C305 The Arrival of a Swarm of Insects

After ensuring the safety of Planet Lighthouse, the transport bugs continue to move towards the targeted galaxy. After that, they passed by a red giant, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a decent planet inside. Only a few small celestial bodies flew around the dim red giant star.

Lo Ya did not let the transport insects get close. She continued to order the ship to fly.

On December 2, 3 years, the Insect Girl Clan ship finally entered the target of 35 light years.

“Lo Ya, I have found the location of the Mother Star. And I have taken a picture of the other planet.” Brain Insect No. 2 crawled to the observation window and looked at the deep starry sky. The ferocious insect limbs on his lower body and the combat tentacles on his body were shaking nonstop, as if he was a variant from some horror movie.

The Brain Insect was now a highly developed monster. It could accurately command one million insects at a time. This also meant that it consumed a lot of nutrients.

The target this time looked very beautiful. Although it looked a little worse than Earth, it also had a large number of forests. Just the side facing the spaceship alone was more than 50% of the ocean.

After the Glasses Insect adjusted its focal point, it could barely see some huge buildings. Most of them were round tops with all kinds of colors. Lights flickered in the dark night, as if they had developed a civilization.

“Let’s call it the Ode Star.” Lo Ya pondered for a while and said.

Ode to the Ode. It had two meanings in one sentence. It was to sing about life and also to throw away one’s life.

Originally, this planet would not have been found so quickly. Who asked them to send out electricity randomly? If Lo Ya had not coincidentally received the signal, they would not have attracted the space monsters that were eyeing them covetously.

Lo Ya let the transport insects head towards the target area.

She was not worried that the ship would be discovered by the other party. After all, it was not easy to find such a small ship in the boundless deep space. Brain Insect No. 2 allowed the transport ship to land on the rocky planet that was more than 80 million kilometers away from the target and released the remaining airdrop balls in the ship. There were more than 5,500 insects in total.

Since they wanted to snatch the other party’s planet, they naturally had to be fully prepared.

After the transport insects were cleared of the cabin, there was still half of the energy left to support the return. On the other hand, there were another three transport insects on the Mother Star’s surface that were ready, and they also brought over a thousand throwing balls to this place.

At this time, Brain Insect No. 2 was already prepared to permanently stay on Ode Star.

“This is a desert planet with an atmosphere. The air is mainly filled with carbon dioxide and a small amount of methane. The ground is mainly made up of weathered sand and sand. The wind force is around level 11. The visibility is very poor.”

Brain Insect immediately analyzed the situation of this brownish planet. It crawled on the ground for a while and felt that the environment above was not unbearable.

“No. 2, ask Glasses Insect to observe the surroundings and see if there are any detectors sent from Ode Star.”

“Yes. ”

The people on Earth had already sent out Mars detectors. Lo Ya felt that the people on Ode Star might also send something over.

But unfortunately, the Glasses Insect did not find anything.

In the following time, it floated above A2-1 and aimed at the surface of Ode Star, maintaining a long observation.

Because the atmosphere was very clear, some of the life on it was quickly captured.

Brain Insect No. 2 did not take long to analyze the appearance of the life on the planet based on a picture taken. It was a strange life with two legs and a blue body. There was a glowing object on its head. It should be a human-like life form. Of course, with Insect Girl’s aesthetics, it could be considered a human-like life form. Its appearance was a little ugly.

“It seems too slow to transport 5,000 insects in batches, but the energy consumption of building the ship is too terrifying.”

Being 35 light-years away made Lo Ya’s insects feel the strain. The scale of the universe isolated civilizations from each other. To be able to fly out of their own galaxy, it could already be considered a very developed civilization.

“Why not expand the space inside the ship?” At this time, Chiang Ya suddenly had an idea and seriously said to Lo Ya.

“Eh, is it inside the ship?”

Lo Ya patted her own head.

She was indeed stupid. She did not even think of such a simple method.

Since she could actively affect the evolution of species, naturally, she could make the insects work hard in this area.

Thus, the transport ship No.4 parked in the territory began self-modification.

The expansion of space itself was not difficult, but it was difficult to maintain stability in this process. If there was a mistake in the middle, it would cause the expansion space filled with insects to be destroyed. Then the bugs inside would be instantly crushed by the heavy hull, or burst out from the inside.

If that was the case, the losses would be too heavy.

Fortunately, the technology itself was already mature. In less than two days, the transportation of the worms was able to do this, and successfully opened up ten times the capacity inside the body.

The weakness was also very obvious. Maintaining the absolute stability of the expanding space required more energy than guiding the ship. Even though there were 12 million Light Plate Insect collecting solar energy, Lo Ya was still somewhat unable to bear it.

The transport insect was finally convinced that if the cost-effective ratio was the highest, it would be best to expand the space to 100 times its original capacity, which was to contain 5,000 air shots at the same time.

This could be said to be very terrifying. With the current attack configuration, it was equivalent to being able to transport 582,000 main cannon fodder insects at once.

That was to say, as long as it was transported 10 times, it would be a 5,000,000 swarm.

The construction speed of the transport ship itself was relatively fast, especially when there were more of them, they only needed to continuously devour food.

If it was not for the sake of saving the energy on the Mother Star, Lo Ya really wanted to breed the warship without limit.

But now, it seemed that it was better to fight steadily and prioritize evolution.

Therefore, the few ships that were originally flying towards Ode Star all returned temporarily and prepared to return home to evolve the internal space.

Five days later, the three ships only took off at the same time. One of them would land on Planet Lighthouse, making it the first defense base for Insect Girl in outer space. The other two would transport more than 1.1 million bugs onto A2-1 to breed, preparing to attack the Ode Star.

Lo Ya herself also sat on the ship and brought Chiang Ya to A2-1. Before the official attack, the various situations of the other party’s society were more suitable for research.

In the blink of an eye, seven months later, the spaceship finally landed on this desert planet.

More than half a year ago, there were more than 5000 insects here, so far it had increased to 30000. After landing this time, just the process of disembarking alone lasted for many days. Most of them were the main cannon fodder bugs, and the rest included flourishing ball, Mother Nest, Electric Bug, Wind God Winged Insect and other types of bugs.

A large number of Slime and Nourishing Insect that were filled with energy would become food for the smaller batch of insects, allowing them to quickly increase their numbers.

The total number of bugs on the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star had actually reached 38 million, and the other planets had a total of 3 million. Hence, the total number of bugs had exceeded 40 million.

The reason why they were not fast was because of the Mother Star’s ecosystem.

After about 5 million insects, Lo Ya would stop breeding in the Mother Star and focus on outer space.

All of this was for the sake of sustainable development.

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