C292 Fission Missile Bio-vector Engine

The basic use of the Electromagnetic Cannon had given Insect Girl Clan a weapon that could be used in outer space. Although the current electromagnetic rail cannon was very ordinary, In fact, the internal structure was very delicate. If it could be improved in the future, it could be slowly developed into a first-generation ship weapon. It would be used in interstellar wars.

In terms of energy utilization efficiency, Lo Ya, who had been considering whether to develop chemistry to transport insects into space and adapt to the environment in space in advance, suddenly received news of a certain insect’s fission evolution.

The main reason was that she swallowed enough nuclear waste, causing the genes in her body to analyze the possible cause of a nuclear weapon. Finally, she tried to separate a type of insect.

In fact, it was a fission nuclear weapon with a gun structure. The energy utilization efficiency might not be more than 5%, but Lo Ya discovered that it could not explode.

It had a structure, but it did not contain medicine. In this distorted world, if one used a microscope to observe the microstructure, one could only see the vibrations formed by several elements.

These elements were fire, wind, earth, water. Light. Darkness. Thunder…

Lo Ya finally passed through the teleportation portal at the end of the mountain range and sent it to the moon. Finally, she found uranium there.

Through the structure of the insect’s body, she successfully extracted a small amount of You235. The first atomic bomb was born.

Lo Ya finally threw it into the territory of the Devil Beast Lord to test the explosion. In the end, there was an explosion of nearly 15,000 tons of TNT equivalent weight, killing tens of thousands of magical beasts.

The subsequent radiation pollution also made those creatures miserable, and they were forced to surrender.

Lo Ya began to use nuclear weapons to force the Empire and the magical beasts to surrender.

The cost of the fission bugs was very high, mainly because the structure of the isotope organ and particle ignition organ was too delicate. The process also consumed a lot of energy, and even had to be equipped with middle-grade crystal explosives in the body. Therefore, the cost of each one of them reached the standard of several hundred Sickle Insect.

After many experiments, the cost slowly dropped to 50 Sickle Insect, and the unlimited investment forced more magical beast tribes to admit defeat, while Lo Ya seized the opportunity to plunder their genes.

Along with the gradual maturation of fission technology, a special organ evolved in the Shooting Reproductive Insect’s body. It could secrete a type of radiation that could release rays similar to sunlight.

Building these boards layer by layer, it was a plant production factory that did not rely on the sun. It achieved low-cost plant breeding.

Lo Ya also let the bugs continue plant gene breeding. Anyway, for them, Pollution was not important at all. Hence, as long as it was big enough, Even if the output was high, even if it was a plant that was deformed to the point of being terrifying… There was no problem at all.

The shell of the collision bug was strengthened again and again, and a high-temperature flamethrower appeared on its head. It could shoot flames 300 meters away, and a huge cannon with a diameter of 400 mm grew on its back. And… It was continuously strengthened after repeated experiments.

The Undead Insect’s fireseed gene was absorbed, and the goal of producing insects was to become a mature undead creature.

The Wind God Winged Insect’s wings began to load with ammunition, and the strength of its wings increased greatly. A jet appeared at the tail, increasing its speed to the level of modern airplanes.

In short, in just a few short months, the changes in the Insect Girl Clan were extremely shocking. Perhaps it was thanks to the evolution of the mysterious tree.

Along with the modern bug species, Lo Ya finally saw some genes that could let her see the hope of rising to the sky.

First was the bio-vector engine technology.

This technology first appeared on the Wind God Winged Insect’s body. It could automatically adjust the direction and separate the jet to achieve a vertical landing and landing.

It had to be said that the evolution in this area was influenced by Lo Ya’s memory. The moment it appeared, it was close to the engine technology of the fourth generation on Earth, and it even had the engine combination technology.

It was just that the interior of a vector engine was made up of more small engines, and each of them could be turned. When necessary, they could be combined together, greatly increasing the flexibility.

Due to the lack of coal and oil, the first generation engines were all using the propulsion force released by the slow burning and expansion of the crystallized ore that had been dug out underground. The tail was accompanied by blue flames.

After that… After that… The second generation probably appeared a week later and no longer relied on crystal mines. Instead, they would use the recharging crystal of the Light Plate Insect. After installing five of them at once, they would be able to fly for an hour. Furthermore, a Wind God Winged Insect would be able to store 120 of them within its body, which would coincidentally provide a day’s worth of flight time.

However, it was very obvious that they wanted to rely on this kind of technology to allow the Wind God Winged Insect to fly into space. It was also not impossible, as long as it continuously provided the same propulsion force. By allowing the Wind God Winged Insect to slowly leave the planet’s gravitational constraints, it would be able to completely escape its influence at a certain moment.

However, it was still the same problem. The cost was too high.

The Wind God Winged Insect’s weight was very light, not like a plane. Delivering this thing to space required flying for many hours. The energy consumption during the process was really too exaggerated. If the entire Insect Girl Clan did this, they would definitely die from the energy crisis.

However, Lo Ya still decided to send one into the sky to let it experience the environment in outer space so that it could make better adaptability evolution.

The weapon that the Wind God Winged Insect carried was really just a bomb. Of course, its power was 20 times greater than the Explosive Beetle. As the utilization rate of the crystal ores increased, its power also gradually increased.

The anti-air weapon, which was also known as the venom launch ability, also increased. The weapons shot out were all wrapped in fragile bullets, which could unleash the power of large caliber machine guns. It was much stronger than before.

As the various weapons continued to develop, the insects also made great progress in the synthesis of chemical cannonballs. For example, the appearance of a series of high-explosive bombs, poisonous fog bombs, and a batch of combustible bombs had caused the insects to attack the main force of the Empire. The efficiency greatly increased.

For example, thermal bombs.

This type of bullet. The cost of these cannonballs was not particularly high. Using them on Bullet Insect and Launcher Insect was simply a qualitative increase in combat strength.

In other aspects, with the maturation of the insect rocket technology, the insect swarm began to launch biological missiles at the insect swarm.

It was just that the first-generation missiles were not much bigger than the Launcher Insect’s rockets. They were launched in the direction of the insect eye, and the fire-breathing device at the tail used the bio-vector engine to change direction. At the same time, they used the Spiritual Link to transmit the target’s location information.

Compared to modern conventional missiles, this thing was a real tracking missile. It was the kind that could turn around and attack other targets on the way. In addition, it used Energy Charging Crystal, so the cost was quite high. A ___ that could provide several hours of flight could be thrown to Earth and had the ability to attack the world.

The upper end of the missile could automatically protrude, and it had the same effect as a plane climbing up. It saved fuel consumption. As the size of the insects increased in the future, Insect Girl would pay more attention to the development of this weapon’s power and size. And… It would last for a longer period of time. In addition, due to the lack of jet power, the speed of flight is very slow. Thus, the jet power needs to be increased.

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