C304 A Planet with a Primitive Life

In mid-April, Year 3, when the total scale of the swarm broke through 20 million, the frigate broke through 3, and the transport ship reached 6, frigate 1 entered the nearest galaxy.

In half a month’s time, Insect Girl airdropped 5 main cannon fodder bugs to 3 of the planets that could land. They were named Lin Galaxy No.1, No.2, and No.3 respectively.

Although the distance between Planet 3 and the central star was still considered appropriate, because there was no atmosphere and water source, it was unable to develop life.

However, after the frigate finished its airdrop, it immediately set sail to the 3rd star system nearby. The distance between the two was 3. 6 light years.

The vastness and loneliness of the universe had already been fully displayed. Compared to the beautiful environment of Mother Star, most of the planets were like hell without life, wandering in the endless void alone.

What was worth noting was that during this period of time, Lo Ya suddenly thought of something that made her uneasy.

About two years ago, she saw a huge metal creation near Silver Moon. But ever since she went into space, she had never seen that thing again.

It was certain that the target appeared after the planet’s barrier was unlocked. If the target was an alien ship, did that mean that the current Insect Girl Mother Star had already been discovered by the target?

This matter seemed to have no result in a short period of time, but the girl believed that it might be a special machine used by the ancient humans to build the barrier. Now that the barrier had disappeared and the machine itself was in danger, it had self-destructed.

Lo Ya finally believed this statement.

When frigate No. 1 was guiding it for the second time, a Glasses Insect that had entered outer space suddenly received a transmission signal.

At first, Lo Ya thought that it was an alien, so she nervously wagged her tail. Only then did she realize that it was she who sent it a long time ago.

[Original content: Unknown civilization, please stop sending the signal immediately!] Please stop sending the signal immediately! You are surrounded by high level civilizations, and it is very likely that you have already been exposed to other civilizations. Please stop the signal immediately! If you don’t send it, there might still be a slim chance of survival. This is the last piece of advice from a kind civilization – I hope you can survive the next blow. ]

“Alright, so that’s how it is.”

Back then, Lo Ya received a signal from 35 light-years away using the starry sky signal device and replied herself. Currently, this message had just left Insect Girl’s solar system not long ago, and it would take more than 30 years to reach its destination.

This signal itself was a disguise, and only Insect Girl herself could receive it. The other low level space civilizations could not intercept it at all.

“Doesn’t this mean that there are intelligent life on the target planet?”

Lo Ya had such an idea.

Because the Glasses Insect had received the signal, it had already activated the self-decline program and very quickly disappeared into the universe.

However, this had at least given Insect Girl Clan a trace of clues about other civilizations, and the degree of development of the target civilization might not be too high.

The universe was too big, and there were countless galaxies. Most of the resources were not suitable for insects to develop. Even Slime and Nourishing Insect needed to swallow a lot of stones to gather a small amount of nutrients. This required a large amount of time, swallowing countless resources. Remove a lot of useless waste.

Under this kind of inefficient state, Lo Ya needed to wait for many years before she could develop a planet to the extent of Mother Star.

“I don’t care anymore, let’s slowly develop towards 35 light years away.”

Being able to have a life planet nearby was already a very lucky thing.

During this period of time, Insect Girl Clan optimized the traction technology, allowing the speed to reach 5 times the original speed. In other words, it only needed seven months to cross 35 light-years of distance.

This time, they sent out a transport insect and a Glasses Insect. With the full load conditions, the two would enter a high-speed traction state on April 25th and fly directly to the target location.

Along the way, it might take 2-3 months to plant insects on some planets, making the seven galaxies between the Insect Girl Clan and the target have their own bases.

Of course, currently, the areas where the insect swarm was focused on were only Mother Star and Lan Yue Star. The other galaxies nearby only left some insects to occupy their territory and observe the situation in the surrounding areas.

During this period of observation of the Milky Way, Lo Ya confirmed that this was a spiraling galaxy formed by three suspended arms. It had a diameter of 70,000 light years and about 60 billion stars, revolving around another galaxy millions of light years away.

Insect Girl’s Mother Star was at a position close to four fifths of the armband. The environment here was relatively stable and was more suitable for the evolution of life.

The planet 35 light years away was closer to the outside of the suspended arms, but this distance was huge for the Insect River System (Lo Ya gave this galaxy a name) To say it, it was just an insignificant point.

In 4-9 months, the transport insects to the target had passed through 4 galaxies. Among them was a 3-star system, 2 double-star systems, and a single-star system. They were respectively named as the galaxies of 1-2-3 at the beginning of the letter, while A represented single-star systems. B represented a double-star system, C represented a three-star system, and so on and so forth. There were relatively more planets in the C1 system, but most of them were stuck between the orbits of two stars. There was no atmosphere, so it was not suitable for survival. One of them was even moving intensely in the earth’s crust, with lava all over the place. Insects could not even do adaptive training.

Finally, a few bugs landed on the C1-1, C1-3, and C1-5 respectively as observation and transition stations.

Of course, just like other planets, there was a small amount of Light Plate Insect left here. Fortunately, they would reproduce on a large scale in the future and collect star energy.

Until September 12th, when the bugs passed by A5, they finally saw a planet with life.

There was a small amount of liquid lake on it, which was 170 million kilometers away from the star. The average temperature was -6 degrees Celsius, and the equator was about three-degrees Celsius. The difference in temperature between day and night was bigger than on Earth, and there were a few plants that were different from the life on Earth.

The main reason was that these plants were not green and did not have photosynthesis. They grew organs similar to animals that could absorb nutrients from the soil. After Lo Ya threw down the Sickle Insect, she was sure that there were many primitive animals living in the water. They were strange-looking and looked like flat flatbread in many places. There were traces of densities and sulfur in their bodies.

“It seems that as long as the environment is not too bad, life can still be born.”

In such a long period of time, the probability of life evolving might not be as low as he had imagined. However, it was too difficult to ensure their existence for a period of time without extinction, let alone a civilization.

One could imagine that most of the planets with life were these types of relatively primitive things. Moreover, they might not be able to withstand one round of natural disasters and fall in the cruel history of evolution.

Lo Ya dropped 200 insects on this planet with a diameter of 4,100 kilometers. As the first alien colony, she named it: Planet Lighthouse, codename A1-1

The reason was simple. This was the first time Insect Girl had colonized a living alien planet, even though these primitive brains did not quite understand what had happened.

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