C324 Changes

“Oh, shit.”

The commander even forgot to hang up the communicator. He stiffly walked out of the room and looked at the clear sky. The spheres burned with raging flames, rubbing against the air as if they were going to cover the entire city.

“General, there are too many of them this time.” The officials at the side were already in complete despair.

A dozen or twenty balls fell down and they couldn’t win. This time, were they going to completely destroy the entire planet?

They vaguely understood that the swarm definitely didn’t launch a large-scale attack for some reason. Perhaps it was due to insufficient preparation, or perhaps the main force hadn’t arrived yet. In short, the Green-skinned Man had only faced the vanguard forces of the enemy over the past twenty days.

“General, we have already informed the subordinate forces to resist, but in the sky…”

“Be mentally prepared, this might be the final battle.” The Commander-in-Chief was very clear that this time, the aliens had finally come for real.

He didn’t know how many there would be in this batch. Anyway, with the army of over one million soldiers and the millions of soldiers in the city who had ordinary guns, other than consuming a little more enemies, there was nothing else he could do.

“Up until now, we still don’t understand these aliens. Communication, peaceful coexistence, it’s all just thinking too much. We’ll just fight when we meet.”

Because the image of the spaceship provided was too ferocious, and coupled with the fact that the small beetle and the Sickle Insect themselves were terrifying, the Green-skinned Man was mostly afraid of the insects.

Fighting against the insects was like fighting against zombies in the post-apocalyptic world. Moreover, these monsters were faster and more efficient in killing.

No one was not afraid of death. When faced with such a cruel battle, most people couldn’t help but tremble.


When it got close to the ground, the air projectile released a counterforce to slow down, and then smashed into a small three-story building. The heat wave and smoke instantly rushed in all directions, and from afar, one could see the flames soaring into the sky.

However, this time, the style was a little different.

A ferocious monster with two pairs of steel wings, sharp curved blades, horns on its head, and a length of nearly five meters and a height of nearly two meters rushed out from inside.

Because of the space expansion technology, each sphere could store about 1,000 Sickle Insect or blade insects, and could also store 4,000 Flying Dagger Insect. If it was a saw worm, then a single sphere could fit 200 of them.

Out of 500 airdrop balls that carried insects, 420 of them were equipped with Sickle Insect. Therefore, in the eyes of the soldiers at the scene, there was a high chance that this monster would appear.

“Damn it, why is it this kind of monster?”

On a building that was two kilometers away, the soldiers who saw this scene were all dumbfounded. During this period of time when fighting with the small beetle, there were often Sickle Insect rushing to the front lines (but the frequency was not high). Usually, each of them would be able to charge through the defense line of the Green-skinned Man, and the exchange rate between them and the Tanker was close to one to two.

Because of this, this kind of monster was once regarded as the elite of aliens.

But at this moment, these elites rushed out from the airdrop balls that were less than 6 meters in diameter one after another. They continuously attacked the surroundings on the spot. The airdrop balls also extended many branches, coordinating with a few insects to drill into the ground. In less than ten seconds, it fell below the ground.

However, the bugs did not decrease, as if they had opened a subspace, continuously appearing.

“Ground troops, defend!” The captain downstairs shouted at everyone.

The 20 soldiers formed a line of defense on the road, with the exception of 2 mortars and 3 machine guns. The rest were all submachine guns. On both sides of the building, there were at least 10 machine guns, 3 rocket launchers, and more than 30 rifles to support downstairs.

When the “meteorites” in the surrounding areas fell and produced a continuous stream of loud noises, the Sickle Insect that had already run out of the airdrop ball began to crazily charge toward the street.


The machine guns were fired at the same time. The mortars fired at the same time. The rocket launchers on both sides of the building were dragging out long exhaust flames.

Boom! Boom!

Although most of the attacks were skewed, a cannonball still landed on a certain Sickle Insect. The terrifying force sent the ___ flying more than ten meters away, creating a hole in the ground. Flesh and blood splattered out, but it quickly stood up and withstood the bullets. It charged in that direction.

“I can’t block it, I can’t block it!”

The entire squad was frightened. The Sickle Insect’s speed was too fast. In just a few seconds, it had arrived in front of them and started slaughtering them. More and more Sickle Insect rushed into the nearby buildings and began to clear out the living things within.

At this moment, an empty ball hit the building that was one kilometer away. Its solid structure actually stopped the ball from continuing to attack, and it just happened to be on the side.

Insects with translucent steel-like wings flew out from within, and their length was one meter. Their wingspan was 1.5 meters, and their speed was extremely fast. With the help of the jet at the tail, In an instant, they accelerated and rushed towards the Green-skinned Man hiding behind the window of the building. Two long blades that could be extended and retracted extended from their arms, and directly extended to 1.5 meters in length. One of them looked like a shadow, so fast that one could not be seen clearly. It directly smashed through the solid tempered glass, brushing past a Green-skinned Man soldier on the right.


The sharp blade had already cut off his head.

After succeeding in his attack, the Flying Dagger Insect immediately separated from the window on the other side and flew towards the ground.

“The enemy has flying creatures. The enemy has flying creatures. Please be careful.” The news from the Commander-in-Chief was still very fast, what exactly this batch of bugs had, they already knew in an instant.

Sickle Insect, Blade Kill Bug, Flying Dagger Insect, as well as the monster-like saw worms. What was even more terrifying was that an extremely small amount of Sickle Mother Nest, a 15-meter long monster that evolved from a charge worm, had also appeared. They had two 120-mm main armament, as well as two 20mm machine guns. They had a long-range support ability similar to that of the Green-skinned Man canons. The two lava vents at the front and back had just been opened. The moment the lava-jets opened, they released rolling hot flames, burning the soldiers hiding behind the buildings and fortifications.

Of course, these weapons could not feel the power of the Sickle Mother Nest. The six hundred tons of equivalent weight level bullets they carried were the killing weapons. Almost at the moment they landed, the neutron missiles began to spew out exhaust flames. One after another, they flew into the distance.

Target: The enemy’s densely-packed non-landing area.


One after another, blinding fireballs appeared in the city. The shockwave destroyed the windows a few kilometers away, and even the Green-skinned Man on the ground could feel the ground shaking.

In a short period of time, the entire city either exploded or crashed continuously. The skyscrapers were like toys, collapsing one after another, or being swallowed by the energy. Every single individual could sense the drastic changes within. Without a doubt, This attack was far more powerful than the previous one.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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