C327 The Scale of the Swarm

Afternoon, near the observatory area.

Large spaceships slowly landed on the forest. The towering trees were unable to withstand the hot exhaust flames of the spaceships and were instantly burnt and destroyed. Even from hundreds of meters away, one could feel the heat spreading.

The several hundred staff members who walked out of the observatory were all shocked as they looked at the spaceships from the Insect Clan.

They were from another planet and looked ferocious. Their heads were densely packed with eyes and there were all kinds of strange patterns on their bodies that made people dizzy. It was as if they wanted to pull people into a crazy realm.

When the cabin door opened, a black carapace creature with tentacles all over its body, which was very large, was moving with its insect limbs.

“This is an alien?”

Upon seeing this scene, all the Green-skinned Man had the same thought.

There were a few Sickle Insect guarding the Brain Insect. When everyone was looking at this terrifying monster, only a few Green-skinned Man saw the Small on the ground – Chiang Ya.

The little thing blinked its curious eyes and slowly wriggled out of the cabin door. Then, it observed the Green-skinned Man that was filled with fear and hatred.

However, it was obvious that these alien native creatures had no intention of resisting. They knew that even if they resisted, it would only be futile. Instead, it was more likely that they would bring the rest of the Green-skinned Man into the abyss… Including their families.

At this time, Lo Ya walked out of the Green-skinned Man group and slowly changed into her own appearance.

It was also a 35cm tall Small.

“Wow, Lo Ya.” Chiang Ya quickly wriggled over and hugged her.

“Long time no see, Chiang Ya.”

Actually, it was not that long. It was only a month’s time. In any case, everyone knew the Spiritual Link. No matter where they were, they could communicate with each other.

When he hugged the little cutie, the ferocious Brain Insect had already taken a step forward. Using spiritual communication, he sent a message to the Green-skinned Man at the scene, “A new law will be issued tomorrow. This planet will belong to the Insect Girl Clan from now on.”

Ode Star had a lot of resources that could be used to build more space spaceships. Its occupation marked the first time that the swarm had defeated other alien creatures. It became a cosmic life form that truly had the ability to fight interstellar wars.

The universe was huge and lonely. Before the advancement in sailing technology, To quickly discover other planets with life, it would take a long time. Lo Ya was looking forward to meeting civilizations with interstellar travel abilities, but she was also afraid of encountering such a situation.

The only thing she could do now was to continuously improve herself and the swarm to deal with possible threats in the future.

“Lo Ya, it has been a long time since I have eaten delicious food.” Chiang Ya licked her lips and looked at Lo Ya with a longing expression.

“Alright, there are still many delicious animals and plants on this planet.” Lo Ya decided to bring her to a sumptuous meal from another planet.

Holding hands, the two Little Insect Girl, who were protected by the swarm, went down to a field. There were many insects gathered there, and they brought over a large amount of fruits and meat that they had obtained during the battle.

“Oh.” Chiang Ya spread her hands and pounced forward, happily eating.

The bugs began to organize the Green-skinned Man, because of the suppression of absolute strength. It was not difficult to completely control this planet. During the two months of invading the Ode Star, the insects didn’t forget to expand in the other direction of Mother Star. One after the other. They dropped a small number of insects in a few nearby galaxies, which could be considered as taking control of their territory.

However, Lo Ya usually would not throw too many insects on those primitive planets that did not have any nutritional value. She only built a few simple sky-based artillery turrets to protect the various planets. In fact, with the current defensive capabilities, any civilization could easily destroy them.

After the Ode Star, the third colony planet was a planet with microscopic plants. The structure of life within was not carbon-based, nor was it the expected silicon. It was a special life form with a metal structure. They did not have consciousness and only had instinctive stress. In all aspects, they were not even as good as Green-skinned Man’s machines.

But they were indeed life forms. Lo Ya called them metal plants.

There was a small amount of protein in the metal plant, but the core was a machine. However, it could provide a lot of nutrition, which was why Insect Girl Clan made it a colony planet.

“We still haven’t found any real space species.”

While Lo Ya was eating, she also sensed all the insects.

Currently, the number of insects was already quite shocking.

According to the current situation, Lo Ya planned to add the extraordinary aura to all the small beetle. She wanted to make them a completely castrated version of the extraordinary life form. Following the system of strength, she made a simple division of strength for the insects. The current scale of the insects was determined:

[Brain Insect (Commander): 50]

Exploration Ship:

[Glasses Insect: 60]


Bug Nest frigate: 16 ships (3 in construction)

Extraordinary (Special Category) :

[Poisoned Parasite:??? (Due to being too small to be counted)]

Transcendents (Collecting Category) :

[Nourishing Insect: 600 million]

[Light Plate Insect: 3.6 million]

Lower Transcendent First Grade:

[small beetle: Approximately two billion]

[Explosive Beetle: Roughly 1.5 billion]

[Corrosive small beetle: Roughly 10 million]

[Virus Female Bug Sack: 3,000]

[flourishing ball Mother Nest: 40]

Upper First Grade Transcendent:

[Flying Dagger Insect: 2.5 million]

[Sickle Insect: 66 million]

[Insect Killer: 1.5 million]

Drilling Insects: 200,000

Lower Second Grade Transcendent:

[Sickle Mother Nest: 100]

[Wind God Winged Insect: 100,000]

Upper-stage transcendent Second Grade:

[Humanoid Undead Insect: 200,000]

[Black Wolf Beast: 100,000]

[Launcher Insect: 3,200]

Lower Third Grade Transcendent:

[Electric Bug: 500]

Not counting the non-combat bug species and small beetle, the actual main force of the bugs was more than 7.1 million.

The numbers were not much, at least for civilizations that had entered the starry sky. On one hand, Lo Ya limited the number of reproductive in Mother Star, and on the other hand, because the nutrition of the surrounding stars was too little, it was difficult to support rapid reproductive.

However, as Planet Blue Moon, Planet Lighthouse, Ode Star, and the metallic star that was the third colony was mined, the production speed of the insects would increase again.

At the current stage, the Brain Insect was consolidating its genes and preparing to use solar energy to breed the insects.

Of the 36 million Light Plate Insect, one-third of them had already been sent to the vicinity of the Mother Star system’s star. Every month, they could produce tens of millions of Energy Charging Crystal.

The Brain Insect’s plan was to use the energy of the Energy Charging Crystal to fuse with ores and other materials, turning it into a source of energy that could supply the reproduction of small insects.

This meant that in the future, just by relying on the light energy released by the star, as well as a large number of ordinary stars that were very difficult to use, they would be able to allow the Sickle Insect and the other main insects to reproduce without limit.

As for the fleets in space, because of the high energy density required, this kind of supply would at most reduce the energy consumption by a little, or maintain daily survival. Wanting to rely on this reproductive frigate was not very possible.

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