C300 The Brains of Some Civilizations

Five hours later, the flourishing ball and Mother Nest arrived in the sky above Planet Lan Yue first. It dropped the ball on its abdomen, then it stopped the engine and flew at a constant speed in orbit.

There was no friction in the atmosphere. The flourishing ball, which was about to land on the ground, released a rebound gas and slowed down. Finally, it crashed into a big pit on the ground.

One hundred of the small beetle immediately came out and started protecting the few main insects around them.

Lo Ya and Little Insect Girl saw with their own eyes that this big ball stretched out countless insect limbs and firmly fixed themselves. Lo Ya did not let it drill into the ground, and only gave the order to absorb energy for production.

The energy provided by the rock would take a few hours to produce 100 beetles. Fortunately, after a period of time, the Nourishing Insect could also provide nutrition, which allowed the scale of the beetles to quickly expand.

Their strength was two stages lower than the ball-shaped monsters, but their numbers were much greater. Lo Ya was prepared to specially produce a portion of the Explosive Beetle for emergencies. This way, she could rely on the explosion to destroy the enemy.

After eight hours, the frigate sent over the second batch of 500 main cannon fodder bugs.

This way, not only did the bugs on Lan Yue have a stable production base, they also had spare energy to explore the surroundings.

Some of the beetles dug deep underground to confirm if there were any ball-shaped monsters hiding in the depths, and some to provide protection for the Nourishing Insect.

After confirming that it was safe, Lo Ya brought little Little Insect Girl and the rest back to the interior of the frigate. She could be considered to have completely left this Blue Moon that would go crazy if she stayed for a long time.

“Phew, there are too few planets in the universe that can survive. There is a dead silence everywhere. Even I feel lonely.”

The young little fellows did not understand this feeling of loneliness. They would crawl around whenever they had nothing to do. After eating, they fell into a state of idleness. Actually, Lo Ya herself did not know what they were doing during this period of time and whether it was helpful for evolution.

But the slow growth of the brain did indeed give Insect Girl and the others more intelligence. Now, the adult Little Insect Girl was becoming more and more reliable. Although the nature of eating and playing was still there, once they got down to business, they were very well-behaved.

Lo Ya picked up a fruit and placed it 20 centimeters away from Little Insect Girl. The moment she saw it, she shouted happily.” Wah, Guo Guo.” Then, she twisted her tail and wanted to wriggle over.

However, Lo Ya stretched out a finger and pressed down on her tail.

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp ~ ~ ~

No matter how hard she tried to wriggle, she could not get close to the food at all. His body and two small hands leaned forward, his tail arched and arched.

Lo Ya was lying on the side and looking at her seriously.

One minute later, she seemed to have noticed the problem and stopped in confusion. Then she looked around curiously.

Then, she noticed the finger on her tail.

Her gaze followed the finger and saw Lo Ya’s head.

“Wow, Lo Ya!”

The little thing happily rushed towards her but unfortunately, its tail was pressed down and could only wriggle on the spot.

“This is great. This proves that I am more important than food.”

Lo Ya’s ahoge started to beat happily. Just like Little Insect Girl, she happily swung her tail.

When her fingers loosened, the little cutie wriggled in front of her and stuck out her tongue to lick.

Lo Ya picked up a melon and a piece of meat and placed them in front of her. Then, the Small hugged the two pieces of food and took big bites of the Gnawing. It did not pay attention to the eating posture at all.

There must be an organ in Insect Girl’s body that compressed energy. This allowed them to completely absorb all the useful food that was swallowed into her stomach. Before she finished eating, her tail was almost fat, but once she slept, it would return to its original state.

Lo Ya herself also took a piece of crocodile meat and ate it.

After a while, she and the other babies began to sleep.

Four hours later, the ship insect sent a message telling her that she had arrived at the birth collar.

Lo Ya carried the little fellows to the ground. They immediately smelled the aroma of barbecued meat and woke up one after another. They excitedly climbed to the side of the barbecued meat rack and looked at it with eager eyes.

Lo Xin, who was eating meat, picked up a piece of barbecued meat that weighed more than 50 kilograms and placed it in front of them, and then everyone surrounded it.

“It’s so harmonious.”

The world was peaceful and there was a look of satisfaction on her face.

The world was already Insect Girl’s home. Humans also knew who was the master of this world.

Lo Ya never mind opening up the people’s intelligence. She strongly encouraged people to research the Magic rules of this world, and in the future, she was prepared to send scientists to other planets to study the laws of physics in this universe.

The last human girl seemed to have no place to help, but she had a lot of basic common sense in her head.

This kind of common knowledge that humans called common sense was very useful to Insect Girl in this era.

For example, the unified theory of exerting force.

It was the great unified formula that had made physicists work hard for their entire lives.

Of course, it was useless to just know about it. It took a long time for humans to deduce the value of this formula.

And the so-called unified theory was what most civilizations in the universe knew about. It was nothing more than a different way of expressing themselves. According to this beautiful sister, the reason why mankind’s science could develop so quickly… It was also thanks to some simple symbols that could be quickly incorporated into the formula.

Some civilizations that described complex mathematics often found it harder to make breakthroughs in mathematics and physics because it increased the difficulty.

Therefore, using Mandarin to study mathematical content and using letter formulas to study were two different levels.

“Some creatures in the universe have quantum brains, and when they are thinking about some problems… They can use superimposed biters to calculate tens of thousands of problems parallel to each other. It can be said that their brain itself has the ability of a quantum computer ”

The girl’s words made Lo Ya feel terrified.

“But, that kind of brain also slowly evolved, right?”

“Of course, there is a limit to human consciousness, which means that there is only one or a few things that we can think of at the same time. However, some individual calculations have integrated fuzzy calculations and precise calculations, and the answers they come up with include all possibilities and possibilities. When you need it, useful answers will naturally be used. They could also be deduced in the brain without any computational instruments. Automatically completed analysis. Therefore, those civilizations did not have computers, and they could even construct a completely virtual world in their own brains. Dividing their own consciousness into countless independent parts, it’s like using their consciousness to create a world”

“That… could it be a high level civilization?” Lo Ya turned her head to look at Little Insect Girl who was eating the meat in a silly manner and was looking at her with a puzzled look. Instantly, she felt some despair.

“No, although this kind of civilization is rare, it is very difficult to reach the level of a high level civilization. After all, no matter how strong it is, it still needs time to develop.”

The girl suddenly smiled and said: “However, your consciousness link does indeed have the potential of a high level civilization, why don’t you let the entire civilization form a brain?”

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