C298 It Was on Planet Blue Moon Big Bug

After checking the planet, Lo Ya decided to bring her babies out to explore.

The frigate slowly landed on the birth collar and jumped out of the ship to take a look. Sure enough, a pile of Little Insect Girl was roasting meat below.

“I’m going out to play. I don’t want to roast meat anymore.”

Lo Ya rushed towards the Small.

“Wow, Lo Ya, let’s eat meat.” Lo Lo rushed in front of Lo Ya with the meat skewer in her hand and passed it to her.

“Awoo, delicious.”

Lo Ya wriggled over and roasted the meat together with the little cuties.

Half a day later…

“Oh right, let’s go play on the nearby planets.” Lo Ya’s ahoge stood up and picked up Little Insect Girl who was waiting for meat to eat. She stuck out her tongue and licked it.

This was a newly born Small, and it was currently five centimeters long. Every day, her biggest hobby was to lie down next to the barbecue grill and wait for the meat to eat. Insect Girl would come over from time to time to eat. Hence, she was able to get a portion of it, and it was especially blissful.

“Every day, I wait for the meat to be roasted. I can’t learn anything.”

Lo Ya patted this fellow’s head and decided to lead the Small out to admire the universe.

The blue moon’s diameter was 2000 kilometers, and its rotation speed was very slow. The observation results showed that there was no atmosphere, but considering that there was gas on the bald silver moon, Lo Ya could not rule out that it had been modified by humans.

Because Lo Ya did not let the Small and other barbecued meat, she pouted.

“Eat more fruits, and eat less meat.”

Lo Ya stretched out her finger and knocked her head. She placed it on her shoulder and then picked up the other few little Little Insect Girl and entered the cabin.

A few Sickle Insect carried a large pile of fruits and saplings in and prepared to be used as food to change the taste for the little cuties.

“It’s taking off.”

The edges were closed, leaving only a transparent film, allowing Little Insect Girl to see the outside.

The fusion engine started, and the ship slowly rose. When it was 100 meters high, the exhaust flame spurted out, and the ship began to accelerate.

Now that Little Insect Girl and the others were born with extraordinary energy protection and strong bodies, even if it was a few hundred meters per second acceleration, they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

As the ground got farther and farther away, they all leaned over the window, opened their mouths, and looked at the ground curiously.


A happy and shocked cry.

“Did you see that? This is our world” Lo Ya introduced to them.

“It’s delicious.” One Little Insect Girl drooled.

Lo Ya,… “”

The speed of the flying ship was very fast. Lo Ya had not actually tested how much it could speed up.

In fact, it sped up to 60 kilometers per second very quickly. With this speed, it would take about four hours to reach the destination.

However, even after flying for a long time, the planet in front of them was still very huge. Compared to this thing, the satellite was really just a Small.

“The scale of the universe.”

In space, the starlight towards the side of the sun could not be seen. But with her back to the area, Little Insect Girl’s Eye of Truth could see it clearly.

Four hours later, the frigate arrived near Lan Yue. Under the curious gazes of Little Insect Girl and the others, a Sickle Mother Nest was thrown down from the cabin.

This was to test the environment on the ground. If it was suitable for Little Insect Girl’s survival, the frigate would land.

The moment the Sickle Mother Nest landed, the bugs immediately rushed out. They were either going to explore the surroundings or digging a hole.

The photos taken from the sky clearly showed the environment on the top. There were many potholes and black ring-shaped mountains. The uneven blue color seemed to be emitting magic, giving people an ancient feeling of desolation.

“If there is no atmosphere, we can only rely on the Spiritual Link to communicate.”

Little Insect Girl ate fruits as she observed. Then, they piled up together and started playing.

When they confirmed that there was no problem below, Lo Ya ordered the spacecraft to land.

But at this moment, a huge black monster rushed out from under Lan Yue and fought with the bugs.

The monster was completely black, like a long snake made of balls, like a candied gourd that could be twisted and twisted. Its front end was a huge chrysanthemum shaped mouth, and it swallowed a Sickle Insect and a Bladebug in an instant.

However, the two bugs were stronger than they had imagined. The sharp claws of the Sickle Insect cut open a part of the ball and escaped. The Bladebug used its sharp blades and whips to cut open its body.

However, in such a short period of time, a part of the two bugs’ outer shells had already been corroded.

The big monster opened its mouth in pain and spat out a blue beam of light that directly penetrated the Sickle Insect. The remaining light extended to a few hundred meters away before completely disappearing.

Lo Ya opened her eyes wide in shock and even Little Insect Girl’s face was full of doubt.

It was definitely not a laser, but a type of energy that could light up. Moreover, the moment the Sickle Insect was penetrated, there was a small explosion. An electric current that was comparable to lightning was instantly transmitted to the entire body. This meant that this weapon had electricity.

“Plasma?” Lo Ya seemed to have thought of something.

How could there be life on this desolate planet? Why could this kind of life shoot out plasma?

Just as she was thinking this, more of these huge insects crawled out from the ground. Several hundred insects were fighting with them, and the Sickle Mother Nest displayed a powerful combat strength. The magma jet in its mouth immediately shot out magma that was thousands of degrees hot, hitting the nearest large insect. This kind of high temperature was obviously unbearable for the opposite party. It let out a wail (No sound). It fell to the ground in pain.

The surrounding bugs were also hit by the Sickle Mother Nest’s cannon fire. The 20 mm continuous cannon fire tore their bodies apart. A 120 mm main armament instantly destroyed one that was 200 meters away and broke it into two pieces.

The 100 small beetle also displayed quite a bit of strength. It easily tore open the outer skin of those monsters and drilled into their bodies.

A few Sickle Insect left the battle area and began to devour flesh and blood to obtain genes.

Lo Ya made the descending Battleship Insect stop and began to revolve around the planet at a relatively high speed to save energy while she used the Spiritual Link to observe the scene.

“There really is no safe place. Is the universe so scary?”

It could also be due to the special environment. For example, the Magic element. Since it was a satellite, then the silver moon, blue moon, and red moon must have been left behind by the people of Earth.

It might be one of the experimental planets.

Besides the three types of insects, the Flying Dagger Insect’s performance was also not bad. Relying on its high mobility, it predicted the direction of the target’s jet ahead of time and easily dodged the attack. Using it! The Drill was stronger, and the saw drill crushed all the way. The machine gun in his mouth fired continuously, instantly killing these bugs as soon as they appeared.

Yes, according to the Mother Star’s standards, these big bugs were all at the Space Level level.

It was understandable. After all, the gas on Lan Yue was too small. There was no atmosphere, and the environment was not something that ordinary creatures could withstand. Their outer skin had a very strong resistance, blocking the radiation from the sun and other celestial bodies.

The difference in temperature between day and night also made this planet’s long day comparable to hell, reaching more than 120 degrees Celsius. At night, it was at least -150 degrees Celsius.

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