C310 Crazy Delivery of Money

“Hello, everyone. This is morning news. It’s August 7th, 833. At 8: 00 this morning, we received news that in space beyond 38,450,000 units of length… We discovered that an asteroid known as’ Doomsday ‘is flying towards us at a speed of 22 units per hour. It is estimated that it will crash into the sky at 9: 30 in the 23rd day, and the governments of various countries have already come up with an emergency plan. We plan to launch a spacecraft to intercept it… ”

Similar news spread to every corner of the world. For a moment, all the Green-skinned Man in the world turned their attention to space.

Lu Biao Lan Qi Aerospace Center, which was the capital observatory of the country that Lo Ya landed on, had gathered a large number of high-ranking officials and top scientists.

They faced the dots of light that were captured on the big screen, and all of them had serious expressions on their faces.

“How confident are you in changing the orbit of this planet? This is a major event that determines the entire Green-skinned Man civilization. Once it falls, The entire world will be finished.” The ruler of the country was anxiously asking the staff present.

“Time is too short, we have already come up with all the ways we can, and now we need a mature astronaut to take the spacecraft and fly into the sky with the help of a rocket.”

“Then let’s do it quickly, so the future of the Green-skinned Man is in your hands.”

This disaster was actually just a small warm-up, but it was enough to make the entire civilization uneasy.

Not long after the news was announced, the public opinion began to change in an unfavorable direction. Things like Green-skinned Man about to be destroyed and so on, the public security also began to gradually deteriorate.

However, most people’s lives were the same as before, because the official reports were full of confidence, saying that the various countries had already prepared countermeasures to avoid disaster perfectly.

Lo Ya knew that even if the asteroid was dodged, she would still need to wait for a period of time before launching an attack. Hence, before that, she could still stir up trouble on this planet.

But at this time, the official powerhouses came.

Two of them were comparable to peak Gold Level modified people. It could be seen that the top experts of this world already possessed a considerable amount of personal strength.

Lo Ya sat at the table and played a game. The two of them were dressed in formal attire, and they looked like special agents. They looked very extraordinary.

However, when they saw Lo Ya, these people also felt an invisible pressure. It was precisely because of their individual strength that they could sense the terror of the person in front of them through a trace of their aura.

“If you want to talk to me about something, please forgive me for not being in the mood.”

Lo Ya glanced at the large group of subordinates who wanted to block but did not dare to block and helplessly sighed, “How about this, you guys go back and find someone who can beat me. As long as anyone can defeat me, I will promise you anything.”

After saying that, she flicked her finger and the small glass ball broke through the wall.

With a loud bang, the wall collapsed.

The two of them looked at each other with wide eyes, then left with their tails between their legs.

“The organization doesn’t have enough funds now.” Doroc and Doron walked in from outside and sat in front of Lo Ya. “Because the development is too fast, we don’t have enough money to pay our members. Actually, you won’t be able to take out your portion soon. ”

Lo Ya smiled slightly. “It’s fine. You guys will soon have enough money to spend?”

“What do you mean?”

Lo Ya showed them her account number. There were 11 zeros behind the 9.

“900 billion?”

The currency in this world was similar to before. One dollar was equivalent to 1000 RMB in Lo Ya’s previous life, so the actual purchasing power of 90 billion was 90 trillion.

It far exceeded the annual production value of the whole world.

“Don’t ask me where the money came from. I can only tell you that it is absolutely legal and you can spend as much as you want.”

Thanks to Brain Insect No. 2 was a strategy. Lo Ya had never thought that the economic war could be carried out in such a violent way.

A specially modified bug had invaded the entire world’s bank system through the Spirit. After that, it changed the amount of a certain card. More importantly, this amount of money could not be found in the bank’s background. However, it could be accessed.

If the national currency was released in a certain amount, then several years later, the inflation of this country would intensify. And what if the total amount of money is increased by several times or even dozens of times?

“This is too crazy.”

When Lo Ya heard Brain Insect No. 2’s evil plan, she finally understood the advanced civilization of Insect Girl Clan. In fact, it was not difficult for most space civilizations to decipher the original bank system. The difficult part was to sneak into the enemy country like Lo Ya did. Dispelling the original bank system was easy for most space civilizations, but it was difficult for ___ to sneak into the enemy country. Light! Spending money.

“I’ll give you some.”

Lo Ya directly used her phone to call the two brothers 6 million each.

“This… Wait, no, no, no. D * mn it, we really got the bill.” Doroc was stunned.

At this moment, he was not happy, but afraid.

Money could make the devil push the mill, but money was abnormal, that was…

“It’s fine, just spend as much as you want. All of you join in the group chat, I’ll transfer the money to them.”

Cai Jia, who was sitting by the side, raised her head and looked at Lo Ya, who had a calm expression, in disbelief.

During this period of time, everyone knew that a freak had appeared in the organization. It was precisely because of this freak that it could develop so quickly.

After that, After that, more than 200 members were all pulled in. Lo Ya gave everyone 100,000 in the name of paying.

This was equivalent to the purchasing power of 100 million yuan.

“Today I will give you guys a task, which is to send money and spend money. Create a group chat and distribute the money to others, no matter what the reason is. Let them spend it, the price is that they must join our organization. The 100,000 I give you today is just a small amount, there will be more in the future. When the time comes, the new members will also be pulled into the group chat, and I will be the one to deliver the money. And it must be spent. Spending money all over the world, buying all kinds of the most expensive things… It’s all up to you.”

After saying that, Lo Ya put down her phone very easily.

How could the people in the slums not be short of money? They could not look down on the Internet era. This portion of money had to be sent out very quickly.

She also believed that someone would report the case, but it was useless.

Because when they found out the problem, Lo Ya had already sent out an unknown amount of money.

Lo Ya’s gift of money was like a gust of wind. She sent out 2 million on the first day, directly sent 500 million on the second day, and directly sent 10 billion on the third day. The pen was exaggerated.

Sometimes people would be stupid in front of benefits. They clearly knew there was a problem. This matter was still posted online as if it had gone crazy. The key was that other than the 200 people inside (who became accomplices), they didn’t know the real source.

Less than a week later, the higher-ups started to pay attention to this matter.

At first, it was Lu Biao Lan Qi’s spending that suddenly went crazy, and there were currency injections of unknown origins everywhere. Someone ran to the supermarket to buy things, and directly emptied the things inside.

The police in the wealthy district specially came to investigate this matter and asked a certain person who bought a few houses all at once, “Where did you get so much money from?”

The other person replied, “Someone else gave it to me. There’s a total of 300,000 yuan.”

“Don’t you think it’s abnormal to have so much money?”

“It’s not normal, but there’s no other way. I need money.”

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