C317 Attack Begins

“Something seems to have happened at the scene. Let’s go and ask.”

The reporter’s tone was a little shaky. Through the shouts of the people at the scene, She had already guessed some of the situation. Sure enough, when she walked to the side of a staff member, She heard him say, “The alien’s spaceship suddenly accelerated, estimated to enter orbit above the planet in three minutes. Notify the higher-ups to be ready for response”

The reporter’s movements froze there.

On the big screen, a rapidly decreasing number reminded everyone present. The few people sitting beside Lo Ya were also stunned there. After a long while, they took a deep breath and said, “Don’t we have to wait for two more days?”

The boss put down the wine glass and saw that the light dots on the screen were getting more and more obvious. He knew that the end of the Green-skinned Man was approaching.

At the observatory site, the chief researcher stared at the big screen. He said anxiously, “The target has entered the orbit close to the ground. It has begun to disperse and decelerate. A portion of the spaceships have entered the other side of the planet and are unable to immediately know the situation. ”

” The target seems to have projected an unknown object ”

Now was the time.

This war against the inferior civilizations was an attempt by Insect Girl.

After precise calculations, the five transport ships began to open the doors on the side and send flourishing ball after flourishing ball into space. Because of the influence of gravity, these spheres began to slow down.

The speed at which they were dropping was 5 ___ per second, and it was estimated that it would be completed in 4 minutes.

600 balls were concentrated in the major cities. As the largest country in the world, Lu Biao Lan Qi’s southern city fruit expenses would be focused on 30 balls.

In the first half a minute, the ball was not affected by the gravitational field on the surface of the planet. As the speed increased, the ball entered areas with higher atmospheric density, and could be clearly seen by the observers on the ground.

20 flourishing ball Mother Nest threw the spheres in their bodies towards the city below, which was the city Lo Ya was in.

At this moment, the scene of the observatory in the news was in a mess. Those who made calls and reported data did not pay attention to the reporters’ interviews at all.

“The unknown civilization airdropped a strange thing. The landing site is estimated to be in the capital area and the fruit bill area. Notify the garrison to respond.”

“Quick, contact the leader. Say that the aliens may have launched an attack.”

The owner, who was halfway through his drink, spat it out and stared blankly at the scene on TV.

The waiter was also dumbfounded. The plate he was carrying also fell to the ground with a bang. His expression was full of shock.

“The aliens are here?”

This kind of thing? This thought filled everyone’s mind.

A male customer seemed to have thought of something and immediately left his seat and walked to the door, looking up at the horizon.

“Did you see anything?” The boss asked him.

The male customer shook his head.

“That height will take at least six or seven minutes to land.” Lo Ya thought of the air resistance and the initial speed and estimated it.

Of course, she did not tell this to the people at the scene.

At this moment, the number of Sickle Insect hidden on this planet had already reached fifty thousand. They were all very excited. Caijia, who had been paying attention to the news, was also very nervous. She had never seen this obedient bug act so strangely.

The battle between them and the army had lasted until the end. It was true that they could not hold on any longer. And it was at that time that the Sickle Insect brought her to a very high mountain forest. From one side of the cliff, she could see this huge city that stretched as far as the eye could see.

About two minutes later, the Sickle Insect bared its teeth and ran towards the city with its legs wide open.

The core of the fruit fee was the wealthy district and the central commercial district. The 60 slums that occupied a large area were like stars surrounding the moon. They surrounded the center. At this moment, the bugs that landed didn’t care about the rich and the poor. In any case, all life on this planet would be their prey.

The boss stood at the door and looked back at the TV at the same time. A female researcher inside finally managed the financial affairs reporter, but her words made everyone feel pressured. “All residents of the city, please take note. Please hide in the bomb shelter immediately. This is most likely an attack from an alien civilization. Estimated that the first wave of attack will arrive in two minutes. ”

The military has received the order to move out urgently. Every Green-skinned Man had a look of fear and anxiety on their faces.

The boss, the waiter, and the customers raised their heads, and very soon, they saw a small dot of light appearing in the sky.

At first, it was not big, but as time passed, these “meteorites” quickly approached, and the number of meteorites increased. Soon, they were close to everyone’s sight.

“They’re here.”

Most people thought that these were weapons that were as powerful as nuclear bombs, or even more powerful. However, Lo Ya knew that compared to blowing them up, she was more inclined to hunt.

A fireball passed by from above and the rumbling sound only reached her ears after two seconds. Very soon, there was a deafening explosion in the distance and a 100m tall building was pierced through the heart. Then the fire instantly engulfed the football field size.

There was no terrifying scene like a nuclear bomb. After the Green-skinned Man that approached the scene were swept by a wave of air, they saw the building begin to collapse at a slow speed.

Some of the Green-skinned Man temporarily heaved a sigh of relief, but because of this, they were even more suspicious of the thing that had landed on the ground.

In less than a few seconds, streams of acid shot out hundreds of meters, and landed on the Green-skinned Man that were closer to them. A blood-curdling scream immediately rang out. A blood-red mist spread out from the center of the crater at an incredible speed.

When the house fell to the ground and produced a cloud of smoke and dust that engulfed an area of several hundred meters, black and red beetles rushed out in all directions.

Boom! Boom!

The explosion that was comparable to the power of a 150mm grenade rang out in all directions. The Green-skinned Man wailed as it fled. Some of them took out their guns, but they were quickly crushed by the small beetle’s pincers.

The small beetles quickly cleared out a safe area with a circumference of 800 meters. The Sickle Insect that had been hiding all this time also joined the battlefield and began to devour corpses to breed.

It wasn’t just here, some of the people living at the top could see it. Fireballs fell one after another into the entire city, and many places were ignited with flames that soared to the sky. The 30 spheres released the 1500-small beetle and 1500-Explosive Beetle stored in their bodies the moment they landed on the ground. At the same time, they began to take root and absorb the energy underground. At the same time, they began to dig underground at an extremely fast speed. In at most five minutes, they would disappear into the crater.

From the front to the back. In less than two minutes, after the collision ended, the boss looked at the spot where the explosion had come from in a daze. It was four kilometers away from their shop.

“What happened?”

“Boss, why don’t we go to the roof and take a look?” A customer suggested.

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