C313 A Signal from Space


Everyone at the scene stood up.

“It’s coming. What a powerful signal. It can’t be us who sent it. It doesn’t look like a celestial signal either.” The chief researcher of the observatory exclaimed.

There was too much regularity.

“Quick, use the decoding method from 32 years ago”

Very quickly, the specific content was completely decrypted:

[Unknown civilization, please stop sending signals immediately!] You are surrounded by high level civilizations, and it is very likely that you have already been exposed to other civilizations. Please stop sending the signal immediately! If you don’t send it, there might still be a slim chance of survival. This is the last piece of advice from a kind civilization – I hope you can survive the next blow. ]

The words were displayed on the screen, and everyone who saw it was shocked.

“What did those old bastards send 32 years ago!?” A researcher fiercely knocked on the table.

“Ghost… Ghost knows, these are all top secrets. They didn’t tell us the details of 32 years ago.” The chief stuttered.

“I’m going to tell the higher-ups.” The official who represented the higher-ups sighed. After taking a photo, he turned around and left.

Very quickly, all countries in the world who received the same information were connected via satellite. A video conference began. Other than the officials from various countries, there were also a large number of scientists, Even a few senior scientists who had contributed greatly to the exploration of alien civilizations more than 30 years ago were invited to the conference.

And the ones with the most right to speak were obviously these knowledgeable scientific researchers.

“This confirmed our speculation. There are indeed unknown civilizations that can receive outer space signals. They are at least 16 light years away from us, and they have the ability to reply to our language. This is a very terrifying thing ” The famous physicist Eppo stared at the content of his words. ” What was even more terrifying was that regardless of whether this alien was friendly or malicious, It’s a disaster for us. ”

Most of the people present had heavy hearts, and most of them were afraid that the world would not be thrown into chaos.

“If the other party is malicious, then it means that we are directly facing the might of the target… Under threat, if it is friendly, then it means that we have already been exposed to the alien civilization. ” A scientist added.

“Then, Mr. Eppudou, what do you think we should do now?” A foreign man behind the screen asked.

It was also a meeting room. It could be seen that the Green-skinned Man’s skin was slightly red. It was another race.

“I think we should stop all the electrical signals and control the public opinion to prevent the weapons and equipment from being exposed. After all, we might be under the surveillance of the alien civilization.”

Dozens of meters away, a spider that was secretly watching the scene trembled and continued to observe them with its eyes.

“This proves that Parthenon’s warning is true. More than a hundred years ago, he already saw the future.” One of the presidents smiled wryly.

At this moment, a person suddenly walked in from outside the hall.

“The person who claims to be from the future sent another message”

Everyone in the conference hall couldn’t help but take out their phones. Sure enough, they saw that there were three additional sentences under the account with no profile picture:

“It’s time for me to tell you the answer. In fact, I was going to jump to 32 years ago before this. Stop the Green-skinned Man from sending out electrical signals to the outside world. However, I came to the wrong place, and it happened to be during this era where darkness started. I originally thought that I had the ability to change everything, and I also wanted to see the process of history being reversed. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.”

“Today, I can only regretfully tell everyone that there isn’t much time left for the Green-skinned Man. When our radio signals were received by friendly civilizations, we were also exposed to more civilizations. They have a way to find our location through simple information and translate our language. Furthermore… Planning to destroy us ”

“Like the words of that unknown civilization: You are surrounded by high level civilizations, and it is very likely that you have already been exposed to the eyes of other civilizations. Yes, we have been exposed. They are different from us, the moment the radio descends, there will be a way to weaken the signal. But our signal is like a lighthouse, traveling through the universe forever, It will be received by thousands of civilizations. Because of the joke of looking for extraterrestrial civilizations 32 years ago, we will be faced with a blow. The asteroid and the economic crisis are just a small warm-up.”

Lo Ya’s message ended there. Not to mention the shock caused by the content, at least the meeting room was silent.

After a long time, someone asked, “Did any of you publicize the content of the signal received by the observatory?”

“No, no.” Everyone shook their heads.

“What’s the difference? What she said is equivalent to telling everyone the content. 32 years ago, the world-famous alien civilization exploration, which was also the year we failed to launch the probe to Planet Grid, Not many people didn’t know about that day.” It was also at that time that the Eppo beans spread out their hands. This action was very similar to humans’.

“What he means is, our future will definitely be destroyed, and at that time, the Time Machine that we had no clue about was actually created, and he even tried to use it to change history”

“Maybe it borrowed alien technology”

Everyone was in a heated debate.

It wasn’t until ten minutes later that Lan Qi’s leader finally spoke. “Alright, it’s too late to say anything now, let’s think about countermeasures. Hopefully the countries will increase their military strength and prepare to resist the unknown invasion. However, I feel that it might be useless, so I can invest more time. Studying the Time Machine.”

Lo Ya saw a depression on the street. Compared to the short-term instability of the economy, the real doomsday crisis was scary.

The officials did not express any opinions on this, but the people had already fallen into panic.

The number of people on the street started to decrease. The crime rate rose sharply, and the bad habits of intelligent life were everywhere.

At this time, Lo Ya withdrew her room and went to the main street. Then, she saw a large group of Green-skinned Man that was in the middle of a demonstration. They hoped that Lu Biao and Lan Qi’s upper echelons would be able to announce the truth of the matter.

No one knew that many big cities below had already become a paradise for Nourishing Insect. The few insects that were brought down from the beginning had grown to over 2,000 insects in a short month, and they were also slowly becoming faster.

On the planet 80 million kilometers away from Ode Star, the main force of Insect Clan had reached 3 million. After that, they would send a few batches over. It was very likely that they would develop to 10 million.

At that time, the war would truly arrive.

And now, everything that Lo Ya had done had achieved a pretty good result.

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