C321 Breaking Through the City


Whiz, whiz, whiz –

One rocket after another flew out from the top of the truck, a total of 150 rockets. Five of the nuclear warheads only needed to attack the area with the densest concentration of insects. It was impossible for the Green-skinned Man to exist there, so the army did not hesitate to bombard it.

But even so, the area that the firepower covered only had a very small area of contact with the swarm.

Lo Ya let the insects burrow into the ground ahead of time, but the energy from the explosion still killed tens of thousands of insects who could not escape in time. The ground was shaking. Dozens of buildings collapsed under the shock wave, and the windows of the surrounding buildings cracked. They fell to the ground. A small number of survivors hiding inside the buildings saw this scene and were completely terrified.

They knew that the Green-skinned Man had been given up. Compared to the people trapped in the city, especially those in the slums, the victory of this battle was the most important. The Green-skinned Man had to kill everyone in the city for the sake of the future.

“Report, the artillery has hit the target. All living creatures in the area have disappeared. Confirmed death.” The soldier reported the results to the commander. He was satisfied.

“Disperse the cannons. Use conventional cannons to consume the enemy. At the same time, inform the mechanical armored division at the back to launch a counterattack.”

The captain was ready to take over the city because it was a tactical nuke force. Hence, his authority was very high, and he could temporarily move some of the normal Master-level units around him. The Green-skinned Man divisions were mostly made up of ten thousand people, and the most elite ones nearby were the Mechanical Armored Division. Such a division would not even be equipped with heavy trucks; they were all tanks and various types of automatic cannons. As for the armor that had firepower, they would usually have to be accompanied by other troops when attacking.

As for individual soldiers, basically every unit had a long-range rocket launcher or mortars. They could attack several kilometers away. Although it was very fierce, the insects were also bombarded one group after another. However, everyone still felt as if they couldn’t kill all the enemies.

“Everyone follow me and attack, all infantry follow up”

The captain of a tank shouted at the other soldiers. The vehicles rolled forward, and many soldiers followed from both sides. They held rifles, and when they saw the insects, they fired at them.


A bug rushed up, and the captain swept at it. It immediately turned into a sieve. The automatic cannon on the side of the tank also began to spin, releasing bullets with a swoosh. It swept wildly towards the uneven surface of the ruins in the distance. The rocks and dirt were splashed seven to eight meters high, and a few bugs underground were hit. Blood fell out along with it, and they were all broken limbs.

Roar ~

Before he could rejoice, a Sickle Insect suddenly jumped out from the crowd. It slashed towards the tank below with its sickle.

With a clang, the captain rolled down from above and the surrounding sounds of soldiers firing could be heard. Following that, miserable screams rang out continuously. A large group of soldiers were slaughtered without any ability to resist.

“Damn it, get rid of that monster.”

Main tank… The tank’s armor was too thick, and the impact effect was not very good. The interior crew immediately controlled the vehicle’s rotation, and tried to use the cannon to attack, but the bug’s speed was too fast.

After being hit by a few dozen bullets, it had already gotten rid of the nearby soldiers. Then, it jumped onto the tank and used its own body to hit it with all its might.

As the suppression of the fire here was destroyed, a huge amount of small beetle surged out from the ground and immediately surrounded the third artillery position.

“Retreat, control the truck to retreat.”

The machine gun soldiers and infantry soldiers in the car fired continuously downwards, but the number of insects was terrifying. Even if there was a large number of killings, it would not be able to clear them all. Soon, the tires of some vehicles were crushed. The Explosive Beetle crawled to the side of the vehicle. After a series of explosions, it covered an area of more than 20 meters in thick smoke.

Even more bug swarms were like surging waves, surging in wave after wave. The powerful tactical nuclear forces that were far away from the front line were immediately wiped out. Following that, tens of thousands of insects began to surround the tens of thousands of Green-skinned Man soldiers that were surrounded from behind. More and more insects continued to attack the surroundings, devouring flesh and blood. They replenished nutrition for the relatively small number of Sickle Insect.

According to Lu Biao and Lan Qi’s military forecast, there were more than 500 Sickle Insect wreaking havoc in the fruition area alone. They led countless beetles to break through defensive lines one after another, gradually spreading the controlled area to the entire city.

Among them, the southern slums that the insects were focusing on were the first to fall. Some of the insects had already rushed out of the city and began to appear in the countryside in groups of three or five.

The next day, at the 20 landing points of Lu Biao Lan Qi, the insects landed. Apart from two areas that had not been expanded due to the bombing, the remaining areas had already formed a relatively strong military force. The country had mobilized over 600,000 troops, and the remaining 400,000 would join the battlefield within a day.

Major national escapees occurred in many places, and the larger the city, the faster it would fall. On the contrary, some of the smaller cities were not disturbed. The swarm would gradually form a long line in the occupied area of Lu Biao Lan Qi, forming a group to take care of each other. And then… They would increase the pressure on the enemy.

On the third day of the battle, the total number of insects born in the world reached 380 million. Because of the battle and self-destruction loss of over 90 million, the remaining numbers were still exaggerated to the extreme.

South of Kroft, Ward City.

Lo Ya had found an opportunity to come here. This small city already had a lot of people living there. Most of them had retreated from the city, while the other part had crossed the road, preparing to escape to a safer place.

At the beginning, the small number of monsters that were sparse had unknowingly turned into a black line. When they pushed forward on the ground, any cannon fire and bombs were not worth mentioning.

Some of the soldiers who had also retreated here felt tired, and Captain Bu was one of them.

He was the first soldier to come into contact with the swarm three days ago. When he was close to the core area of the enemy, He had only encountered a few insects. After easily killing them, The soldiers were unimpeded and continued to break through. Other than some minor injuries on the way, They didn’t encounter any decent difficulties at all.

At that time, these monsters were so weak that they didn’t look like aliens and didn’t display any form of power.

And the crisis started at that time.

Every hour was different from the previous hour. Half a day ago, the bug swarm was holed up in the defense line, and with small teams as units, they continuously attacked civilians. In the second half of the day, they started a large-scale attack with unstoppable momentum.

On the third day of the battle, three-quarters of the large city with tens of millions of people had fallen into the hands of the bug horde. Millions of insects left the city area and rushed into the suburbs, fighting with the reinforcements that had rushed over.

Apart from the three million that had been lost in succession, there were already more than eight million insects in the Fruit Fee area. They easily wiped out most of the troops’ attacks and headed to Ward City in the north, where the Strength was weak.

There was originally a flourishing ball here, and its mission was to produce bugs to block the reinforcements of the enemy. To buy time for the first day of the explosion, who knew that it had just landed. After a few waves of insects were bred, it was bombarded by the nearby troops.

After the explosion, the remaining few hundred insects and the surrounding Green-skinned Man had a gunfight. After eliminating a portion of the opponents, they all died.

At that time, these Green-skinned Man were very confident. After destroying this flourishing ball, they thought that the aliens were just so-so. Who would have thought that there were tens of thousands of insects that were about to charge over, and even the main army could not withstand it?

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