C319 Observers in the Building

After all, the small beetle did not have a Super Common grade weapon. In addition to its small size and light weight, facing a large number of soldiers using cloud bombs and submachine guns, the losses were actually very large.

In particular, there were quite a number of single unit launchers in the Green-skinned Man army. They could throw thousands of high explosive grenades that were embedded with steel balls hundreds of meters away. Once they exploded, there would be a bloodbath within 20 meters.

Sometimes, when a bolt of lightning exploded in the swarm, six or seven small beetle would instantly be riddled with holes.

Some medium-sized tanks, even the Explosive Beetle, were not easy to deal with. Usually, in order to besiege a single one, they would have to throw in dozens or hundreds of them.

Hence, from the surface, the small beetle swarm was completely unable to defeat the Green-skinned Man army. However, the upper echelons of the army, especially the Commander-in-Chief of Lu Biao Lan Qi’s military, had never looked down on these civilizations from outer space. Although many of the aliens filmed in the movies were very weak, he did not believe that the enemies attacking this time would be so trashy.

Indeed, as he expected, in less than half a day, the Insect Sea in a few large cities were like a tide. Wave after wave pounced on the resistance army. Some of the small cities did not have any resistance from the army, so a single ball released tens of thousands of insects. It wreaked havoc in the city.

Some of the flourishing ball that landed in the countryside set their sights on the surrounding animals and plants.

The Commander-in-Chief keenly discovered that there were fewer of them. In fact, the Sickle Insect that had been in battle with the army not long ago had launched a surprise attack along with a group of small beetle. It’ll turn into a very scary scene. Sometimes, a main tank leading dozens of soldiers would be forcefully destroyed by the Sickle Insect. They could jump dozens of meters high, and the Agility could kill them efficiently. A few laps in the crowd could kill hundreds of people.

“Air Force Department, where’s your plane? Gather and bombard the lost area first.” It was rare to connect to the front line, so the Commander-in-Chief immediately gave an order to concentrate the attack on one of the air force bases.

Not long after, 30 bombers flew into the city and threw tons of heat bombs at the insects below.

Fireballs that could cover several football fields shot up into the sky. Smoke and high temperatures instantly engulfed the houses and streets. The oxygen was drained and sticky burning matter stuck to the ground, burning continuously.

Lo Ya felt a little heartache when she received the signal of mass casualties in her brain, but this loss was nothing to the insects that were already quite scattered.

To the enemy, the cost of mortars and combustion bombs was quite low. Furthermore, the cost of the mortars and combustion bombs was quite low. It was a convenient weapon. A single soldier carried a small mortars with a diameter of 80-100 millimeters, range of 2.5-8 kilometers. Because Green-skinned Man was generally over 2 meters in size, it was not too difficult to transport these equipment. In addition, the entire army was mechanical, so the cannonballs could be said to be inexhaustible.

As for the larger mortars, most of them were carried by vehicles. The caliber was between 100-300 mm, and the furthest range was 18 km. As more civilians retreated, the soldiers in front of them began to let go of their arms and legs. A large number of cannons were fired, and the intensity of the battle increased exponentially.

The Green-skinned Man army was completely mechanical. It was the thirteenth hour after the battle started. 15 master level combat units had already been thrown in, and many large-caliber automatic cannons had been transferred over. The main tank, the gram, and all kinds of armored vehicles were more than 1,300. There were also more than 300 fighter jets and bombers. There were 150 helicopters of all kinds. A lot of cannons could cause a large area of buildings to collapse with a single blow.

Lo Ya had been staying inside the building. There were also hundreds of Green-skinned Man hiding inside the building. Most of the time during the day, they were hiding in the higher levels. They used the high ground to look down at the battlefield. Of course, there were also those who felt that the high ground was not safe and that it was inconvenient for them to escape and hide downstairs.

Hence, Lo Ya also got a dozen or so small beetle to attack the first and second floor and kill those fellows who were hiding downstairs.

“The staircase door has been sealed. The elevator has also been closed. Those bugs can’t come up. There is a supermarket here. Everyone can use the food inside to satisfy their hunger.”

The boss of the store downstairs brought a large pile of food from the supermarket and then chewed it together with everyone. It looked like a picnic.

They had been looking forward to their own troops attacking.

The continuous cannon fire in the distance told them that from three hours ago, The swarm suffered a fierce counterattack and stopped moving. At that time, everyone felt that the modern army could defeat these few insects, but when they saw these monsters continuously rushing forward from the streets in front of them, Everyone could not help but feel despair in their hearts.

“Don’t think too much. This is much better than what we thought. The aliens only sent down a bunch of bugs, not nuclear bombs.” The boss consoled everyone.

The female attendant from before said:” Maybe the alien sent down a robot that can replicate itself. It doesn’t look like much, but as time passes, it will continue to grow at a terrifying rate.”

“Yes, I can be sure of that” A woman comforted her child as she nervously said, ” We escaped from the crash site, when the falling fireball hit a building, It was probably less than 5 meters in size. After landing, There weren’t many monsters that rushed out either, very few.”

“In other words, they’re rapidly multiplying?” The more they thought about it, the more shocked they felt.

“Let’s watch TV.”

The underground channel was not completely cut off (Lo Ya deliberately kept it). Everyone turned on the TV in the supermarket and switched to the news channel.

A reporter was standing at a relatively high position in the terrain. She was surrounded by rocket trucks that were releasing dazzling lights at an exaggerated speed. Rocket after rocket flew into the sky, producing ear-piercing sounds.

“Everyone, please look, I am currently fighting against the front line of the alien invasion. The one who released the rocket here is the famous nuclear tactical Artillery Squad 3, in order to get rid of the alien creatures that appeared in the eastern forest as quickly as possible. The commander has already approved the use of a large number of nuclear warheads that were hit by bullets. Each one of them has 5 levels of energy. ”

A high-explosive grenade was only about 100 grams of TNT equivalent weight, and a grenade with 1000 grams of medicine. Usually, a high-explosive grenade could destroy a two-story building. One could imagine the power of 500 tons of TNT equivalent weight, which was equivalent to 500 thousand grenades exploding at the same time.

The more terrifying part of a bullet was that the explosion could instantly produce a large amount of high-energy neutron currents. The life within the range of the explosion would not leave behind too much pollution.

Usually, due to nuclear deterrence, Lu Biao Lan Qi did not dare to use the large number of tactical nuclear warheads he had researched. Now facing aliens, there was no need to hesitate.

The reporters saw that after a round of attacks, huge mushroom clouds that could be seen with the naked eye appeared dozens of kilometers away. The explosion took a long time before it came from the camp. It was so deep that it sounded like muffled thunder.

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