C314 Receiving Forces

Due to some basic improvements, the appearance of the Insect Girl Clan fleet became more and more hideous and terrifying. On the one hand, there was a round bubble hole on the surface of the body, which could release a highly corrosive red mist to hide itself. On the other hand, there was also an addition of a sharp front end spike, which could hit the enemy’s warship in a physical way.

The Plasma Cannon’s speed of 300 kilometers per second was currently the fastest weapon, although it had the intention of developing a laser. However, it was not an easy task to make a laser gun that could destroy a ship appear. At least with Insect Girl’s current technology, she could only rely on nuclear fusion to produce a large amount of heat radiation. And… She used the force field and the reflective board to constrain the laser and attack the opponent.

However, the energy of this light beam was not high. It was still alright to deal with ordinary soldiers, but it would probably take a long time to burn through the outer shell of the spaceship.

However, as a highly valuable weapon in the future, a corresponding bug was born in the Insect Girl Clan.

Laser Insect: 2 meters long, 0.8 meters wide, 0 meters tall 3 meters. A cockroach that looks like a bug, but its legs are longer than a cockroach’s. Can be shrunk. Its mouth uses a chemical reaction to produce a laser beam. In the atmosphere, Within 10 meters, there is a strong penetrative force, and within 500 meters, there is a blind ability. It could burn the skin. There were many weaker luminous devices on the surface of the body that could release blind light in all directions. There were flaming organs on both sides of his body that could shoot fire pillars that were 50 meters long. The cost was equal to 1.5 Sickle Insect. ]

Although the atmosphere had a strong weakening effect on laser, these insects were obviously not used in space battles. They are used to assist ground troops. The insects’ Spirit were connected to each other, so they shared their thoughts and vision. Blind light was basically useless against the swarm. However, if it were any other creature with vision, they would most likely suffer.

The flaming organs were a terrifying deterrent. These types of insects did not require much on the battlefield. As long as they mixed in with the swarm and attacked from time to time, coordinating with the main force, they would be able to achieve a very good result.

“The Sickle Insect has already become a costing unit.”

Lo Ya felt that this kind of bug that followed her from the beginning was really pitiful.

She walked in the alley and suddenly encountered a criminal. The other party took out a dagger and seemed to want to kidnap her. In the end, she was sent to the sky by a mouthful of acid.

“It has been a long time since I used Components.”

The Components was actually an organ of the body. Insect Girl was still equipped with Electric Shock and Acid functions. Moreover, during a battle, once the Magic was depleted, this ability would produce a considerable effect. In the event that a Magic’s barrier appeared in the future, these Components would be an important life-saving measure.

When she returned to the city, she discovered that this place had already become a mess.

In just a short period of time, the streets were filled with desolation. Many Green-skinned Man with scarves on them were marching on the streets, creating chaos and violence. This proved that Lo Ya’s plan for this planet had been completely successful.

This city was the source of origin, and those who initially accepted her money were now regarded as sinners, spurned and scolded.

“You couldn’t help but accept the money, but in the end, you blamed the person who gave you the money.”

Lo Ya walked on the street, but many people threw drinks at it. She casually kicked, and a fist-sized stone flew out. It penetrated several people’s bodies and spluttered blood.

The scene then became silent.

Lo Ya saw the bruises on her face in the crowd. She was grabbed by a sheriff’s hair and the lamp on her head was cut off. If it was the human world, it would be as good as having her fingers cut off.

Lo Ya walked over just like that.

“Do you still remember what I said back then?”

Cai Jia looked up and saw the familiar face. She suddenly cried, “Why? I don’t understand. Why did it become like this!?”

“This is the inevitable trend of history…”

Civilization blending, universal war, Lo Ya was right. If the universe was safe, the powerful Earthlings would not have fallen to the point where there was only one person left. Lo Ya did not recognize herself as a human anymore. She was Insect Girl. But she did not mind calling herself the heir of the human race. Similarly, in her heart, there was only the ancestor of the earth. Only worthy of the word human.

This was also the reason why she protected the last human girl.

“I’ll give you a small choice”

Lo Ya snapped her fingers and a Sickle Insect suddenly drilled out from the ground.

After that, the monster waved its sickle and rampaged through the Green-skinned Man group. The scene of blood and flesh flying around stunned Cai Jia, but for some reason, she suddenly felt a little happy. She was glad that these demons were severely punished.

“This is the Sickle Insect, one of the main forces of the advanced civilization’s invasion of this world in the future.” Lo Ya pointed at the large monster that killed dozens of people in an instant, “Now, I will give you two choices. First, you will be eaten by that monster and die here. End my life full of regret. Second, he would use the Strength that I gave you. I will build a new organization and make some preparations for the arrival of a higher civilization. This way, not only will it ensure your safety, but it will also allow you to live in a new era in the future. Get it! A happy life. ”

Caijia felt that it wasn’t real.

However, the power of the Sickle Insect was seen by her. That terrifying outer shape, that body that casually crashed into the wall, was simply a monster from the movies.


“Do you think that the Green-skinned Man can defeat those monsters from outer space?”

Cai Jia hesitated for a while and finally made up her mind. “I know what to do.”

“Very good.”

The Sickle Insect jumped to the side a few steps and Lo Ya let a Spiritual Link communicate with the two.

“Now, you can directly command it through imagination. But don’t let it carry out missions that are too difficult, such as dealing with tanks. In the alien civilization, it is just cannon fodder. ”


In fact, Cai Jia didn’t know that this Sickle Insect could easily destroy most tanks. The difference between a Transcendent and an ordinary life form was a qualitative change. If they were to unleash their full strength, an ordinary army would not be able to stop them at all.

But Lo Ya said again, “In the future, for every member that developed, I will reward you with a new one. They eat almost everything, including rocks and soil. But I suggest you feed some nutritious food. This will help them maintain a higher combat strength. In the end, without any orders, try not to expose his Strength. This is for your own good.”

“I know.” Caijia was very careful about her own safety.

Lo Ya left very quickly. In Lo Ya’s eyes, the first thing this alien girl did was to bring the Sickle Insect to her former headquarters and rescue five of her old subordinates.

As for Doroc and Doron, they had actually been taken away by the sheriff a long time ago.

Because these subordinates had gotten their hands on it, five new Sickle Insect drilled out of the ground as promised and came in front of her.

This caused Caijia to feel fear.

Could it be that there were many alien creatures lurking underground? How did they come to this planet?

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