C299 It Wasn’t Difficult to Develop

Lo Ya began to pay attention to the health bar above the heads of these monsters.

Ball monster, LV48, Gold Level, magic beast.

Level 48, but only had the strength of a Gold Level. This meant that the attributes of these creatures increased by one level were very little, and they were considered low potential creatures.

Its identity was that of a magic beast, which confirmed Lo Ya’s guess. Its plasma was clearly something that had merged with the Magic and ordinary plasma weapons. When the Sickle Insect urgently swallowed a few minutes of flesh and blood on the battlefield, it obtained the relevant genes.

[Obtained beneficial genes. Due to the evolution range being too large, it produces a new species: Electric Bug.]

[Electric Bug: A new type of bug that completely mimics the ball-shaped monster, 15 meters in length. It is formed from 15 ball-shaped balls with a diameter of about 1 meter, and its body produces high temperature through the fission furnace. Stripping electrons to form plasma. Different from the plasma state, the temperature of this Plasma Cannon was relatively low. It could produce explosions and ultra-high voltage electricity. The insect had wings on both sides, and it worked together with the chemical fuel jet at the tail. It could drill into the ground, and it could also engage in close combat in space. It only cost 180 Sickle Insect per use. ”

Earth The cost of bugs was mainly spent on the structure of the fission furnace and the plasma. This type of cannon could be installed on the frigate. Its range and flying speed would exceed the current Electromagnetic Cannon.

However, in terms of energy consumption, each Plasma Cannon consumed more energy, and its power might not be as great as the former. However, the advantages of this weapon were very obvious. It had more penetrative power, and it could penetrate through everything. It could even paralyze some of the facilities on the warship.

More importantly, the electric current, high temperature, and heat waves produced by the explosion were also extraordinary. It seemed to have an effect on many structural objects.

Due to the terrible power of the first generation of electric insects, Lo Ya was prepared to hatch one and throw it somewhere to consume energy for training. In order to find a way to optimize it. If it was powerful enough, then it would be used in space battles. It would also be a great help to the main fleet.

When Lo Ya shared her vision, the scene was a dazzling scene. The ball-shaped monster drilled into the ground faster than the swarm of insects. It swung its huge tail. It was able to heavily injure the super class insects. Of course, the current number of enemies was less than 50. Thus, the bugs that landed on the ground were enough to deal with them.

Not long after the two sides started fighting, the unlucky Ball Monster was completely wiped out.

Therefore, when the warship circled back to the sky above the battlefield, Lo Ya began to let the Battleship Insect descend. More than 100 meters away from the ground, she threw the remaining 200 main bugs and thousands of tiny Nourishing Insect into the cabin.

These insects quickly controlled an area of about one square kilometer on the ground. Then, the Nourishing Insect began to rock the ground of the Gnawing, attempting to absorb the energy within.

Lo Ya discovered that these rocks were much more nutritious than the ones on the silver moon. The Nourishing Insect’s size quickly increased through the absorption. At this rate, it would take less than two days. They could transform into several tens of kilograms of nutritional spheres.

Lo Ya allowed half of them to reproduce, while the other half would be fed to the main cannon fodder if they were slightly bigger, so that they could evolve a new tail as soon as possible.

“I feel that the current delivery ability is still too weak. The internal cabin of the combat ship is too small, so I can’t throw in too many troops at once. Hopefully, I can evolve a kind of transport ship after that.”

Insect Girl Clan had always been famous for its scale. They only had the ability to reproduce, but they were unable to quickly transport to other planets. This made her feel depressed.

In Lo Ya’s plan, the transport ship was definitely very large. Other than the necessary fusion engines and detectors, there was almost nothing else needed. At most, they could install some simple weapons on the surface of the ship.

Once these ships evolved, they would only be able to make up for the short-term needs. They couldn’t be used in future battles.

Her will quickly influenced the genes of the bug swarm. A level 1 Battleship Insect began to absorb nutrients, automatically expanding its size and producing an engine.

Shipbuilding was not easy for the current swarm. Just the frigate alone needed three months to complete one. Although the structure of the transport ship was simple, its size was huge, so it would take at least a month.

Currently, the only frigate was the entire space combat strength of Empire of Insect Girl.

Of course, she had nothing to worry about. The entire galaxy was so spacious and empty. She didn’t know how long it would take for aliens to discover or discover aliens. During this period of time, it would slowly develop, just following the steps. Once the scale was formed in the future, the expansion would be extremely fast.

The insects on the Blue Moon quickly discovered a tunnel that led in all directions underground. Obviously, this was the nest of a ball-shaped monster. However, the adult monsters inside had already been cleared, leaving behind only a group of young ones who did not have any combat power.

After killing all the creatures, everyone began to divide their food. They also used up the nutritious rocks on the ground and entered the breeding period with all their might.

Lo Ya landed on the ground when the Battleship Insect landed and then she brought little Little Insect Girl and the rest out of the boat.

“Everyone listen up. During this period of time, we can only move around in the control area.”

Lo Ya wanted to let the Small see the world ahead of time and understand the vast universe, and not sit in front of the barbecued meat rack all day waiting eagerly.

Some Nourishing Insect crawled to a very far place, their goal was to find the nearby creatures.

And the result showed that at this extremely low temperature, the other ball-shaped monsters were also hiding underground, and would not come out unless absolutely necessary, so everyone was relatively safe.

Lo Ya let the Battleship Insect leave Lan Yue and prepared to bring another batch of bugs over.

A flourishing ball and Mother Nest in the territory also started the engine and rushed to this planet from thousands of miles away.

Compared to the main swarm of bugs, the small beetle was the easiest to form scale.

Under Lo Ya’s lead, Little Insect Girl kept on touring this territory.

“Look, by analyzing the speed of the Nourishing Insect’s growth after devouring food, We can determine whether the minerals on this planet are nutritious or not. The current rate of growth is especially slow. If we didn’t observe for a period of time… He would not have been able to tell that it was growing. This meant that there was almost no energy on Lan Yue that could be absorbed. However… the universe was so large that most of the planets had no value for food. Therefore, we can’t waste it on a world like this. It would be best to send as many Nourishing Insect as possible. They reproduce quickly, filtering out the nutrients and giving them to other insects to eat. This way, the efficiency will be very high.”

As Lo Ya spoke, the two little Little Insect Girl opened their mouths and started to Gnawing at the rocks on the ground.

Crack! Crack!

With a cracking sound, the young Love blinked his eyes as if he was not satisfied with the taste. However, compared to not having any food to eat, even if it was a rock, it was still very good.

“Idiot, why don’t you just eat the Nourishing Insect?” Lo Ya picked up a Nourishing Insect that was only a few centimeters in diameter and stuffed it into her mouth.

“Mm, next time you can bring some Slime over.”

There were already a lot of Slime in the territory now. These creatures seemed to have a higher efficiency in converting stones, so it was better to throw them on a foreign planet.

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