C320 The Azure-skinned Man’s Uneasiness

The most powerful thing about the neutron bullet is its radiation, but to the bugs, the greatest threat is its explosive power.

Even a swarm of bugs wouldn’t be able to withstand the mass use of Lu Biao and Lan Qi. Fortunately, there were only two flourishing ball breeding in this area, and they were hidden a few kilometers underground. Hence, the so-called nuclear explosion could not reach the roots of the insects.

After the explosion, the plane approached the sky. Other than the pits, there was nothing else.

“We have already completely dealt with the flourishing ball bodies here. Next, the 3rd Artillery Soldier will go to the Guo Fei warzone to save the people trapped in the city.” The captain did not reject the reporters’ interview. This proved that the country did not mind the civilians seeing such a thing. It could be considered as stabilizing the hearts of the people.

However, when the scene at the scene received the picture of Guo Fei City, they saw the reporters and the armored vehicles retreating as they fought.

“Host, at the scene here, we were violently attacked. Many monsters crawled out of the ground and destroyed the armored vehicles. The general said there were at least tens of thousands of bugs in front of us, and they could easily tear steel. The general said that there were at least tens of thousands of bugs in front of us. Damn it! ”


Explosions were heard one after another. Many soldiers were lying in the tunnels that they had dug at the last minute.

However, this was of no use. The swarm of insects crawled out of the ground and exploded inside the tunnel, directly blowing up the flesh and blood of a few Green-skinned Man.

Clang –

The glass of the building next to them was shattered by the explosion more than 30 meters away, and the reporter was smashed to the ground on foot. She didn’t dare to stop and ran into the building with the other soldiers.

“The situation there is really intense.” The host and experts sitting in the studio were really shocked.

“Yes.” The reporter shouted as he ran, “General told me that when the attack just happened yesterday, the enemy’s territory was still very small. The number of enemies that appeared was barely over ten thousand. But now, the entire city is everywhere, a conservative estimate… We’ve already killed 500,000 bugs. The planes and tanks have fired hundreds of thousands of cannonballs, and the number of bullets they have used up is also uncountable. However, the number of enemies still did not decrease. Right now, the soldiers are all in despair.”

” Alright, thank you for your contribution. I hope you can survive safely, and hope that we can win. ” The time was up. In order not to disturb the scene, the host cut off the connection.

“Now, we have seen at least ten battlefields. Most of the enemies in the cities are out of control. As for the villages, apart from the few areas suppressed by the elite troops, Monsters are flooding most of the places. What do you think about that?”

The expert who was questioned by the host was also helpless. “It’s a pity that I only know astronomy. I don’t know much about war and alien civilization technology. It has only been 13 hours since they started their attack. During this period of time, all the countries in the world were engaged in a tense war. A few relatively smaller places with weaker armies had already completely fallen. To be honest, I’m quite pessimistic about this war.”

Saying that, he pointed at the big screen and said,” This is different from any alien invasion scene I imagined. I think everyone has the same idea. ”

At least the show on TV showed the situation of the war. But not far from Lo Ya, A Green-skinned Man man suddenly punched the ground violently. “Everyone is sitting there and still in the mood to leisurely discuss. This damn host still has the mood to smile. It will be his turn tomorrow. ”

These words hit the sore point of everyone present.

“You all saw it, in the morning, there were only a few monsters. Now, all of them are present everywhere. Don’t those people feel strange? A dozen or so balls fell down, and in less than a day’s time… It was an overwhelming army that blocked hundreds of thousands of us. Right now, the whole world is like this. ” The man patted the rifle in his hand. The bullets inside were all used up. He was also shouting right now, but there was nothing he could do.

It was already very fortunate that the bugs didn’t take care of this place, who would want to rush down?

“Fergo’s army can’t take it… From 30,000 in the morning to 150,000 now, it’s getting harder and harder to fight. Alright, everyone should also be at ease and slowly wait for death. Aliens can’t possibly only have this kind of method, maybe they’re just testing our vanguard. The real army didn’t even land.” The boss picked up a bottle of wine and drank it like he was watching a movie. He leisurely looked into the distance.

The explosions of the cloud bombs and the explosive bugs rose and fell in the distance. Apart from a portion of the houses in the city, everything else had collapsed.

Lo Ya looked at everyone and suddenly smiled. “Maintain a calm heart. This is really just the vanguard.”

“Oh, how do you know?” They looked at her and saw Lo Ya take out her phone.

“This is my account number.” Lo Ya very casually showed the account of Future, which had tens of millions of followers, to everyone.

“Future?!” The boss widened his eyes.

“That’s right, it’s me.” Lo Ya prepared to play this role. “I went to the wrong time and did not have any hope of transmigrating again.”

In this period of time, Future’s popularity had always been number one. Not only her prophecy, but also the despair in her words made everyone feel fear.

“Why don’t you update the thread? Do you really not know how to survive?” The boss asked anxiously.

“Don’t shake me. It’s useless even if you shake me. If I have a way… I wouldn’t be sitting here with you guys.” Lo Ya yawned and put her phone on the floor. ” This wave of attacks from the alien civilization could only be considered a test. The specific duration is about a month. The scale of the attack seems to be very large, but compared to later… it’s nothing. ”

” And this is only the vanguard? ”

“No, it’s just cannon fodder, the kind that can be easily abandoned.”

Lo Ya’s mind swept across the bug hordes that were advancing in every direction and yawned leisurely.

In galactic wars, there would definitely be many battles on the ground. The number of small beetle was not enough to make up for the lack of combat power. In the end, it was just bullying the weak civilizations.

During the 15th hour of the war, with the 3rd Artillery Regiment joining the Guo Fei frontline, the Insect Girl Clan’s ground troops suffered heavy injuries, but they still maintained the growth of tens of thousands per hour.

Due to their small size, they could dig holes and bite through rocks. Hence, without the support of heavy firepower, the loss of the Green-skinned Man would be extremely painful.

Many spider-like Nourishing Insect branches were on the battlefield, quietly watching everything.

Lo Ya shared a field of vision.

This was the commander of the 3rd artillery unit, 25 kilometers away from the front line. Its 30 120mm artillery vehicles were all loaded with 100 kg of bullets, 5 of which were neutron rockets. 100-1000 tons of equivalent weight.

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