C291 Plasma Insects and Electromagnetic Launcher Insects

On the Empire’s side, as the Holy City falls, the people of the entire nation go crazy. Resisting with all their might. But at this point, most of the industrial manufacturing bases in the country had already been destroyed. Faced with the overwhelming swarm of insects, they had long lost the momentum.

Lo Ya started to use the fleet to transport some of the insect swarms to the Eastern Continent and try to capture them as soon as possible. At the same time, the main force of the Fresnel Forest increased their attack speed. Shi Shi’s adult Little Insect Girl rushed to the front line of the battlefield and continuously attacked the extraordinary magical beasts. In order to reduce the pressure of the main force of the army.

Currently, the Insect Girl Clan had a main army of 6.5 million insects. Along with the Empire and the decline in the Empire’s battlefield’s endurance, the initial Undead Insect production had gradually stopped.

The Bullet Insect had evolved. Its size had increased slightly, and two gun barrels that resembled arms had grown out. In reality, they were firearms.

Many genes that were used in Sickle Insect had appeared on the Bullet Insect, causing the defensive power of these insects to be close to the Sickle Insect. It had become a long-range soldier that had both artillery and firearms. Of course, their speed was not as fast as the Sickle Insect, so they were more suitable for long-range combat.

The Bullet Insect’s firearms had already been improved on their original foundations, and they had the ability to fire continuously like machine guns. Two rotating ammunition bags had grown on the upper end of its arm, and they were fully equipped with a total of 400 bullets. It greatly increased the firepower of the gun.

As the new Bullet Insect was thrown into the battlefield, the suppression of the Insect Girl Clan’s firepower increased. The Empire’s soldiers were constantly defeated, and they suffered heavy losses.

On the 1st of January, the 2nd year of Empire of Insect Girl, as a strange creature was devoured, a special bug that absorbed solar energy appeared in the Insect Girl Clan: Light Plate Insect.

This kind of bug. This insect that cost one-tenth of the Sickle Insect looked like a dragonfly, but its wings were extremely large, and its back was also densely packed with solar energy gathering points.

The energy would eventually be gathered into the special crystal in its body. It would take one month to fill up one piece, and the crystal itself could be used by all the insects.

Just like the battery provider, the appearance of the Light Plate Insect meant that the Insect Girl Clan could directly use the light energy. Moreover, the efficiency was very high. Every Energy Charging Crystal could make the Sickle Insect not eat or drink. Survive for a year. During war, the consumption of the Energy Charging Crystal would increase, and the time it could be used would be shortened to a few months.

Lo Ya had planned to produce 100,000 Light Plate Insect in the first batch, and the consumption was only a few percent of the production in a day.

As for the rest of the time, she constantly spent time eating the flesh and blood of various creatures to increase her Evolution points.

In fact, in just a few days, she had accumulated 60,000 points.

Opening the editor, two branches appeared on the evolution tree:

[Experimental evolution: In the process of experimenting with weapons and war mode, you can find evolution information. Editor Consumption: 60,000 Evolution points. 】

Transcendental: If the main attribute points exceed 100, the creature will automatically advance to become a Super Mortal. Editor Consumption: 100,000 Evolution points 】

“Phew, so expensive.”

At present, the only thing that could be lit up was [Experimental Evolution] That was it.

Lo Ya did not hesitate. After choosing, she withdrew from the editor.

Experimenting and evolution required constant experimentation.

And war itself was an experiment on the performance of weapons. So not long after the evolution was completed, the Insect Girl Clan’s combat strength was subtly improved.

The shooting range of bullets increased, the shooting range of cannonballs increased, and the power of various weapons increased. The speed and flexibility of the Sickle Insect increased greatly, just like how humans trained their muscles. The insects also began to train.

Putting aside the combat strength of the starry sky, the combat strength on the ground was getting stronger and stronger.

Moreover, the resources within the Fresnel Forest were terrifyingly rich. Every few kilometers the insects moved forward, they might obtain some beneficial genes. Until these genes were completely absorbed, it would be able to facilitate an evolution.

In a month’s time, seventy percent of the empire’s territory had been annexed, and the Fresnel Forest region had advanced 300 kilometers.

The basic attributes of the Sickle Insect had already reached 100 points and above, and could be considered to be standing before the threshold of the Super Class.

In addition, a special type of Electromagnetic Cannon’s Launcher Bug that had stolen the power gene had also appeared during this period of time.

The so-called Electromagnetic Cannon was a weapon that used electromagnetic forces to accelerate the bullets and obtain strong kinetic energy. The power and range of this weapon was far stronger than ordinary cannonballs. However, when the first generation of electromagnetic Launcher appeared, Lo Ya was very disappointed with it.

First of all, the cannonballs were small and not as big as the bullets. This was because the current insects had not completed their genetic modification and were still in the stage of weapon experiments.

Next, the consumption was huge. A Light Plate Insect that was charged for a month was installed. The electricity produced could not support a single shot. It also had to consume all the nutrients stored within his body. Even so, his shooting range was only a short 15 kilometers.

Yes, a bullet with a range of 15 kilometers.

This… The insect’s body was not large, and the back half of its body was similar to that of a bull. Its forehead extended out and became a one meter long coil tube.

Before the artillery shell was fired, the bullet would fall from the filling device above its head. Floating in the circular electromagnetic field at the end of the tube, energy quickly erupted from its entire body. It would create a shocking current, causing the cannonball’s speed to instantly increase to an astonishing degree.

Because it was a primitive circular cannon, its structure was also not good in all aspects. Thus, this type of insect was not suitable for large-scale battles. The accuracy of the cannonball was very high, and the distance of 15 kilometers was not more than 10 meters. It was much stronger than the other artillery fire.

However, Lo Ya was not satisfied, so after producing 10 of them, she provided them with Insect Girl crystals for them to keep trying.

The Energy Charging Crystal was an important source of energy for the future continuation of the Insect Girl Clan’s space war, so at this stage, it was necessary to strengthen the Light Plate Insect.

Lo Ya spent most of her time lying around the Electromagnetic Launcher to observe. Seeing the energy of the cannons being consumed one after another, she could not help feeling a little heartache.

Only consuming crystals and not consuming the energy within the body, the range was 12 kilometers. This was also an experimental method.

In the end, unknowingly, the inside of this insect’s body did indeed discover a more optimized method. The artillery shell had been improved, increasing the range of the pure crystal’s energy consumption to 15 kilometers. Furthermore, its accuracy had also increased by a small margin.

In space, the initial speed of almost three times the speed of sound was equivalent to allowing the artillery shells to approach the enemy at a speed of 60 kilometers per minute. Moreover, as it was not affected by the atmosphere, its accuracy was much higher. However, Lo Ya did not think that this kind of cannonball could be used on aliens. When the time came, they would really fight. Using this kind of weapon with a firing speed of one kilometer per second, wouldn’t the enemy laugh their teeth off (if aliens had teeth and could laugh)?

In the end, on the 12th day of the experiment, the Electromagnetic Launcher had obtained a huge evolution.

The firing mode of the coil cannon was improved to become an orbital cannon.

Its range directly reached 30 kilometers, and the size of the bullet reached the size of a normal bullet. The worm’s body had doubled in size, about 50 centimeters in length. The launcher on his forehead had become two parallel rails, 1.2 meters in length. When the cannonballs were fired, the power of the current provided had increased to a certain extent. This proved that the efficiency of energy utilization had increased.

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