C311 What a Terrible Green-skinned Economy

On the third day, the authorities began investigating the matter, but they didn’t realize the severity of the matter, and they believed there was a big boss delivering money.

On the fourth day, they had already noticed that something was wrong. On one hand, they could not find the money that was sent. On the other hand, the amount was too much, but there was still a limit to it.

On the fifth day, someone reported to the officials, but the currency was like a plague. It was forwarded in groups, and the rich also grew like a tsunami.

On the sixth day, when the global focus was still on the asteroid, various companies started to restrict some channels of transfer, but it was to no avail.

In just a few days, there were crazy purchases all over the country.

Lo Ya transferred over 6 trillion dollars, and because the people closest to her were all forced to become accomplices in this matter, plus she used her strength to force them, the officials did not manage to find the source of the money.

Of course, more importantly, the IP address was forged to another big city, and there were many public transfers there. It was considered as deliberately exposing the target and attracting investigation.

Of course, there was also a very important reason. The local public security officers in the slums all became accomplices because of money.

Nine days later, the upper echelons of the Green-skinned Man broke through the technology blockade of Brain Insect No. 2 and found the source of all the money from the accounts.

But at this time, all the transfer had entered the open, and the time and amount of money had been tampered with, causing the government to fall into complete difficulty.

At least a few million people received the transfer, and after spending, this amount of money had already flowed into the market.

Many supermarkets had been sold out.

Some merchants saw that the goods were selling well and took the initiative to raise the price. However, the increase in productivity in this society was not able to keep up with the pace of the currency, so in the next few months, It could be imagined that the prices of goods rose too quickly, and merchants hoarded goods. The currency would depreciate, and even if one had money, they would not be able to buy anything.

Lo Ya not only used her fake address to throw money, she also used other accounts.

Because she moved too quickly, this matter had already become the limelight. Everyone saw that the people around them had bought a lot of things and the price had started to rise. They felt that it would be a loss if they did not go and collect the money, so they also went to get the money to spend.

On the tenth day, the smart businessman had already smelled the storm and started to stop selling goods. He became the buyer who took the money.

On the 17th of Feb., 19833, a group of soldiers suddenly rushed into the door of Lo Ya’s house.

But almost at the same time, a loud noise was heard. All the soldiers lost their lives, and Lo Ya also disappeared.

On the night of 183rd, Lo Ya appeared in another city more than 200 kilometers away.

Many shops on the street were filled with people who wanted to buy, but some shops had already put up signs that the goods had been sold out.

Lo Ya came to a remote small shop and found an old Green-skinned Man man sitting inside.

“Boss, give me a bag of biscuits.”

“Biscuits? Sigh… Forget it. You can take it. ” The old man was very helpless. He took out a bag of snacks from the cabinet that was missing a small half.

Lo Ya hummed and took the biscuits in her hand. Then, she transferred 1 trillion to him.

“Boss, you can spend it slowly. No need to thank me. If you are smart now, you can just buy things. In the future, your money will be worthless.”

After finishing this matter, she calmly left her line of sight.

The boss looked at the large bunch of zeros in Cary and his head buzzed.

A few minutes later, he took a deep breath, closed the door, and prepared to go out to buy things.

Yes, money rose like a tsunami. If he didn’t buy it now, when the price went up in the future, 1 trillion wouldn’t be money anymore.

This was no longer a problem of the economic crisis, and it was still unknown whether the mastermind was destroying this country. A few days ago, everyone’s attention was focused on the meteorite. Who could have thought of the current situation?

No one paid attention to the situation overseas. But in reality, A lot of money had already been transferred to other countries and turned into foreign currencies. This was a world-class economic crisis, and in less than 15 days, the instigator was… 233 trillion was invested into the market.

When everyone realized that they had so much money in their cards that they couldn’t spend it all, would they choose not to spend money, stabilize the economy, or spend it early to fight for their own interests?

There was no exclusion of people with noble and far-sighted views. However, under the influence of society, money at this time was the capital for survival in the future.

It was said that every inflation was a process of robbing the poor and helping the rich. At the end of the day, it was only the beginning, and the changes were only concentrated in a few large cities with concentrated currencies. Lo Ya actually did not need to deliberately send money. This society’s economy was already in chaos.

He found a random hotel and found that there was a high price of 30 yuan per night inside.

“Why is your room so expensive?”

“There are so many rich people.” The waiter sighed, “I don’t want to work here anymore. My monthly salary is only 2.50 LC (equivalent to 9,000 RMB). In the end, they transferred 60,000 to me in my bank account, tens of thousands of times in one go. ”

“Why are you still sitting here? Do you need to care about these things after getting the money? You don’t have to care about the penalty for the contract, do you? ” Lo Ya was very curious.

“This is my job.” She said.

“Alright” Lo Ya transferred a few yuan to her account. “Your boss is too lazy to change the price. It can be seen that he makes more money elsewhere.”

The prices were very uneven now. Some places had a few hundred times, a few thousand times, while some still maintained their original standards. Those who did not go online or temporarily shut down did not know what had happened in society at all.

“Originally, I thought that the economy would slowly fall apart after a few years, but now it seems that a few months is enough.”

Lo Ya muttered to herself and walked to the room she had booked.

She sat on the bed and turned on the television. Many channels were broadcasting the latest news.

For example, malicious criminals tampered with the bank’s information, causing economic chaos. Was it a premeditated plan, or was it a precursor to an alien invasion?

Originally, the meteor invasion was a one-sided matter, but now it happened again. Everyone knew how difficult it was to completely control the bank’s system. The Brain Insect was already at its wit’s end, especially after the officials had used the serial multi-password. The Spirit could no longer support some changes.

Lo Ya used most of her spare accounts to pretend to be an ordinary person. But a few days later, her large accounts would also be frozen.

The inexplicable growth of the stock market and the violent shock midway reflected the mood of the market, but it seemed to be unable to keep up with the rate of inflation.

Lo Ya changed the channel and found that the air station was playing.

The two hosts and two experts (roughly) were discussing above.

“We know that in recent years, astronauts have sent more than one message to space. Could it be that this message was intercepted by alien civilizations and they specifically came to invade us?” The male host, A, asked with a smile.

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