C330 Comfortable Environment Expansion

The Amis people on the ship didn’t dare to go down to connect to the pitiful creatures on the planet. They could only watch helplessly as the smart computer warned them.

There was only a minute or so of time, and there was no time to retreat.

Not long after, under their shocked gazes, a glaring ball of light appeared on the surface of the planet.

The rocks and sand on the ground were knocked into the air, forming something like a mushroom cloud. However, the atmosphere of this planet was thin and there was no soil, so the resulting shock wave substance was very little. It was not as strong as he had expected.

However, this wave of attack from the 5,000,000 tons of TNT equivalent weight had created a huge crater with a diameter of several kilometers. The Amis people that was in the spaceship’s only observation port still felt the heat.

It could be called hell.

“We were attacked. This is definitely not a celestial body.”

“What the hell, leave this place quickly, there’s something wrong with this galaxy”

The ship started, preparing to leave this area.

Because it was an emergency, they didn’t consider saving energy and safety, and immediately started the space travel, starting to accelerate towards the distance.

“I’m sure it’s a similar type of traction technology, but it’s not very mature”

The acceleration process was very slow, probably not exceeding the speed of light.

Since the frigate Bug had already confirmed this point, it didn’t mind. It also landed on B4-2 and threw out a portion of the main force, the Ash Bug and the Slime.

“The Slime’s adaptability is really strong.”

Lo Ya was more and more fond of this kind of creature that could provide nutrition and was not dangerous.

She yawned and did not care about the matters here. She started to look for other Little Insect Girl to play with.

As Little Insect Girl’s number increased, she would not know the name of the new baby in the future. Therefore, the task of taking care of the new Little Insect Girl was given to the older Insect Girl.

Under the Level-3 brain, even if Lo Xin and the rest were not reliable, at least they could take care of the baby.

When they crawled into the building castle, they happened to see a little Little Insect Girl staring at the sky with her starry eyes. “Wow, I want to fly to the sky.”

Lo Yin reached out her hands and pinched her cheeks. “You are just a worm. Don’t have such unrealistic fantasies.”

“Wuuu ~ Wuuu ~”

Lo Ya’s head was full of black lines.

Relying on wings really did not seem like it was possible to fly into space. Because the air in the sky was thin, it could not provide the lift that was far away from the ground.

As for the Magic, it seemed like they could not find any effective means.

Lo Ya came to the side of the two Insect Girl. Although Lo Yin was already an adult, she still had a silly and cute appearance… Alright, this was also the common characteristic of Insect Girl.

For the sake of the Mother Star’s environment, Lo Ya had long restricted the development of the insect swarms and they were transferred to another planet to breed.

In order to increase the environment, Lo Ya had plans to transplant a portion of the plants and soil to other chess continents. Then, she would think of a way to move the ice from the sky and melt it into an ocean.

Of course, if there were bad elements in the ice, she would also think of a way to get rid of them.

The process of transporting the ice was not easy, because the distance between them was very far. The energy consumption was also very high. Even if he had the space expansion technology now, which could open up a space 100 times bigger than the inside of the transport insect, It could only transport 6,250,000 cubic meters of ice at once. This was equivalent to 160 trips to and fro to transport a cubic kilometer of ice.

It was indeed too slow, but Lo Ya had a highly efficient plan. That was to accelerate the enormous ice crystal celestial body, making it slowly move towards the sky of Mother Star.

Perhaps many years later, it would move itself to the vicinity of Mother Star, and then use the spaceship to move it back and forth, transporting it to the ground.

Lo Ya was a little impatient, so she decided to study planet modification and make planets with unsuitable climate suitable for the survival of certain creatures.

The first step of the modification was to rely on the insects to evolve a plant that could withstand high temperature and low temperature. In a photosynthesized way, it would slowly transform some planets’ carbon dioxide into oxygen.

For planets with no atmosphere, they would simply create chemical changes to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

With an atmosphere, it would be able to better conserve temperature, reduce the temperature difference between day and night, and resist a certain amount of space radiation. A planet like this had to be in a habitable zone, not too close or too far from the star.

If there were plants, then the dead plants would decay under the effects of bacteria. In addition to the planet’s own weathering effect, layers of nutritious soil would be formed over time. Insect Girl could take the initiative to accelerate this process and use the Slime to devour rocks. It could produce nutritional substances. After that, the plants would absorb large amounts of nutrients and reproduce. Finally, it would overflow and then take the initiative to wither a batch. Then, they would continue to reproduce.

The environment in outer space itself was very difficult to maintain the survival of microorganisms such as bacteria, so the first batch of modifications was very important.

And after having plants, they could first establish the Insect Girl Clan’s own ecosystem, allowing the small beetle to reproduce on this planet. After their death, they would also become a new type of decay.

Lo Ya’s plan was very good, and the most difficult part was to transport ice and change the atmosphere. That was a huge project. If it was any other civilization, no matter how hard they worked, they would probably have to spend countless days.

“Outside of the transport ship, we can specify a ship with a very large volume and a very large internal space.”

Actually, up until now, the transport ship had never truly expanded its internal space. Instead, it had used this technology to shoot air balls. This was to allow less airdrop to transport more insects, so as to reduce the output of the spheres.

Lo Ya’s plan this time was to research a thin hull that was completely wrapped in a light plate and powered by the solar energy and fusion engine.

Although it was called a spacecraft, it was actually an engine and a completely wrapped solar panel. Using the space expansion technology that was 100 times larger inside, she threw 100 cubic kilometers of ice onto the target planet at once.

The cost of such a ship might not even be one-tenth of the transport ship’s cost, it was just a thin shell. A meteorite with a speed of a few kilometers could penetrate it. Thus, they were also one-time use, directly built in space. And then tossed to the surface, not needing to leave the planet’s gravitational pull to take off.

Theoretically, carrying out more than a billion similar transport, Talent. Create an ocean similar to Earth’s. However, Lo Ya did not want to create an ocean. Instead, she wanted to build a space suitable for survival. The environment did not need to be too good. She only needed to breed some highly adaptable plants.

When she thought of this, she decided to do it.

After the evolution order was issued, a Sickle Insect was brought into space, and began to search for all the genetic information stored by the entire race, changing into a thin large chamber.

At the same time it began to change, Lo Ya also let the Brain Insect inspect the planet that was suitable for transformation.

Finally, she decided to modify A2-2.

In addition to the cost of manufacturing large-scale transport insects, most of the power came from the solar panel. Only a certain amount of fusion energy was used during the acceleration process, so it was still considered to be saved.

Ice Crystal Planet used the small celestial body of the Cobry belt to cut it into pieces, melt it, store it in the internal space, and then transport it back and forth.

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