggled in front of Lo Ya.

“Wow, meat.”

The little guy wanted to let the rat meat out to eat.

Little Insect Girl liked to share what she thought was delicious. Sometimes, she would be cheated by her prey in the spiritual exchange. They would mistakenly treat them as friends. However, after a night’s sleep, because they had forgotten, those animals who were close to them might suffer instead.

Perhaps only Little Insect Girl of the same race could make them instinctively recognize them.

Lastly, the Insect Girl Clan had an instinctive reaction towards the strength of intelligent life. If a life too powerful was in front of them, they would not usually attack. This was a form of self-protection to avoid danger.

Most of the young Little Insect Girl would not pay attention to the sky. She liked to crawl on her stomach. Sometimes, when she encountered too big of a life form, such as humans, she would not know what they were (she could not see the whole picture). This was the disadvantage of being too small.

Lo Ya would occasionally live together with the young cuties and find that they would be looking for food as long as they had the time. If they were full, they would be sleepy. Moreover, most of the young Little Insect Girl belonged to the category of short-handed creatures. Her skin was very white. When she saw food, she would only walk in a straight line. If she extended a finger to block their foreheads, These little things did not know how to change and would only foolishly continue to run forward.

Until they ran for a period of time and found that the distance between them and food was not close, they would give up and turn to look for other food.

This made Lo Ya feel very strange.

“It was clearly not like this when I was young.”

Lo Ya laid on the ground with her chin resting on the lawn. A small thing wriggled to Lo Ya’s nose and her height happened to be right in front of Lo Ya’s eyebrows.

Sizzle sizzle ~

Her tongue took the opportunity to lick.

“Mu?” The little cutie seemed to have no time to react. She blinked her eyes, touched her wet face, and stayed where she was.

After a while, a two-centimeter insect that was almost half her size, shaped like a bull, cautiously approached, as if it wanted to hunt.

Little Insect Girl immediately rushed over and picked up the insect to eat.

After more than ten minutes, all the big bugs entered her stomach. Little Little Insect Girl burped and continued to look for food.

Sizzle sizzle ~

Lo Ya took the opportunity to lick her again.


She turned around and crawled in front of Lo Ya until she saw her face clearly. And then with a “wow,” he happily came up to her.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya.”

“Eh, so stupid.”

After such a long time, did he finally understand what was going on?

Lo Ya reached out her two hands to rub her little tail and then lifted her up into the air.

The butterfly flapped its wings and Lo Ya flew to a flat area and opened the entrance to Origin Space.

This space actually had no meaning to her, but the place with the players inside still made her very curious.

Lo Ya hoped that one day there would be a way to directly send the swarm inside, which was equivalent to having a base outside the universe.

The human girl who was playing ball with Insect Girl seemed to have sensed it and ran over in surprise, “Is this thing still there?”

“Uh, speaking of which, what is this?” Lo Ya took the opportunity to ask.

“Experiment space, another space constructed by laws, a world of human technology, and a virtual multi-dimensional game.”

“Virtual?” Lo Ya took out the Black Evil Lolita card.

“Sometimes what you see with your eyes may not be real.” The girl was different from Crystal Dragon God. She did not have the habit of playing with Little Insect Girl like a ball. She was more like a god without desires and most of the time, she just sat quietly, thought, and did not eat or drink. Only when she saw a few unbelievable things would she throw a little attention.

“Then this card…”

“This is true. Extracting the real thing from the virtual world is just converting one type of energy into another type of energy. The universe itself is conservation, so I don’t recommend materializing the things inside.”

“If we control that space, what benefits will there be?” Lo Ya had always been envious of Origin Space.

“We can use the space behind it, which is the player who landed in that world.” The girl carefully recalled, “The space behind will continue to absorb the energy of the virtual world until one day, The virtual world disappears, the space behind it becomes a complete body, turning into a complete sub-universe ”

“I don’t understand” Lo Ya wrinkled her nose.

“This is a twin experiment. In fact, at the beginning, they created two spaces with the same initial variables. Everything inside, including the quantum dimension, is exactly the same. From this, we can determine whether fate is certain or not.”

“You’re saying, if two identical universes evolve without any interference, if the outcome is the same, then it means fate is the same?” Lo Ya was very surprised, “But isn’t the microscopic world uncertain?”

“Microscopic uncertainty refers to the uncertainty caused by observation of matter. Motion and position cannot be measured at the same time, and the uncertainty is always greater than one value.”

Lo Ya,… “”

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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