C316 One Tenth of the Speed of Light

On 20th, Apr., 833, Beerfruit Observatory was the first to discover a spaceship from Insect Girl’s civilization.

Although it was a small ship similar to a detector, it still activated a very destructive Electromagnetic Cannon and started to attack the satellites in space.

The ground crew quickly lost the signal of the space telescope and could only rely on the equipment on the ground to observe.

The success of the entire civilization in the past hundred years began to be destroyed. The network collapsed and the automatic operating equipment was paralyzed. The troops relying on military satellites were seriously affected.

The signal transfer station built on the ground was urgently activated, but it could only restore some of the signal in some areas.

In less than three days, the entire planet lost all the satellites.

Internal and external problems, chaos had already affected the entire world. When crime and hatred were overflowing, A portion of the Sickle Insect hidden underground began to find the victims, catching Lo Ya’s Spiritual Link. They made an agreement with these pitiful people.

They began to collect food for the insects at all costs to help them reproduce. The entire world had more or less produced a small amount of Sickle Insect. The Nourishing Insect penetrated through every gap, making the final preparations for the descent of the Insect Girl Clan’s army.

On the 1st of Feb., the 4th year of Empire of Insect Girl, along with the main force of Planet A2-1 breaking through 5.5 million, the 20 flourishing ball and Mother Nest produced here began to take off.

The number of flourishing ball accumulated over the past two months had already reached 1,200. According to the calculation of the production of 100 beetles per minute, it was equivalent to 7,2 million insects per hour.

In just a day, it could produce over 150 million beetles.

Of course, due to the nutritional content of food and the topography, the overall production would be reduced by about half. However, this did not prevent the insects from causing disasters.

The average strength of Diamond Level could not block bullets from rifles, nor could they beat the enemy’s army. However, the advantage was that there were many of them, and they were not afraid of consumption.

In addition to the 1,200 flourishing ball being loaded into the transport ship and preparing to use this airdrop, Lo Ya also used 200 over airdrop balls to load 300 insects each, which could be considered to increase the strength of the landing just now.

In this attack, 600 flourishing ball were concentrated in the outskirts of the big city. The remaining 600 were evenly distributed to the various countries around the world. The perfect distribution allowed one to see 1-2 airdrops landing in almost every place. And some cities with a population of over 10 million, it was very likely that dozens of them would fall in an instant. Just the explosion when they landed could destroy a building.

Apart from that, each flourishing ball had a Virus Insect Queen Sack attached to its surface. When they landed on the ground, they would spray acid and poisonous fog, releasing 10,000 tiny diseased bugs to protect the Mother Nest from taking root.

These were the attacks that were prepared to support the war for the first month. The 20 flourishing ball and Mother Nest that had been flying around the orbit would be produced at a rate of one per day. This meant that outside of the first wave, there were 1,200 of them. Following that, 600 more would fall to the ground one after another, and they would be in charge of supporting the main battlefield.

On the afternoon of Feb. 1, year 4, Empire of Insect Girl, which was also the same time as Lan Qi, 5 Insect Girl Clan transport ships and 20 flourishing ball and Mother Nest approached the Green-skinned Man Mother Star.

This time, their blatant actions were immediately observed by the various countries.

Because of the common crisis in the world, the relationship between each country had become unprecedentedly close. But because of Lo Ya’s economic blow, the current situation of the planet could be said to be unprecedentedly bad. Some soldiers held a few pieces of salary that had long been demoted and missed their families in troubled times. They did not have the mood to fight at all.

Not to mention how much their combat power had been reduced, at least their spirits had been reduced by a lot.

In order to alleviate the chaos in society, the officials of various countries had come to an agreement and were ready to transfer the blame to aliens.

“Hello everyone, this is the afternoon news. It is now April 20th, 19833. According to the news we received two hours ago, 25 unknown celestial bodies appeared in space beyond 1,4220,000 units of length. Suspected alien civilization aircraft…”

News like this all shifted the conflict to the sky. Due to the events that had happened recently, many Green-skinned Man believed that aliens had come.

Lo Ya walked into a simple shop. A few green-skinned men were sitting inside.

“Aliens, what are you fighting for? You even told us ordinary people to be prepared to fight back. Hehe, if they really came, wouldn’t everyone die together? ”


The old man leaning against the cash register slammed his wine glass onto the table and shouted to the green-skinned girl behind him, “Bring a few more glasses of wine over. Anyway, it’s almost over.”

“Yes, boss.”

She brought a few glasses of wine to her seat. The man beside her smiled at her and said, “Let’s eat and drink together. Don’t you want to enjoy it for a while at a time like this?”

Coincidentally, they saw Lo Ya who had just entered. These people also waved at her and said, “You come too. Boss is treating.”

Lo Ya did not stand on ceremony and sat beside them.

“Brother, do you think this alien is really here to hit us? The economic crisis and the meteorite were all as Future said.” The boss asked Lo Ya.

The Green-skinned Man’s alcohol tolerance was very good, at least much higher than the average human level, which was related to the genes in their bodies.

“It’s most likely true. Now, the satellites are all gone. The TV that can be put on is basically a cable.” Lo Ya jumped onto the table and picked it up to take a sip. It tasted like a sweet drink. “If a war really starts, what are you guys going to do? Surrender or resist?”

“What else can we do? We are people with integrity. Of course… surrender!” A customer who had drunk too much patted his head, “If I find something wrong, I’ll end myself. With that small pistol in my house, I don’t think it’ll be of any use. ”

Lo Ya nodded.

She suddenly remembered that Lu Biao and Lan Qi could not help but use guns. This was a big problem.

The news was still being broadcasted. This was an online television. The signal relied on the temporary signal tower.

According to the reports from above, the approaching speed of the Insect Girl Clan warship was far faster than any Green-skinned Man flying ship. It was a technology that they couldn’t achieve.

“The Observatory has sent out many radio signals to the target, but no reply has been received.” The reporters were reporting the relevant news. Behind her were a large number of researchers wearing work clothes.

At this moment, those who were looking at the big screen suddenly stood up and shouted at the screen.

“What’s going on?” The boss and customers who were sitting in front of the TV opened their eyes wide and looked at it seriously.

“So fast, damn it, it’s coming!” At the scene on the television, countless researchers cried out in shock. Only Lo Ya knew that it was just a low-energy level navigation just now. Increasing the speed to 30,000 kilometers per second was the limit of the current gravitational field.

However, the image displayed on the big screen meant that the Insect Girl Clan spacecraft had instantly increased its speed to one-tenth of the speed of light.

This was simply impossible.

“What’s going on? Can you explain the situation here to the entire world?” The bewildered reporter quickly walked over and stood beside a researcher.

“It accelerated. The UFO suddenly accelerated. It might be able to reach us in a few minutes.” He said that, but he was in no mood to look at the reporter. Instead, he stared at the screen and said, “Damn it, these alien creatures are crushing us.”

“Crush us?”

The audience sitting in front of the television looked at each other in dismay. “They’re here?”

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