C322 The Expanding Fallen Zones

On the fourth day of landing, 300 kilometers southwest of Gotford.

Countless chariots slowly drove across the wide road. There were many wounded soldiers with broken arms and legs on the chariots. Most of them were injured by the residual waves of the Explosive Beetle. A small number of them were survivors after being attacked by the small beetle.

Countless infantry soldiers retreated from the front line. From time to time, fighter jets flew across the sky and flew towards the battlefield.

Tiko stood by his house and looked at the army passing by his manor. He paced back and forth anxiously.

“Are we really leaving? If we leave now, all the things planted in the farm will be gone.” As farm owners, this was the most annoying thing. Unripe plants could not be moved, and they would face the threat of war. And they would be trampled on by the terrifying insects.

“Don’t worry, losing these things is better than losing your life” His wife consoled him.

From afar, a low rumbling sound could be heard. Because it was too far away, it sounded like thunder instead.

Along with the retreat of hundreds of millions of civilians in the war zone, Lu Biao Lan Qi’s army started to use nuclear weapons on a large scale in an attempt to completely destroy the alien army that threatened the world.

Compared to using nuclear bombs to pollute their own land, these advanced civilizations from outer space were the most terrifying. Recently, astronomers successfully captured a clear picture of flourishing ball and Mother Nest. This frog had an appearance, but it was an extremely ferocious creature that gave the observers an indescribable shock.

Travelling in the universe in the form of a creature, without relying on any technological items. This was indeed a powerful enemy. They had already landed on the nearby Silverstar (A2-1) and used it as a springboard to invade their own planet.

After his wife and daughter’s persuasion, Deco prepared to leave with a small amount of necessary things.

In fact, they had already packed their luggage and sat in their own large car, preparing to run towards the southwest.

But at this time, there was suddenly a gunshot in the vicinity.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

The retreating army cried out in alarm. The advancing soldiers and vehicles all turned their turrets and began firing at their targets.

Tiko saw a small number of black insects appear one kilometer away and were rushing over at a relatively fast speed.

He could not trust the soldiers’ marksmanship too much. At such a distance, Even machine guns and rifles hit them, countless black insects were running wildly. They left corpses along the way, but even more were close to the front.

Bang! Bang!

The two mortars were immediately set up and fired two cloud bombs into the distance.

After two explosions, light flashed in the distance, and flames and smoke rose into the air.

On the slanted grass, there were still a large number of insects approaching. However, a portion of the soldiers still did not shoot, but focused on their surroundings and feet. This was to prevent the insects from digging the ground and launching sneak attacks.

However, the Cerebrate Bacteria did not do that. It could now attack the enemy openly and openly through numbers.

More and more insects appeared. From dozens to hundreds, then to thousands, tens of thousands, and so on. It was so dense that it could topple mountains and overturn seas.

“Those are alien monsters?”

Everyone stood by the car, staring blankly at this scene.

Suddenly, the small beetle in the distance lifted up a few other Explosive Beetle and threw them in their direction.

“Get down.”

The shouts of the soldiers reached the ears of the three people. They immediately fell to the ground and blocked their heads.

Boom! Boom!

Along with the sound of the explosion, the air currents swept toward them. The sound of the explosion caused their ears to ring intensely.

At this moment, Lo Ya just happened to notice this battlefield. She suddenly felt that it was not possible to simply throw the small beetle with her bare hands. She was hesitating if she should get the eliminated Bullet Insect back.

However, the cannonballs of the Bullet Insect were even higher than the Explosive Beetle. It would be better to improve them on the original foundation.

Lo Ya remembered a type of insect she had encountered in the Fresnel Forest. It could shoot out a part of the body and blow people up.

If the Explosive Beetle was modified, it would create a base that could be abandoned on the lower half of the body. It would create a reflective airflow that would shoot into the distance. Similar to cannonballs, the cost of restoring the Bullet Insect would be much lower.

After all, this was a battle in the great wilderness, and when facing long-range firepower, one could not only rely on numbers to suppress it.

Lo Ya’s idea was given to the flourishing ball, and very soon, a new gene recombination began.

Because it was an ordinary evolution, it did not take more than half a day. A few flourishing ball successfully improved the Explosive Beetle, and the lower half of its body that was moving became able to separate. It also evolved into a trigger base that could be fired like a cannonball. The Explosive Beetle was shot out at an extremely fast speed.

Currently, the maximum range was one kilometer. Although the distance was average, it was more than enough. If it was higher, it would increase the cost and affect the reproduction efficiency.

Cannon fodder should be cannon fodder. Their combat strength should not be too strong. It would be fine as long as they killed the enemy.

Following the appearance of the new Explosive Beetle, the old beetles began to consume more energy under Lo Ya’s command.

Every elimination meant bloodshed. These Explosive Beetle, which had relatively weaker effects, charged at the enemy in groups. There were countless of them, and in the end, they used the terrifying explosive energy they produced to destroy the opponent.

The luck of the family of Tico was not bad. There were a lot of retreating troops here. There was enough firepower. There were more than 30 mortars, 15 tanks, and 20 armored vehicles within a kilometer. There were also fighter jets diving down from the road. There were only about 20,000 insects attacking, but the attack was faster. They were separated from the main group.

He took his family and got into the truck, and escaped into the distance. The soldiers continued to fight the enemy.

For the next few days, this family was on the run, leaving more than 600 kilometers. Along the way, they accidentally got close to a lot of insect landing areas.

He borrowed his experience to avoid the big cities, and as a result, he felt more and more that the enemy’s numbers were too many.

It was not until he came to a forest and saw the people who had been running for their lives that he realized that he was surrounded by battlefields.

“The south side is the defeated army. The forest is already overflowing with monsters. There is no one who can stop us. We are finished this time.”

Tiko took out his phone. During this period of time, due to the signal being cut off, he was unable to receive the news. He did not know if the television station was still working. He was afraid that the reporters were not in the mood to work at the front line anymore.

Unexpectedly, his daughter shouted at this moment, “Dad, I received the news.”

“What?” Tiko and his wife came to the side.

“According to this station’s report, 25 major cities in the country have fallen. Including 20% of the land in the western region and 60% of the central region. And 30% of the eastern region has been occupied by the enemy. Within the world, the main forces of the various countries were all defeated. Even with a large number of nuclear bombs thrown into battle, we are still unable to resist the hundreds of millions of strange bugs. According to the information provided by the observatory, a larger enemy ship has appeared in space. The largest of them is over a hundred meters in size. ”

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