C309 Information on Celestial Bodies

“Aliens?” Caijia did not expect Lo Ya’s thoughts to be so jumpy. She glanced at Lo Ya’s phone. She found that there were indeed some Alien entries in the input box and could not help but laugh. “I didn’t expect you to be interested in this kind of thing.”

“Of course, it’s very interesting, isn’t it?” Lo Ya did not avoid it and added in her heart, Very soon you will not be able to laugh.

Whether the meeting between civilizations was war or peace, most people would choose the former when considering such a question.

Even within the civilization, there were often cruel killings. Since ancient times, the collisions of most civilizations were often accompanied by piles of corpses. The history of the Green-skinned Man was also the same. They had already experienced a world-scale war. And because of the nuclear weapons, they maintained a seemingly stable peace.

Advancing history into the universe, such a rare habitable planet, the terrifying difference between different civilizations, all of this seemed to be hinting at a terrifying war.

Perhaps the purpose of the evolution of the universe itself was to compete for the first place that transcended everything.

Thinking about it carefully, the Earthlings from his past life, and the Insect Girl Clan now… Which one of them didn’t come out like this? Even the planet itself was a terrifying vessel for raising Gu insects. It continuously eliminated the weak, allowing the strong to conquer and control everything.

Although Lo Ya hated this kind of situation, Insect Girl came from the weak. She knew the truth of everything being selfish. Any species would use their own interests as the starting point. In order to survive and achieve certain goals, they would harm everything around them.

Insect Girl’s biggest advantage over other species was the absolute unity within them. Whether it was Little Insect Girl or the Sickle Insect, there had never been a fight. In the disaster of the Illusion Demon, everyone was starving to death. No one had any thoughts of harming their companions. Some even wanted to contribute themselves.

How could such a race not be powerful?

“Alright, I’m already boasting”

Lo Ya would not be arrogant and complacent. This planet 35 light years away from Mother Star was not her home. Even if Insect Girl Clan chose to live in peace, there would definitely be conflicts between them in the future. After all, the people of this planet were not like those humans in the Mother Star who would directly submit to her rule.

“Do you think there will be aliens?” It was not known whether Cai Jia was interested in the topic or was interested in the white Jia that Lo Ya had turned into. Of course, it could also be because of the extra names. Anyway, she really wanted to chat with this weird guy in front of her.

“I believe because the universe is too big. Didn’t they say that there are magical microorganisms living next to volcanoes? Maybe many harsh environments have life? ”

“Yi, is that so?”

The conversation ended at this moment because Dolork walked over.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Pegaard. In the previous battle, I noticed that the modified person had been looking at you, and before he left… you seemed to have done something?” The content was a question, but the tone was firm.

“I just casually helped a little.” Lo Ya was not surprised and did not deny it.

“So you are also a remover?” His tone was both surprised and anxious.

“I guess so.” Lo Ya opened her hand. “But I am not interested in the first selection in the world.”

“Oh my god, so you are a strong person?” Caijia was very surprised.

Lo Ya supported her chin with her hands, “This is not a problem that is worth showing off… I want to ask you guys an interesting question.”

He deliberately made himself appear to be changing the topic.

“Please speak.” Cai nodded her head.

“If… I mean if a very powerful evil god wants to invade the entire world… Moreover, it has a Strength that can easily destroy everything and is unable to resist. As long as you help him before he invades, you will be able to safely and comfortably survive the end of the world. Would you choose to betray your own civilization? ”

This question was only to test the thoughts of these people in front of them, to pry into the tip of the iceberg of this country’s values.

The other party did not directly answer. “If I really reach that step, I would like to live on, but what’s the point of living on my own?”

“I understand.”

Lo Ya exhaled.

She wanted the people of this world to provide some support to reduce the pressure of the attack.

The swarm was an alien, a space civilization! If the first battle wasn’t fought well, what if it failed?

He couldn’t afford to lose this bug, and he couldn’t afford to lose it either. In order to officially attack, Lo Ya had to invest ten million in the main swarm of insects. In addition to the hundreds of millions of beetles, the enemy was also a civilization that controlled nuclear bombs. That battle between the two sides was definitely cruel, and it might even turn into a war of attrition.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t confident in the insects, but that the military weapons on this planet weren’t weak. In addition to the large number of modified people appearing, the Green-skinned Man’s rifle weapons did not develop like the modern Earth. Instead, it increased the caliber and power, and used more than 10 millimeters of bullets.

This could already hurt the Sickle Insect.

At that time, even if she won, the loss would not be small. She had to be mentally prepared.

Of course, the situation of “after a period of resistance,” like in some movies, defeating aliens in the end would not happen. The gap between the two sides was insurmountable. Even if the bugs were to be killed on the spot, they might not be able to kill them all.

“I will help you expand your organization, but I hope you can also help me do something that is not very difficult. Consider it an equal exchange.”

“That’s great.” Dolork was very excited.

A modified person was still very strong. Everyone had to admit his foresight.

Not long after the conversation ended, the leader of the organization that had fought with them earlier came. It seemed like he wanted to apologize. Doroc said very directly, “Give up your territory and submit to us, otherwise it won’t be so simple anymore.”

He had originally thought that the other party would turn angry from embarrassment and leave in a fit of anger. Who knew that the other party would sigh and say, “Alright.”

It seemed that he knew about the modified person.

After that, Lo Ya began to appear and displayed a trace of strength. She cleaned up the streets one after another and controlled quite a number of people.

She began to test the influence of the Spirit and coupled with her intimidation, made a group of people obediently listen to her words.

She did not even realize that the two Green-skinned Man that she randomly killed during the process would be the powerhouses that the officials placed in the slums to observe the situation, or the powerhouses that ordinary modified people could not win at all.

As a result, the country had set its eyes on this place.

On the other hand, on the seventh day that Lo Ya arrived on this planet, the local government finally announced the news of the alien celestial body’s arrival, along with other countries in the world.

For a moment, the entire civilization fell into an apocalyptic panic.

Scientists and senior managers all urgently discussed countermeasures, and even planned to use all their financial resources to send the nuclear bomb into space in the shortest time possible to move the target planet away.

Some countries contributed the rockets that were about to be launched.

At this point, the asteroid had already become the world’s top priority. The thread that Lo Ya had posted earlier, which had already sunk, was finally remembered by people and slowly became the hot topic.

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