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In the next two days, Glasses Insect No. 1 observed the Crimson Moon. No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 aimed in other directions of the solar system and began searching for other planets.

As a result, they found a small metal planet near the star.

It was 2300 kilometers in diameter and was only slightly bigger than Lan Yue. It indicated that the temperature was extremely high and there was a slight degree of rotation. It would only spin once in 7000 years, so the side facing the star was very hot, about 600-700 degrees.

To Insect Girl, this temperature was still bearable.

On the contrary, they found two planets on the other side. One of them was a huge gaseous planet, 400 million kilometers away from Insect Girl’s Mother Star.

The other one was also very large, with a diameter of 30 thousand kilometers. It had a surface of 2,000 kilometers gaseous hydrogen and helium, mixed with a lot of liquids and sand. According to the knowledge provided by the girl, the gravity acceleration on its surface was 15. 3 meters / second = 2 seconds.

Lo Ya quickly gave up on the idea of landing because there was a storm of more than 100 meters per second on the surface of the planet. The environment inside made it very difficult for the insects to survive for too long. In the future, they would at most send some creatures to adapt to training. She would wait until there was a way to use the energy above first.

“The density of most gaseous planets is not too high, but the size is still quite terrifying.”

Lo Ya currently did not have any plans to land on the target planet, but they were surrounded by satellites and rings, so they could be used as the future space production base of Insect Girl Clan.

In order to know the situation of the planets in this galaxy faster, the two Glasses Insect detectors had already left Mother Star and began to accelerate continuously. They would increase their speed to 100 kilometers per second and fly towards the surrounding space.

Once there were celestial bodies passing by, they would immediately turn to shoot.

Glasses Insect 4 was later used to observe the background space, study the surrounding galaxies, and the situation of the entire Milky Way.

Insect Girl was still building the planetary weapons based on the existing genes. The main purpose was to defend against the threat from outer space, and to destroy some celestial bodies that might crash into the planet.

With Insect Girl’s current ability, it wouldn’t take long for her to develop her own galaxy. So her current main goal was to solve the problems of sailing.

Obviously, as her speed increased, her time would become slower. And according to Lo Ya’s knowledge of the Law of Unchanging Light Speed, under any reference system… The light in the vacuum would not change for any observer of speed. For example, when a certain person traveled at a speed of 99.99% of the speed of light, the light that he saw was also moving at the speed of light. In other words, the light in his eyes was still the speed of light.

In fact, at this time, his time had slowed down (He couldn’t feel it, but people with different reference systems could see that it had indeed slowed down).

This terrifying phenomenon would lead to a terrifying result: The person who sailed at the speed of light felt as if he had flown four light-years away in an instant. When he arrived at a nearby galaxy, his senses couldn’t sense that time had slowed down. He thought that it had only been a very short period of time, for example, one second. But looking at the time in reality, four years had already passed.

In other words, the one second he felt, to outsiders… In fact, it had been a very long time. In everyone’s opinion, he had sailed for four years before arriving at the target galaxy. But to himself, he had actually sailed for four light-years in one second.

But could he say that he had traveled at superluminal speed?

Unfortunately, he didn’t.

His speed still abided by the laws of physics. It was just that the expansion of time had caused a change in his own time. It resulted in the result of “flying towards the future.” However, in order to discover this change, one had to stand at a relative angle. In other words, they needed different reference systems to compare.

What Lo Ya wanted to achieve was not simply increasing speed and slowing down time. Instead, she wanted to truly cross the absolute barrier of the laws of physics, light speed, and save the time that was gradually frozen.

In the words of the Earth girl, it was to let you consume a small amount of energy that exceeded light speed, and time would not slow down.

The easiest way to achieve this was to pull the ship forward.

The so-called pulling the ship is to ignore the upper limit of light speed set by the laws of physics in the universe, directly tampering with space.

In other words, use the so-called space to expand.

The formula had already proven the speed of electromagnetic waves (light speed). Experiments had verified this speed, and all matter that had stationary mass could not reach light speed.

However, the distant celestial bodies are moving away from us at a speed that exceeds light speed.

Later on, people learned that it is not objects moving at light speed. It was the space expanding, the distance between different spaces extending. Because of this, the farther a celestial body was, the faster it moved away from itself. The rate at which every inch of space in the universe expanded superimposed on each other, far surpassing the speed of light.

This also caused the universe itself to escape far beyond the limits of moving objects.

In other words, even if you really chased at the speed of light, you wouldn’t be able to catch up to some of the planets at the edge of the universe.

The girl said that as long as you found the reason for the expansion of space, you could use this point to ‘squeeze’ the space around you, and ‘extend’ to other places far away. This was the so-called traction.

In the beginning, people called this a wormhole.

Later, people thought that it had only opened up another space, but in fact, the spaceship had already entered another dimension, so people called it subspace travel.

After that, it changed its name to transition jump.

However, this was different from electronic transition jump. The spaceship didn’t even need to move or accelerate to slow down. It didn’t even feel like it had crossed a long distance.

In any case, Lo Ya could not understand. Since her brain did not understand, then she did not need to understand. Let the genes evolve by themselves.

The girl did not think that Lo Ya could succeed. In the end, she did not expect that before the second year was over, a small high-speed engine appeared in Insect Girl Clan.

It made the spaceship sail at a speed of 10 kilometers per second for 3 seconds, but it actually traveled 60 kilometers.

It was twice as fast.

Its method was to make the space behind it expand to the sides and push open the space where the spaceship was, thus allowing it to move at high speed.

Unfortunately, this process consumed a lot of energy, and the interference from gravity was more intense. It could only be used when it was far enough away from certain celestial bodies. Otherwise, there would be spatial disorder, causing the particles inside the ship to be separated by the expanding space. Disintegration would occur.

Therefore, in the galaxy, due to the influence of various celestial bodies and the stars themselves, it was not safe to guide the ship and was more suitable for fusion engines.

Once the ship sailed to a place far enough from the galaxy’s influence, it could instantly increase its speed through this method.

“Phew, but the technology isn’t very mature yet. Let’s complete the exploration of Mother Star first.”

Lo Ya was still unclear about the situation of the Mother Star in the universe.

In any case, it was unlikely to be in the central region of the Milky Way, because the environment was too complicated and all kinds of disasters were happening frequently. It was very difficult to find a stable planet that could evolve life.

If any civilization could develop from that place, it would definitely be very terrifying.

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