C307 Information on the Target Planet

Lo Ya curiously watched. Not long after, the things were delivered to her table.

It was a huge piece of meat that Lo Ya ordered.

Her original body jumped onto the table and took a bite. In the end, she obtained more than 30 Evolution points.


It was too nutritious.

This was an unexpected surprise. She started to bite wildly. In the end, in less than two minutes, another person came and sat in front of her table.

Lo Ya’s current fake appearance should be a male Green-skinned Man, one of the more ordinary ones. The other side smiled at her and ordered two types of food. Then, she said in shock, “You are very good at eating.”

Lo Ya ate a few people’s share. To the Green-skinned Man, it was indeed too much.

“My appetite has always been very big.” She said.

“Normally when you have a lot of strength, you will eat a lot, right?”

In fact, there was something unexpected in the other party’s tone. Lo Ya had ordered the most expensive food. In this kind of place, there should not be many people who could afford to eat.

“Yes, I have a lot of strength.” Lo Ya always felt that the other party was plotting something, so she showed off her arm.

“Do you lack money?” He asked again.

“What do you mean?” Lo Ya raised her head vigilantly. Why did she feel that this person was a liar?

“It’s like this. Our organization is recruiting people. You know that this block is not very safe recently. Without the protection of an organization, once you encounter trouble, you will be easily bullied. I recently established a small organization, although there are only four people at the moment, However, everyone is still considered united.”

He seemed to have determined that Lo Ya was a person without an organization, so his tone was very confident.

“What does your organization do?”

Lo Ya stuffed a large piece of meat into her mouth, and at the same time, she secreted a trace of acid to help swallow it.

The other party looked at the eating scene and swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He also began to look forward to food.

“Of course it is the same as the other organizational goals. Of course, not only will we fight for territory, we will also aim for the central area, and even participate in the election. It’s not easy for everyone to earn money…”

” I understand, I understand! ” Lo Ya knew what the organization he was talking about was.

Could this civilization be explained openly and openly? Black and white occupied both. It seemed to be legal.

“I don’t mind. Furthermore, I will help you enter the central area as soon as possible.”

As Lo Ya spoke, the other party took out a device similar to a mobile phone. “This is my contact number. Take a look.”

The screen turned around and there was a string of symbols on it.

Lo Ya also used an illusion to distort a part of her own and pretended to record it.

“Eh, you are also limited edition? It is fate. I got it after queuing for a long time. ”

” Me too. ” Lo Ya said perfunctorily.

She decided to make a phone in this world so that she could know all kinds of news about the Green-skinned Man.

After eating, the other party actually paid for Lo Ya before leaving. This made her feel a little emotional. This guy was really a good person… and he was rich.

Yes, from the clothing aspect, it was incompatible with the slums.

After leaving this place, Lo Ya entered a certain family’s house and took a portion of the money. Then, she bought a cell phone in a mobile phone store.

Fortunately, she didn’t need any ID or anything like that. After opening it, she only needed to register her account.

The phones in this world were real phones. There was no payment method. When she touched the screen, she could actually pull out a keyboard. The design was a bit human-like.

Lo Ya found the instruction manual and added the number according to the content on it. She then sent her contact details to the other party.

Very soon, she received a picture. Tomorrow you will come to this place. That is the shop that I opened.


Lo Ya was not in a hurry. She walked to a corner and turned on her phone.

She specially entered the word ‘alien’ and found that this world was indeed the same as Earth. There were many people discussing aliens. Many people expressed pessimism towards the development of technology, thinking that they would never be able to leave their own galaxy.

This world’s atomic energy research started very early, but it never achieved controllable nuclear fusion. The main fuel for vehicles was methanol, ethanol, and electricity.

After that… After inputting the modified person, the result was that the so-called modification… It was to inject medicine into the body and then stimulate the potential of the body through electrical stimulation. The process required anesthesia, and many people believed that it would shorten one’s lifespan. However, the officials did not make any announcements regarding this.

“It’s about the same as Earth.”

Lo Ya sighed lightly.

“What should we do at this time?”

She thought for a while and used the illusion to distort the IP of her phone. Then, she established a post on the internet: The Green-skinned Man Civilization is about to be destroyed. This was a piece of advice from the future.

She planned to forge a time-traveling person from the future and predict what would happen in advance.

The original post was as follows:

I came from 850 years (this world’s calendar, taken from religion), borrowing future technology to come to this time and space, and hoped that the entire civilization would be ready to face the upcoming terrifying crisis.

March 833, which was also 30 days later, an asteroid with a diameter of 3 kilometers would descend from the sky, and it would bring a catastrophe to the entire civilization.

That was all there was to it.

This planet had a day of 29 hours. Lo Ya calculated the time and let the frigate set off, pushing a small planet closer to here.

Of course, accelerating such a meteorite to an extremely fast speed and transporting it to the target planet was very difficult. This was also the reason why Lo Ya was unwilling to use a large pile of meteorites to directly hit the target and occupy it.

On one hand, it was to obtain the best environment.

On the other hand, it was also to save resources.

The purpose of this meteorite was to test the reaction of this planet. Of course, it also had Lo Ya’s playful thoughts.

After sending it, not long after, she received a lot of comments.

It was basically all kinds of mockery.

“I believe you are a ghost. If there really was such a huge meteorite, you shouldn’t have discovered it long ago. Did you eat for free that day?”

“Travelling through time, you must be lying, right?”

“I will remember. See you in 30 days…”

Lo Ya did not care about the comments. She started to use the search engine to check the army and found quite a number of videos.

As expected, it was also a ship, a plane, a war chariot, and a single soldier… This method was most suitable for the current technological situation, so Lo Ya was not too surprised.

“The individual soldiers are still considered strong due to the transformation of people. Their weapons are still considered advanced. At least the fighter planes are at least two to three times the speed of sound. There are also quite a number of missiles.”

Perhaps the bugs would feel the pressure, especially the first wave of small beetle attacks. It did not have the shell to resist close range bullets. However, if they wanted to give the people of this planet a destructive blow, it would be enough to increase the number of them.

Insect Girl Clan was a universal civilization after all. Although the development route was not quite right, it was more than enough to bully some low-level civilizations.

She went to many places on this day, then went to sleep in the nest dug by the Sickle Insect.

The next day, as promised, she arrived at the place mentioned in the SMS.

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