C318 A Flood of Insects

“Okay.” The boss didn’t think much about it. He started to run up the stairs, but before he could go very high, he saw a lot of escaping Green-skinned Man at the end of the street. There was a red mist spreading out a few kilometers away, and there were deep explosions from time to time.

Lo Ya’s Spirit had already connected to the entire city. She was sure that there were close to 3000 beetles appearing every minute. A third of them were Explosive Beetle, used to attack the Green-skinned Man hiding in the sturdy houses.

After the first hour ended, there were estimated to be 120,000 black beetles and 60,000 Explosive Beetle. Among them, only a small portion of the Explosive Beetle would be consumed. Most of them would be used to clean up the crowd.

“The gap between us and Shrouding Sky is too great.”

Although 30 meteorites fell from the sky in a spectacular manner, the endless scene in his memory was missing.

However, this was not a problem, because this time, it was not a combat unit that was dropped, but a Mother Nest. As long as a small number of nests took root on this planet, the target planet would still be able to experience the terrifying Insect Sea.

According to the following plan, the small beetle would continue to attack for a month. After that, the second wave of main swarm that had accumulated over ten million would launch the attack. The lower the cost of cannon fodder, the more they had to fight with the enemy. This was an important method for Lo Ya to reduce her losses.

The swarm looked like it was a lot, but compared to the eight billion Green-skinned Man mouth on this planet, it was still far from enough.

The bold civilians picked up their guns and started fighting with the beetles. They discovered that… Ordinary pistols could only deal limited damage to these enemies, so they could only rely on rifles. Moreover, they often needed to hit the target five or six times before they could kill the enemy.

Because the area where the battle occurred was in the city, the green-skinned army did not dare to use the air force to carry out large-scale bombing. The thirty thousand troops stationed in the east of Kroft rushed to the city almost immediately, helping to evacuate civilians at the same time. On the other hand, they were preparing to resist the attack of the insects.

Perhaps the scale of the attack was too small, just over a thousand flourishing ball fell to the world. The total size of the flourishing ball could not accommodate too many insects, so the high-ranking officials all felt very strange.

“Although the enemy sent out a group of creatures similar to insects, we can’t just think that the enemy is insects. Or maybe they used our planet as a testing ground to research biological weapons. Or maybe… Just playing with us. ”

The leader of the group, Lu Biao Lan Qi, muttered to himself as he watched the video.

They were currently in the capital, so this was also the main area of attack. Although they had retreated to the underground early on, they weren’t very worried about the alien attack.

As long as the scale was too small, compared to the situation of the enemy dropping nuclear bombs, it was simply a joke.

The capital had already urgently mobilized tens of thousands of troops into the city to fight. There were many places where the beetle attack occurred. The most troublesome thing was the Sickle Insect that appeared out of nowhere. Even a regular army would find it difficult to deal with it. They had no choice but to use a large number of helicopters and tanks to attack the insects.

In some areas that were almost empty, the main force used a large number of weapons similar to cloud bombs. Many artillery gunners had a lot of related weapons in their hands, coupled with a 10mm rapid firing machine gun. They performed very well.

Twenty minutes after landing, the main resistance were the civilians and public security forces in the city. The number of people who participated in the battle exceeded 200,000. As the number of insects was too small, the result was very good. Of course, the Green-skinned Man’s losses were even greater.

During the period between 20 minutes and 1 hour, even though more Green-skinned Man were mobilized to join the resistance, They already felt powerless. And even though it was resistance, most of it was just fighting and fleeing. They were mainly protecting themselves.

Fortunately, in one hour and three minutes, two regular regiments joined the front line, taking the time to suppress the bug horde that was advancing in the south.

The enemy’s performance was not very good, at least they did not have the strength to crush them. The commanders started to feel uneasy and became full of confidence. Some Green-skinned Man even produced “This is the extent of aliens?” Yes. Doubt.

The helicopter used a missile to attack the spot where the thick fog had filled the crater. After the explosion, it checked and found that there were no flourishing ball.

Because the situation was too strange, no one dared to relax their vigilance.

No one thought that the alien’s attack would only reach this level.

“Sir, the troops on West 12th Street are being attacked by a large number of strange creatures. There are a lot of targets, we’ve already used more than 600 cloud bombs. At least tens of thousands of them died, but the enemies are still coming. ” A soldier ran in front of him, panting. Originally, there was no need for such primitive communication. However, the signal at the scene was blocked, and the cable equipment was cut off. Everyone could only run errands and give orders.

When the commander heard this, he looked at him seriously. “So many?”

There was no need to mention about the Sickle Insect. Although it was powerful, it was too few in number. Moreover, it was heavily guarded by heavy firepower. Right now, they were mainly facing the Beetle Army that had just landed.

It had only been a short while since the dozens of them that had just crashed into the ground had appeared. Now, over a thousand of them had appeared. One had to know that those were 60 centimeters long killing insects, not a few thousand cockroaches.

“Not only the west region, but the troops of the various regions have also been attacked to varying degrees. There are many of these bugs, and they will drill into the ground and launch sneak attacks. Our main force has suffered heavy losses. Moreover, some of the red bugs can create powerful explosions, and they are often thrown out by the enemy. They will bombard our armored vehicles and crowds.”

“I know.” The commander replied.

Not sure what was going on.

However, there were indeed more and more of them. In just the capital region, 120,000 bugs were born in an hour. They fought for eight hours, lost 250,000, and nearly 700,000.

Among them, there were close to 200,000 explosive bug killing machines, and they were still creating shocking explosions.

In the Fruit Fee region, apart from the 180,000 insects that were brazenly wreaking havoc in the first hour, the 1.3 million insects that were produced one after another were immediately thrown into battle.

That’s right, the capital fruit fee was a total of 50 flourishing ball. In eight hours, 2 million bugs were bred. Although the front line was only a part of it, it already made the soldiers feel pressure.

The few people beside Lo Ya hid upstairs. Looking at the continuously surging insects below, their hearts were filled with despair.

They did not know if it was good luck or something, but this building had never been taken care of by the insects. But the miserable scene and the continuous explosions around them were still stimulating their nerves.

“Could it be that the enemy threw down a space channel, and then the monster ran out through it?”

The scale of the attack was fatal.

They did not know that during the 8th hour of the battle, the 1,200 flourishing ball branches around the world, apart from a portion of the locations that were not right and the amount of nutrients they absorbed was limited, the actual production had already reached 48 million.

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