C306 Blue Skin Man

“Whoo, what a big sandstorm.”

Lo Ya took a deep breath and found that there was no oxygen. Some of the stones entered her mouth and started chewing. There was a slight bitter and salty taste.

After slowly wriggling into a tunnel, Brain Insect No. 2 was already waiting there.

Chiang Ya immediately went up to play with the Cerebrate Bacteria.

The bugs that came out of the spaceship entered the ground one after another, preparing to dig deeper and bigger nests or spread out, preparing to build many bases on the entire planet.

Electric bugs, Wind God Winged Insect, Black Wolf Beast, these bugs were trying their best to devour the Slime. These liquid creatures still had an exaggerated reproductive ability in outer space, and the energy conversion rate was not low either. It was a very good source of food.

Before their numbers increased, the main source of energy for the bugs was the Energy Charging Crystal and the stones on ground.

“Now we can begin investigating the target planet. We need to get close to them.”

Lo Ya knew that her ability to create illusions and illusions had the ability to fake her appearance. Even if she personally descended into the group of targets, she would not be seen through.

Furthermore, with her current strength, even if she were to directly touch them, the enemies would not notice the problem. This was the unique advantage of the Magic planet.

“I’ve decided. I’ll go personally.”

Now, they could distort the matter within a hundred meter radius, causing all the living beings in the surroundings to see what Lo Ya wanted them to see. Therefore, the landing process could be achieved through a small airdrop. Along the way, It could also hide small insects inside the target planet to breed and prepare for future attacks.

In short, this was the first time that Lo Ya had probed the alien civilization. Lo Ya felt that she needed to be careful.

She waited for two days. After the custom-made large space throw ball was completed, she brought thirty thousand miniaturized Nourishing Insect and five Sickle Insect into the interior.

This air throw had a window that allowed Lo Ya to see the situation outside. Originally Chiang Ya also wanted to come, but Lo Ya was worried that her illusion ability would not be good, so she rejected this request.

The one who helped transport the airdrop was the Glasses Insect. Because the transport insect was too big, Lo Ya’s illusion could not allow this huge thing to hide from the enemy’s space telescope.

The Glasses Insect made a few hooks and then began to accelerate towards the target planet. The entire flight used a small degree of safety traction, allowing the speed to reach 1200 kilometers per second. Therefore, after 18 hours, Lo Ya arrived near the target.

After the deceleration was completed, the air ball was thrown down.

In order to prevent being discovered by the enemy, the Glasses Insect turned around and sped up, leaving this place.

Lo Ya was lying inside the empty pitch ball, her eyes looking at the ground below.

This time, the landing spot was in a big city. As the ball slowly accelerated, flames had already appeared on the window. If Little Insect Girl was by the side at this time, she would definitely be lying on the window and observing curiously.

The landing made a loud noise, and it was all distorted by Lo Ya’s illusion.

Very soon, the ball hit a building nearby.

When he climbed out of the door, he found a big pit on the ground. Without bumping into any living creatures, the Sickle Insect immediately dug a patch of soil with the super small Nourishing Insect. Wait! After they went very deep underground, Lo Ya used the Magic elements in her body to control the soil. She made it sink into the ground.

The airdrop ball that had burned off a layer of skin was also buried by an Earth Magic.

“Luckily, it fell into the mud. Otherwise, it would be really hard to deal with it.”

Lo Ya yawned and began to carefully observe her surroundings.

This was a forest. The trees were different from the ones she had seen before. There were actually a few different branches growing on the side. In the distance were tall buildings. Most of them were cylindrical in shape and were at least 100 meters tall.

However, those buildings were not very good looking. There were black brick walls and blue glass outside, as if they were carved from the same mold, and they were very old.

The nearby buildings were relatively shorter. Most of them were casually built with broken iron sheets, and a small number were made of wood. They were tattered, and the streets were very dirty.

“This is a terrible environment.”

Lo Ya took a deep breath. The air pollution was a little serious, but it was still acceptable. There was oxygen and carbon dioxide, which meant that the environment here was closer to Mother Star.

Lo Ya soon saw the people on this planet.

Green skin, about two meters tall, human-shaped, thick legs, and a slender tail on his back. Compared to humans, the glowing light bulbs on their heads were indeed a little special.

Lo Ya distorted her image and followed behind this creature.

The creature entered a metal house and a very high frequency of voices came from inside. It was a bit close to a dolphin.

She did not understand.

“Is the language different?”

Lo Ya used the Spiritual Link and began to transmit the information in the other party’s mind to the entire swarm.

Analyzing and reading a language was very difficult, but if all the brains of the Insect Girl Clan were to analyze it together, the efficiency would be much higher.

Moreover, the Spiritual Link itself had the ability to understand the other party’s words.

A few seconds later, the bugs gathered the information and feedback, letting Lo Ya know the general structure of the language.

“As expected, this method of learning the language is almost instantaneous.”

After Lo Ya knew some information, she immediately distorted her appearance and turned into a local creature with a different appearance.

This kind of creature. This creature called itself Green-skinned Man, and its pronunciation was Ba. XX people read XX Ba. However, that was not important. She did not prepare to understand the language and culture of this planet at all. She just wanted to get some information. At the same time, she wanted to understand some of the technology and history of development.

She walked into a shop that was similar to a snack bar, and the conversation of a few Green-skinned Man entered her ears.

“I’ve been remodelling and modifying all day long. Nowadays, people don’t even know how to put in effort to stand up for me. Every day, I want to do things that only the rich people are qualified to get. Don’t you all think about it? What’s the use of modifying things? Does modern warfare require your three-legged cat’s kung fu?”

” No, Lady Boss, you don’t know about that. Even if the modification fails, he is still a super powerful herculean. Many organizations will hire us with high salaries. If we really can’t do it, then we’ll just have to work as hard as a dozen people at once. Are we still worried about starving to death?”

“Alright, I have the money for the remodelling. I’d rather save it for myself. Otherwise, if I lose money and ruin my own body, then the gains won’t make up for the losses.”

When Lo Ya sat in her seat, the Lady Boss had already arrived in front of him. “Let’s see what we can eat.”

Lo Ya randomly ordered two and then focused her attention on the scene.

At this time, a few more people came in from outside the door.

They were fully armed, with steel knives and pistols… They looked like soldiers or security officers.

“How was it? How was the harvest this time?”

The Lady Boss walked over with a smile.

“Not bad. We can take the test next. If we’re lucky, we can get a free spot for modification.”

They sat on the table opposite Lo Ya and ordered a lot of food.

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