C302 Insects and Planet Control

At the beginning of December 2, Empire of Insect Girl, a stable breeding ground had been established on Planet Blue Moon and Planet Red Moon. As the former had a small number of hostile life forms, there would be battles from time to time, and the production of insects would be much higher.

A portion of the Sickle Insect landed on the planets near the star and conducted experiments on the temperature and environment there.

In reality, the bugs that initially landed did not last long at all, because the temperature was too high and they died. However, after a long period of repeated training, the bugs could now easily endure the high temperature below 600 degrees.

After the Glasses Insect was equipped with an advanced engine, they had already arrived 10 degrees away from Mother Star. 800 million kilometers away. Here, it discovered a small rocky planet.

After a few months of observation, it was confirmed that there were six planets in this galaxy.

From the inside to the outside, the innermost was a rocky asteroid, which had landed on Mercury in memory of the solar system. The planet was named Water Ball Planet.

The second planet was the Insect Girl Clan’s Mother Star. It was a super hollow planet constructed by humans. It had a diameter of more than 300,000 kilometers and was one-fifth of the galaxy’s stars.

The third was a light blue gaseous planet with a diameter of 30,000 kilometers.

The fourth one was also a gaseous planet with a diameter of about 100,000 kilometers.

Apart from a lot of satellites, the two planets above also had rings.

Further away was a gray solid planet with a diameter of more than 5,000 kilometers, named Gray Star.

The last one was 10. The one 800 million kilometers away had a diameter of more than 4700 kilometers. It looked light red, and its surface was covered with solidified crystals. The Brain Insect analyzed the crystals and found that they contained ice and other materials.

Lo Ya had already sent the flourishing ball and Mother Nest to the Water Ball Planet, Gray Planet, and the two gaseous planets. They also carried a lot of Sickle Insect tails and food in their bodies so that they could reproduce there.

As for the outermost one, it was very likely to be the last planet in the galaxy, so Lo Ya named it the Beginning and prepared to use it as a base to head out of the solar system.

The first transport bug had already been born, and it looked like a flat oval. The eyes were the detector improved by the Glasses Insect, and the weapon was equipped with a newly evolved Electromagnetic Cannon. Shooting speed was 18 kilometers per second. 160 meters in length, 40 meters in width, and 25 meters in height. Other than the fusion reactor and the weapon warehouse, the rest of the projectiles were filled with empty projectiles.

[Empty] [Empty projectile: Removes all the Sickle Mother Nest from the weapon and sports system, and the shell without consciousness.] It was in the shape of a cube with a diameter of 5 meters. The cost is extremely low. It can only be used to place the main insect on the ground. According to the maximized space utilization rate, excluding the space occupied by the jet facilities, Each sphere could store about 10 Sickle Insect or insect slayers, and could also store 40 Flying Dagger Insect. As for the largest saw worm, it could only be stuffed with 2. If the airdrop ball that landed on the ground was not destroyed, it could be recycled and used again (needed to be repaired). ]

A single transport insect could hold 500 airdrop balls, which meant that even if all of them were loaded with sawworms, there would still be 1,000 of them.

Of course, Lo Ya would not do that. According to his current combat strength, he would let 420 balls load the Sickle Insect, 40 of them load the sawworms, 30 of them load the Flying Dagger Insect, and the last 10 contain the sawworms.

In other words, a single transport ship could transport 4200 Sickle Insect, 400 of them kill the bugs, 1,200 Flying Dagger Insect, and 20 of the sawworms. There was a total of 5820 bugs.

Because the cost of airdrop balls was especially low, Lo Ya directly started a large-scale production. The price of each ball was not even half of the Sickle Insect, and the production speed was also very fast. It was specially hardened by Nourishing Insect.

In less than a day, 2000 balls were completed.

Lo Ya let the swarm of insects hide inside, and then sent it to the only transport insect at present. It began to take off and flew towards the target planet that was 1.08 billion kilometers away.

The engine directly started up high power, and the impact of the fusion shot out from the tail. Half a day later, the speed of the spaceship was increased to 600 kilometers per second. Flying in such a state would take 21 days to reach the destination.

In fact, at this speed, even if the spaceship collided with some dust, there would be devastating consequences. Fortunately, this space was very spacious and could support this speed.

One and a half months later, the transport ship arrived at the target planet and sent down the main swarm of bugs.

The target planet had a satellite, Lo Ya did not let it go and threw a bunch of empty throwing balls towards it. After confirming that the insects could endure the environment under the heating of Energy Charging Crystal, Lo Ya heaved a sigh of relief.

“It seems that other than the two huge gaseous planets, there is nothing wrong with the rest for Insect Girl.”

Thinking about it carefully, it was really scary. Half a year ago, it was hard for even the planets to fly out. Now, they had already landed on the furthest planet in the galaxy.

Currently, the scale of the insect swarm in Mother Star had exceeded 10 million. During this period of time, the construction speed of the spacecraft would gradually increase, so that more individuals could be transported to the surrounding planets.

The modification of the Celestial Ring had also begun. Although there were countless meteorites and ice crystals on it, the insects could obviously use these energy sources. It was just that the efficiency was very low.

After the Light Plate Insect evolved its ability to fly in outer space, Lo Ya sent it to outer space. Then she let them approach Insect Girl’s sun at a constant speed (the name of the star in this galaxy) and fly around it. At that time, there would be a specialized transport ship that would transport the final Energy Charging Crystal that they obtained back.

They could clearly feel that Insect Girl’s crystallization speed had clearly increased after getting close to the star. However, if the distance was too close, the radiation would burn the Light Plate Insect. Therefore, the final orbit was set at a distance of 42 million kilometers from the surface of the planet, which was 5 million kilometers closer to the orbit of the planet.

At this distance, each charged crystal only needed 10 days to be produced.

Currently, the tribe had a total of 6.2 million Light Plate Insect, and they had more than 10 million small crystal stones in reserve. More than half of these particles were crystals from the earlier stages, and their energy was low. As they were small in size, they would be given to some of the main insects. About one million was the result of the upgrade in December, with a diameter of three centimeters. Its entire body. It was red in color, and its energy was 100 times that of the first generation crystal.

This was already the limit of the current energy crystal. For a very, very long period of time in the future, there wouldn’t be any major improvement.

At this point, Lo Ya was already in the mood to explore outside the galaxy.

Although the second frigate was still growing, it was already close to adulthood. It optimized the internal structure and equipped the original base with a set of expanding organs to help guide the ship.

Of course, Lo Ya preferred to call it transition jump compared to pulling.

This kind of sailing method was extremely energy-consuming. By relying on nuclear fusion, crystal mines, or Energy Charging Crystal replenishment, it could only barely maintain a relatively low degree of space travel.

Although she did not try, Lo Ya estimated that the current speed could reach 1 light year per month at the fastest speed. A total of 40,000 Energy Charging Crystal was needed.

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