C328 Encountering a Space Civilization

Empire of Insect Girl, January 5, Mother Star.

On top of the Battleship Insect, a 3 meter diameter Electromagnetic Cannon was aimed at the sky.

This was the result of condensing all the genes of the Insect Girl Clan. Apart from the initial speed increasing to 300 kilometers per second, its quality also increased to an astonishing 3 tons.

A super heavy artillery shell that flew at 300 kilometers per second, with a nuclear bomb containing 50 million tons of TNT equivalent weight inside. After coming into contact with the target, there would be an intense explosion.

This kind of power was destructive to normal spaceships.

Standing beside her was the last human girl who was watching the weapon.

“Civilization has always been more offensive than defensive, this is the foundation of interstellar chaos”

“Hm?” Lo Ya looked at her doubtfully.

“You can understand that most civilizations possess extremely powerful weapons. But it is very difficult for them to guard against these weapons. In other words, if the gap between the two civilizations does not reach a qualitative change when the two civilizations collide… Then the weak will always have the chance to defeat the strong. ”

“Alright, it’s just a warrior who only attacks without defending.”

Lo Ya understood. Thinking about it carefully, the Insect Girl Clan was actually the same. The nuclear weapons of the Great equivalent weight were very strong, but she did not have the military type that could resist the nuclear weapons.

Compared to the future, there would be more powerful weapons, but from the beginning to the end, it was very difficult to surpass the attacking ability of the weapons.

As she was thinking, the Electromagnetic Cannon began to activate. The biofusion generator inside began to activate. A strong electric current burst out from the electromagnetic orbit. With a loud explosion, a three-ton cannon shot out.

At that moment, the terrifying energy created a wave of air that could tear apart flesh and blood. The sound of the air being torn apart was like a thunder explosion, and the shockwave rolled towards whatever direction it was. Lo Ya, who was a few kilometers away, felt a strong gust of wind.

“The spaceship is far away from the atmosphere.”

A few seconds later, a message was sent from Glasses Insect.

The cannonball flew away at a distance of 300 kilometers per second. Its target was a floating meteorite near Silver Moon.

“It will hit the target in 120 seconds.”

This was to test the accuracy of the cannonball. The meteorite was only 18 meters in diameter. If it could hit the target, it would mean that the spaceship could accurately hit the battleship from a distance of 1 light second.

However, it was very easy to dodge at this distance, so the cannonball itself was coated with a very, very, very black substance. The structure was slightly altered so that it could be optically invisible.

However, the other radiation could not be blocked for the time being, so once the battle started, the Insect Girl Clan could only try to get close to the target so that they could fire the cannonballs.

The Electromagnetic Cannon with a speed of 300 kilometers per second, as well as the Plasma Cannon with a speed of 600 kilometers per second, were the weapons with the greatest power at the moment. Compared to the speed of the cannonballs that were flying at the fastest speed of 10 kilometers per second at the beginning, the current attack could cause the internal matter to fuse.

In other words, even without the fusion dye, the energy that exploded from the collision of the cannonballs was comparable to a nuclear bomb.

The new weapons were equipped with different frigate within five days, and the original Glasses Insect had also returned to the nearest planet. The Electromagnetic Cannon was installed 30 kilometers / second. Although it consumed a lot of power, compared to the plasma weapons, its cost was relatively low.

After this huge change of equipment, the main force of Insect Girl Clan’s space war ability had a qualitative increase.

At this time, the Glasses Insect placed on planet B4-2 suddenly detected an unknown signal from the void.

B4 was the fourth Twin Star System discovered by Insect Girl Clan. It was made up of two yellow dwarf stars. The environment of the surrounding planets was rather harsh, and there was no way to evolve life forms.

B4-2 was an ordinary solid planet. Its surface was a desert structure, and its geological structure was relatively stable. There were no volcanoes or magnetic fields. Because the atmosphere was very thin, the Glasses Insect that stayed on it could observe space with peace of mind.

It analyzed the signals it received and finally confirmed that it was an energy wave caused by a material vibration. It was very likely that it had been left behind after a journey that was similar to space expansion.

Initial estimates were that it was a spaceship from an alien civilization.

“We met an alien?”

Lo Ya immediately tensed up.

A civilization with the ability to travel through space was at least at the level of the Insect Girl Clan. She had to take this seriously.

Because this galaxy had just been explored, there was only one Glasses Insect. Even if the other party explored this planet, they might not be able to discover this easily overlooked insect from the high-temperature environment.

The optical telescope and gravity detector were activated. They slowly flew to the orbit around the planet, and the detection port was always in the direction of the target.

Finally, it was fortunate that the distance between the two parties was 150 million kilometers.

In the darkness, they could only use the existing technology to capture the structure of a spacecraft similar to a rectangular structure. This shape was really too innovative to Lo Ya, but it was more convenient to build it.

After analyzing all the data and pictures, the Brain Insect determined that the target was a metallic spaceship. The length was about 600 meters, and there was a 20 meter long circular cylinder at the tail. There were six revolving sails around it, suspected to be solar sails.

“Flying speed is 60 kilometers per second. We can’t determine the maximum speed of the target.”

Brain Insect No. 22, who was in charge of observing, reported the data to Lo Ya.

“Continue observing. If necessary, we can carry out a simple test, but we can’t let them see our true level.”

Lo Ya did not know how to make contact. This kind of civilization that had the ability to travel far was the most troublesome. No one knew if the other party had their own strength.

But she was sure that no species could have the exaggerated expansion ability of Insect Girl Clan. Even if they used a large number of robots that had the ability to replicate themselves, it was almost impossible for them to reproduce at the speed of insects.

“Do you want to use weapons to detect? Launch low-function Electromagnetic Cannon from a distance. The target might not be able to detect it in time.” Brain Insect No. 22 suggested.


The Glasses Insect received the order and immediately approached the target’s spaceship carefully.

500 meters in length was considered very large, but this did not mean that the spaceship was powerful. The purpose of its size was more to accommodate a large number of passengers and goods, as well as to provide more internal space.

The Insect Girl Clan could also expand the size of the frigate, but there was no need. The combat force was too large. Once it was destroyed, the losses would be even more severe. Its current size was only to ensure the energy supply of the weapon system.

In order to prevent the ship from being intercepted by the enemy and causing the information to leak out, every ship had a self-destruction method. They could instantly explode into useless pieces.

The Glasses Insect ship was careful. It was not sure if the enemy had discovered it. During the process, it very carefully used an ultra-low power guiding ship, to the point that even the Insect Girl Clan itself could not detect it.

When it was 60,000 kilometers away from the target, a 20-kilometer-long Electromagnetic Cannon was launched towards the area where the enemy was heading.

According to calculations, about 40 minutes later, it hit the target that was flying.

After doing all this, the Glasses Insect immediately turned around and flew back.

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