C303 Level 3 Brain

On December 15th, the Insect Girl Clan frigate that was flying towards the Mother Star finally broke free from the restricted area of the gravitational field and entered the quiet galactic space.

Due to the few safe energy-controlled trips along the way, the spaceship had traveled 58.8 billion kilometers per second at a speed of 150 kilometers per second, which was equivalent to 6700 kilometers per second.

This was the advantage of space expansion.

Of course, even with the low-energy attraction, there were at least 200 crystals that were used to resist the disturbance of the gravitational field. The cost of this process was truly terrifying.

But at this moment, Lo Ya observed a small number of small celestial bodies. These celestial bodies formed a ring with a low density and wrapped the entire planetary system. Calculating the distance, it was very likely that this was the legendary Kuiper belt.

When frigate passed by an area of tens of millions of kilometers, he noticed a small planet with a diameter of 1,200 kilometers.

Two small planets with a diameter of a few kilometers revolved around this small planet.

“Throw two Sickle Insect down.”

The temperature here was as low as -212 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a large amount of Energy Charging Crystal must be stored to withstand the cold for a long time.

Fortunately, the underground temperature of the planet would be relatively high. The insects could hide inside and maintain their survival, but they could also breed slowly.

Let’s name Planet Margin 1. If we find other planets with a diameter of more than 500 kilometers within this ring, we will follow the order of Planet Margin 2 and 3.

The surface of Planet Margin 1 was a pale gold color, and there were many craters. A large number of black spots were arranged irregularly.

The spaceship slowly landed on the solid surface of the ball and dropped two Sickle Insect.

They started digging with hundreds of Energy Charging Crystal and quickly moved underground. The frigate quickly started the fusion engine and took off, leaving this place.

After accelerating to 150 kilometers per second, the engine turned off. The biological traction device was activated, increasing the speed of space expansion and avoiding getting close to celestial bodies with a diameter of more than 200 kilometers.

This time, the space expanded at an astonishing five times the speed of light, which was 1.5 million kilometers per second. After maintaining flight for five hours, leaving the Kuiper belt, the spaceship increased the traction power for the second time.

“I feel like using the curvature is more appropriate.”

However, Lo Ya thought about it carefully and felt that something was not right. Because in some movies in her memory, curvature sailing referred to the way to distort or fold time and space. To allow the ship to obtain extraordinary speed, Insect Girl was currently only using the expansion of space.

This time, the speed of the ship had reached its current limit, which was 12 times the speed of light.

It was 3.6 million kilometers per second. With this speed, they could get close to the gravitational field of the target galaxy after four months of sailing.

According to observations along the way, the target galaxy was a dual-star system.

A white dwarf revolved around a yellow dwarf. Other than that, there were also a few planets that were moving around the yellow dwarf, just like the white dwarf.

“There seem to be three planets around the white dwarf as well.”

In the spaceship, the information of Brain Insect No.1’s Spirit was directly transmitted to Lo Ya’s mind.

“Continue to observe.”

After Lo Ya gave this order, she continued to eat with Little Little Insect Girl and the rest.

Two small balls of Little Insect Girl rolled onto her tail and climbed up along her white tail.

At this time, a rumble suddenly sounded from a thousand meters away. It turned out that the second frigate successfully rose into the sky. In order to reproduce efficiently, it ate a lot of things the moment it appeared and created a tail that was used for reproduction.

At the same time, a large number of insects would enter its interior and be transported to the surrounding planets.

“Well, the ruling structure of the occupied area should also change”

Lo Ya suddenly thought of something and came to the current imperial palace of Empire of Insect Girl. She found Luya, who was the prime minister inside.

“Luya, I have an important task for you.” She took out the starry sky projector in the storage space and gave it to the other party, “There is a star map of the surrounding area recorded inside. Get someone to draw it out. Furthermore, Understood”

“Understood” Luya had been busy recently, so she was also in a hurry.

“By the way, the governance structure of the government should change. Currently, the Empire has become our territory and the entire world has fallen into our hands.” Lo Ya handed another piece of paper to him. “Take a look.”

“This is…” Luya took over the hand and found the administrative structure on it.

At the top, there was a picture of Little Insect Girl, representing the absolute ruler of the planet.

A line extended downwards, connecting to the length of the ball.

After that… After that was Insect Girl’s exclusive district (Fresnel Forest), five provinces, and then the city, county and town.

“I’ll leave the development of Empire of Insect Girl to you. The insects are only responsible for public security and recruitment of the necessary talents. They will not interfere with your life too much. However, you have to be careful. You have to open up a large number of schools. Set up a 12-year compulsory education institution. In addition, he didn’t need to fill in the duck education system. He didn’t need to waste too much time during the exam. Instead, he wanted them to study directly in production and research. I will only choose the most outstanding person in every end-of-year exam. Then I will join the upper echelons of the Empire.”

Insect Girl was now focusing on the geniuses who worked hard, which was the kind of talent and hard work that needed to be at the top to conduct research for herself.

Even though she admired those who had to do thousands or tens of thousands of questions to get good results in Mathematics, they did not have much potential. Unless he could make some achievements in this field, he might as well change his profession and study.

On the other hand, in order to quickly increase Little Insect Girl’s brain level, Lo Ya had already started to let a small number of Insect Girl enter human society. She followed the high officials in the palace or some people in the civilian world to experience life and get in touch with social knowledge.

Of course, the young Small was still raised as much as possible. This was the most suitable childhood for them.

Currently, Lo Xin had already taken a spacecraft to other planets to inspect the situation and get to know the various planets, as well as receive Lo Ya’s teachings and knowledge.

Everyone was rapidly growing.

In March, the Insect Girl Clan finally welcomed the day of the super brain.

[The brain of a beginner civilization has basically matured, unlocking the authority of level 3. ]

[Insect Girl has been strengthened by the Spirit, and her memory has been enhanced. ”

There were no obvious changes. They just felt that everyone’s reactions had become more agile.

Although the adult Insect Girl already had the intelligence of an ordinary human, they still maintained their original nature. When it was time to be cute, she was still very cute, which made Lo Ya feel very relieved.

If their intelligence grew and became unreliable mature one by one, or if they obtained some selfish character, that would not be good.

But looking at the situation in front of her, the innate talent in everyone’s genes was still there. For example, their stomachs were facing the sky and dozing off, and then they slept for two hours each time.

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