C323 The Second Wave of Disembarkation

“In order to defend against the enemy, the ground forces plan to wear high level armor into the ground, use nuclear bombs to destroy the enemy’s nest, and completely destroy the source”

One family All three of them were silent. The content of this news was too terrifying. In history, there had never been a war that could completely swallow up a large country that was close to ten million square kilometers in just a few days.

But now, the aliens had done it.

“Over ten million civilians might have died during this period of time, and most of them are still in the safe zone, with the military at the front. If this continues, we’ll have to go to the front line as well ” Tiko had already foreseen the future.

“The enemy must have opened a portal, otherwise how could there be so many of them?” His wife said sadly.

The future was destined. There were already people who had placed their hopes on the illusory time machine, but that thing itself was a scam.

Because the result of the battle was unexpectedly good, Lo Ya decided to advance the second wave of attack.

Now, the swarm on A2-1 added up to a total of 8 million, and with the 7 transport ships and 2 Battleship Insect docking, it meant that the swarm had to be divided into 150 times in order to transport these insects to the ground.

But Lo Ya was no longer worried about the lack of delivery ability, especially after the use of stable internal space expansion technology. Now, every airdrop could be used to transport 100 times the original number of bugs (1000 to 4000), which meant that they could transport 580,000 main force bugs in one wave.

Now, the Beetle Army had compressed the territory of the enemy to a relatively small area. In addition to the large consumption of the Green-skinned Man troops, the airdrop this time would be concentrated in a very small area.

Especially in big cities that were not controlled by the insects, tens of thousands of airdrop balls would land, as if it was the end of the world.

In order to completely suppress the main force of the enemy, the eight Brain Insect went online to command.

According to Lo Ya’s original plan, the first wave of small beetle invasion was to disrupt the enemy. The second wave was to attract the Strength that consumed the enemy. But now, relying on the first wave of beetles that landed, the Green-skinned Man was crying for its mother. The so-called virus didn’t even have the effect before it completely collapsed.

Even excluding the Magic, their performance was not much better than the Empire’s.

Lo Ya could even not activate the second batch and rely on the beetles to complete the planet invasion.

“Forget it, just treat it as an act.”

It was not a war with space civilizations, but a small scale invasion. Right now, Insect Girl Clan wasn’t fully mature, they didn’t have the power to fight interstellar wars. This battle with the Green-skinned Man would make Lo Ya realize part of her own shortcomings, and it could be considered a big gain.

26th, Apr., 833, the main fleet of the insect swarm arrived at Ode Star and started to gather in the sky above the enemy territory.

Using the only observational equipment, the Green-skinned Man saw the ship of the Insect Girl Clan floating in space.

A completely different object, similar to a large ball of worms, separated from the suddenly opened cabin door and began to shoot out at a very fast speed.

The 22 spaceships were first gathered in the sky above the large coastal city, Wenge, east of Lu Biao and Lan Qi.

Wenge City could be said to be one of the few cities that had not been attacked by the swarm of insects until now. It was also regarded as the last defensive fortress by them. In order to deal with the black Insect Sea that attacked from the west, south, and north sides, the million strong army and countless heavy weapons were gathered there.

But no one had expected that the airdrop from Insect Girl Clan would land directly on this city. Moreover, the scene was comparable to the end of the world.

The 20 transport insects were all launched at a speed of 1 per second, which was basically equivalent to 1,200 balls landing on the ground in a minute.

Not considering the insects hiding within, even the big explosions caused by the balls hitting the ground were also equivalent to bombs.

By relying on the signal transmission from the plane, the military officers in the city immediately received a prompt from their superiors when the airdrop began.

“Prepare for the final resistance battle. The enemy is about to land at your place. There are a lot of them. This time, it’s a completely different monster from before.”


The communication was hung up. The commander lowered his trembling arm and turned to the military tube. “Notify the whole city through the broadcast immediately. Prepare for the final resistance.”

In the Barran Aerospace Observation Center, a group of people stood under the huge telescope equipment and looked at the computer screen for a long time without saying anything.

Countless light dots were released from the inside of the spaceship, each representing an empty pitch. Although it only lasted for a minute, it basically covered the entire city.

Moreover, the speed of these balls were clearly different, which meant that they would be scattered around the city, even in the suburbs.

The insects inside them released a total of 580,000 insects.

These 580,000 super class bugs were very likely to destroy all the resistance creatures within the city within an hour, and then expand to the surroundings at the same speed and scale.

After the first wave ended, the spaceships headed to different locations. Along the way, they would occasionally throw an air ball to increase the area of release.

At this time, it was only 20 days before the first wave of bugs landed.

Caijia was still alive and Lo Ya kept her promise, allowing the swarm to let her go when they attacked. Hence, she could safely escape to Wenge City.

Of course, she did not hide in the city because there were many people there and it was very likely that she would be affected by the battle. At this moment, she liked to choose the higher ground to be able to see the safe position of the battle.

This time, she found a cliff and kept staring into the distance.

The Sickle Insect would occasionally reveal some information through mental communication, letting her know that the alien’s previous attack was not the main force, but probing and consuming.

What was there outside the planet? This was a question that everyone had been asking for the past few decades.

Whether it was scientists or civilians, life in outer space was full of curiosity. Astrologists continued to explore, sending out radio signals. After sending out the probes, the company used this to shoot many science fiction movies.

No matter how weak the Green-skinned Man inside was, it could wait for the day when they could defeat the aliens.

But what about the truth?

“It feels like we are bugs, we can be trampled to death with one step.”

Caijia couldn’t help but think of the existence that gave her a chance. At that time, she had already lost all hope for her own future. But she didn’t expect that in the end, she would be able to rely on aliens to survive. Instead, she felt disgust towards the native life of this planet – the Cyan Skin Race.

At this moment, countless long fiery lights had appeared in the sky. Their numbers were even greater than before. They descended from the sky like meteorites, bringing the world to its end.

“They’re here.”

Caijia muttered to herself. She was completely immersed in this scene.

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