C290 Noah’s Confidence

After confirming that the spaceship within the mountain had not disappeared, Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief and continued to ride the Wind God Winged Insect to the alchemy hut.

After more than a year, this place was already filled with dust. The surroundings were filled with weeds, completely different from the situation back then.

Lo Ya found the secret passage and did not go down personally. Instead, she sent the Sickle Insect to explore the underground.

The situation inside was no different from what she remembered. When she entered the area of light, she could still see the beautiful girl lying on the ground motionless.

She had blue eyes, snow white skin, long hair that glowed with blue and white light, as well as a simple medium-length hair.

As if she was dead, she didn’t move at all.

Lo Ya controlled the Sickle Insect to walk forward and found that the situation that she was unable to get close to had disappeared. Her main body began to follow the passageway downwards, and approached the location of the young girl.

The Sickle Insect approached the other party and stretched out the Sickle Insect to touch her forehead.

Very quickly, the young girl opened her eyes.

Lo Ya did not sense any danger and carefully approached her target.

“You are…”

The young girl’s gaze was focused on the Sickle Insect, and the bug moved to the side, making Lo Ya wriggle in front of the other party.

“I have obtained the inheritance of a human… No, it should be said that you have left the inheritance to me.” Lo Ya said very straightforwardly.

“Human… has already been destroyed?” She asked in a low voice.

“I forgot… No, that’s not right, your genes are left in this world, a part of all the creatures have been inherited ”

Lo Ya’s words made the girl’s eyes lose focus. She slowly sat up with a blank expression on her face. “It seems to be destroyed. Did I become the last person?”

“Eh, you are from Earth?” Lo Ya blinked her eyes.

“Yes, perhaps the last one from Earth civilization.” She nodded her head, “Everyone in the world has a seed in their body, once there is a living person. The enemy will be able to quickly lock onto us. I am the only one who has successfully eliminated the seed, so I can avoid being discovered by the enemy ”

” You are the only one? ”

Lo Ya was surprised to find that the other party was very calm. This girl seemed to be more like a god than a god. She could not feel any emotions from her body.

“Maybe there are more after me, but it was already too late by then. In order to prevent exposure, everyone blocked this planet ahead of time. I am the only human inside.”

This big sister in front of Lo Ya was different from anyone Lo Ya knew. Her body was filled with divine attribute. Of course, it was also possible that the divine attribute came from her body.

Her entire body was covered with a faint light, and her skin had the texture of an anime. If one had to say, it was too perfect.

Lo Ya observed her skin. Although there were no flaws, it did not emit light and was not sacred.

The young girl turned her head to observe her surroundings. Then, she stretched out her right hand and a small opening appeared on it. A round ball floated inside.

“Inject the instrument. It can directly transmit the knowledge inside into the brain.”

The instrument quickly extended a lot of lines that were as tiny as tentacles.

“Wow, technology is so advanced?” Lo Ya really envied this era. Humans could inherit knowledge through this kind of method. This would save a lot of learning time for each generation.

“Ensure that the brain capacity is sufficient. Furthermore, what is transmitted over is just pure memory and cannot increase intelligence.” She placed it on Lo Ya’s head.

Then, Hum –

After a bout of dizziness, Lo Ya stuck out her tongue and fell to the ground, twitching.

“Looks like your brain capacity is too small.” The other party sighed regretfully.

Lo Ya only recovered after a long while and felt that she received a critical hit.

Level 2 brain definitely could not accept it.

But Lo Ya was not in a hurry. She threw it into the Item Space and then brought the girl to the outside of the cave.

“We are preparing to fly into space.” Lo Ya patted her chest proudly.

“Do you know what to do?” The girl asked.

“Er… I don’t know” Lo Ya immediately became dispirited.

She could only rely on evolution. During this period of time, there had been many adaptive evolution in the swarm. Not only did her poison tolerance reach the intermediate level, but her tolerance towards complex radiation environments also rose sharply. Some of the Sickle Insect located at the center of the nuclear explosion even had beneficial mutations, and began to be able to endure some radioactive substances that were swallowed into their bodies.

This meant that in the near future, Insect Girl Clan would be able to consume a huge amount of destructive nuclear pollutants.

“If I want to go into space, I’ll have to rely on rockets from the start.” The girl thought for a moment and made a hand gesture to explain, “Because the conversion rate of chemical fuel is too low, it is unable to let normal aircraft directly go into space. If we use rockets to separate bit by bit to gradually reduce the weight, Maintaining the propulsion, we will be able to get rid of the restraints of the planet”

Lo Ya frowned. This was different from the interstellar spacecraft that she had imagined.

However, the gravity of the planet could not be underestimated. To get rid of the restraints, the energy required was really shocking. If they wanted to let a behemoth that was dozens of meters, or even hundreds of meters, fly directly into the sky, how could they use rocket technology?

However, in the past life, up until Lo Ya transmigrated, there was not a single spaceship that was truly born. It was all relying on rockets to send it into space.

“Looks like I can only continue to evolve. It just so happens that many insects have started to develop well during this period of time.”

Lo Ya sighed.

The tail of a battleship bug’s jet ability increased greatly, but in the end, it also relied on chemical energy. All kinds of bugs were evolving at a small frequency every few days. It was estimated that within a month… The basic attributes of bugs would exceed 100 points.

The powerful insects had more or less developed extraordinary characteristics. This was thanks to the Transcendent corpse that they had devoured recently.

Lo Ya felt that the most important step for Insect Girl Clan to fly into space was to increase the basic strength of the main insect swarm to the Transcendent stage.

Only by reaching the Transcendental stage would they be able to easily withstand the harsh environment of the universe. At that time, they would be able to slowly get used to the survival of the universe through adaptive evolution.

“What is your civilization like?”

The girl seemed to be worried about Insect Girl’s small Small. Moreover, the small capacity of the brain often meant that the IQ and intelligence level were low. She did not have much knowledge in her hands. She could easily bear it for anyone.

“Hmph hmph.” Lo Ya proudly snapped her fingers, and many insects rushed out from the surroundings.

Sickle Insect, Black Wolf Beast, Undead Insect, Wind God Winged Insect and Bullet Insect… One after another, there were all kinds of them.

However, in the eyes of the young girl, it was somewhat funny.

“These can’t fly into space.”

“Definitely.” Lo Ya expressed her confidence, “Don’t underestimate us insects.”

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