C326 Surrender

The arrival of the main swarm basically set the end of the war. A city was completely controlled within 20 minutes, and the million strong resistance army was instantly slaughtered.

After the battle ended, the bugs rushed around at their fastest speed, destroying everything in their path. They devoured the corpses, did their best to reproduce, and used their fastest speed to bring the lives of the entire land to the abyss.

Not only here, but also not just Lu Biao and Lan Qi. Over 90 countries and regions in the world were basically facing attacks of varying degrees. Everyone had been beaten by the Beetle Army to the point of collapse. Now, with the arrival of the 7,500,000 Transcendents, The armies of various countries had no resistance at all. They were easily wiped out.

The third batch of landing had already begun eight hours later.

In order to be efficient, Lo Ya did not mind using a portion of the Energy Charging Crystal to let the fleet start the slow guiding journey and completed the transportation in a very short period of time.

The third wave of attack similarly relied on the airdrop and scattered across the world.

Although there were not many of them, to the Green-skinned Man, every one of their strength was crazy.

For example, when faced with some big cities with intense resistance, the Launcher Insect could directly use a hydrogen bomb of five million tons of equivalent weight, and instantly vaporize all life within a few hundred kilometers.

Of course, Lo Ya did not want to use such a weapon at all. Compared to nuclear weapons, ordinary killing could obtain the most nutrients, which was the best solution.

“Here it comes again.”

Caijia, who had temporarily escaped from the safe zone, also felt afraid, although Lo Ya had guaranteed it. Who knew if the swarm would suddenly kill her. Therefore, she had been trying her best to escape to the Safety Zone. According to the news that was broadcasted, According to her own prediction, she would try her best not to come into contact with the main swarm.

However, as she drove on the road, she could see the rumbling of fireballs falling from the sky.

“Not good, there are meteorites coming from the west, quickly change directions.” Cai Jia shouted at the driver.

“I know, I know, I know.” The driver wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He quickly turned a corner and drove into a small road.

Very soon, in Caijia’s eyes, there was a very large one. It was a monster made of black balls, and it even had wings. It started to move up and down the mountain. The terrifying big mouth opened and a piercing blue beam of light surged out. It shattered a square area a few kilometers away.

“What is that?”

Cai Jia, who had never seen such a fantasy-like scene, was stunned.

At this moment, another fireball landed in front of everyone.

But at this moment, a Black Wolf Beast and a few Sickle Insect suddenly rushed out from the forest and used their bodies to crash into the car.

The driver cried out in alarm and threw away the steering wheel on the spot and jumped out from the side door. However, when the Black Wolf Beast neared the car, it suddenly jumped up and landed beside the driver, biting him to death.

The car crashed into a tree. Due to its slow speed, Caijia only suffered a minor injury.

She walked out in a panic, only to see that the three bugs had already left. Looking at the forest by the roadside, she could see many black and partial red beetles that were more than half a meter long slowly crawling over there.

“As expected, I was let off again.”

They didn’t know how to feel, but now that the Green-skinned Man was at the end of its road, they really couldn’t think of any other way to change their fate.

“Everything originated from a single bolt of lightning. The universe is so dangerous, the surroundings are all high level civilizations…”

The reality of despair was too strict, it didn’t give people any hope.

Lo Ya could already announce that the planet had fallen into her hands and the remaining forces of resistance could be completely ignored. Even at the final moment. The crazy Green-skinned Man used a large number of hydrogen bombs to attack, but only a few dozen kilometers in the center of the explosion could cause a large amount of damage to the swarm.

Lo Ya used five million tons of hydrogen bombs to counteract it, and her performance was even crazier than the Green-skinned Man. After many rounds of bombardment, the remaining Green-skinned Man finally received the first transmission from the Insect Girl Clan, “Surrender, or destroy!”

It was also fortunate that the only observatory was still working. The staff inside had not given up on contacting the battleship in the sky. They were already disappointed. Who knew that they would suddenly receive the signal at this moment.


The man sitting in front of the screen turned his head and asked.

“Surrender. The leaders are all dead. This might be our last hope.” The woman beside sighed.

Thus, everyone immediately replied, “We surrender. Please stop attacking.” This message was sent out.

Almost instantly, all the insects in the world stopped killing at the same time. The Glasses Insect in space acted as a signal transfer station, restoring the signal of the entire planet.

A new signal translated into the Green-skinned Man language landed, “Announce the surrender information to the world. The fleet will land in 60 minutes.”

The exchange content was similarly concise. The people in the observatory did not know how to transfer the signal. Hence, they found a nearby television station. After a period of torment, they knew that the aliens would help to broadcast the signal. Thus, they directly let the reporters broadcast it.

“This is Lu Biao Lan Qi Southern Television Station, we just received the news. The governments of various countries have accepted the surrender, transferring all the authority of this planet to civilizations from space. Please stop your hostile actions and wait for the fleet to land. ”

There were only a few people who were in the mood to listen to the radio and television. In the entire world, such a safe zone could be counted on one hand.

The Green-skinned Man inside was lucky. Some of them, even a family, were able to preserve their lives.

However, this did not mean that they would definitely be happy in the future.

Lo Ya decided to promote a kind of contribution uniform on Ode Star, and at the same time, give the Green-skinned Man with large contribution points a very good living environment. They could work for the swarm to exchange for the status and privileges of themselves and their family members.

On the contrary, criminals and some Green-skinned Man that tried to violate the swarm would be beaten into a lowly slave. They would be sent to the vile planet to test the environment and carry out work. They would even become experimental subjects in biological laboratories… similar to lab rats.

Due to the good quality of the Green-skinned Man’s meat, some of them that were demoted to slaves would be reared and turned into food for the insects in the future.

This was also the rule of candy and sticks.

Sweets were very sweet candy bars, and the clubs were in the shape of iron bars. Those who submitted received various civil rights, and those who disobeyed were sent to laboratories and dangerous planets as guinea pigs.

Resistance was impossible, and they could only be obedient every day.

Now that they had not calculated the number of Green-skinned Man left, the Cerebrate Bacteria roughly calculated and felt that the survivors still had around 200 million left, so they actually still needed to do an inventory check.

The squadron waited for 60 minutes and finally started to land. Chiang Ya had long been looking forward to meeting Lo Ya. After parting with Lo Ya for over a month, during this period of time, she only ate and slept to pass the time.

She was almost back to her childhood life.

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