C289 Within the Cave Filled with Illusions.

An unknown area named Sinking Coffin.

In other words, the thing provided by the man in the video was there.

Lo Ya had obtained some kind of useless collapsed energy stone and white flower stone garlic there. Now, it seemed that those belonged to one of the inheritances left behind by humans on the ancient Earth.

For some reason, when Lo Ya thought of the word inheritance, she felt inexplicably sad.

In the endless river of time, it was too difficult to maintain an eternal existence.

The evolution of life itself was a terrifying filter. Most of them would fall before the birth of an intelligent civilization, and many of them would be destroyed in the competition.

Even if they flew out of the planet, they would still have to face the unbelievable filter of the universe.

“This world has been distorted by human beings, so even if it’s the law of science and technology, It’s completely different from the normal universe. The Magic elements are the essence that constitutes this world, it’s formed by void particles… Wait, what are void particles?”

Lo Ya felt that her knowledge was insufficient. It was too high-end. No wonder the other party asked about basic physics. She could not expect the natives of this world to answer profound questions.

The physics system of this world was covered up in an unknown way. Without the carbon hydrogen and oxygen particles, all the matter was distorted into Magic. How could the person who answered the question know the answer?

It was like a person living in a completely dark space without any color light. If you asked him “what color is the combination of seven colors?” How could he know?

So he could understand why the people of the first few species could not answer.

The world they explored and recognized was completely different from the standard physics world. Naturally, they could not know the correct answer.

“Is the real purpose of the Earthlings to discover the existence of those who are deceived and can study the essence?”

Lo Ya frowned.

It was a pity that the Insect Girl Clan was not the case. The only reason Lo Ya could answer was because she had inherited the memories of the past.

“You understand his words. What did he say?” Seeing Lo Ya turn her head, the deities asked with anticipation.

Lo Ya shook her head. “He did not say the reason why the deities were born. He only said… This world itself is a game for entertainment.”

Lo Ya did not want to tell these gods the truth. Maybe it was because she was selfish. The secret of the Earth civilization should not be known by creatures other than Insect Girl. It would even rot in Lo Ya’s stomach forever until she was strong enough.

“Who is the man inside?” The God of Judgment asked.

“Maybe he’s someone from a long time ago… Phew, in such a short period of time, he didn’t say anything. He just told me that this game itself was just an experiment”

These deities were not sure if Lo Ya was lying, but there was no doubt that her answer did not satisfy them.

At this moment, a ray of light descended from the sky and landed on the bodies of the deities.

In an instant, all of their divine attribute disappeared.

… “”


He was at a loss.

The Gods exchanged glances.

[The divine attribute and Strength have disappeared, the world barrier has been unlocked.] ]

Such a message flashed across Lo Ya’s eyes. In an instant, everything in the sky seemed to become a little more real.

The rules had not changed, and the Magic could still be used, but the Gods were no longer Gods.

They quickly turned into dust and disappeared before their eyes.

Lo Ya widened her eyes.

[God has returned to the origin. Remaining information of consciousness. Soul fragments have been collected.] ]

[Provided a healthy empty shell body can be revived. ”

“Has it become a soul fragment?”

Just like the princess who jumped to the end of the waterfall, their consciousness had already entered Lo Ya’s Item Space.

“As expected, the so-called gods are only part of the program set up by the people of Earth.”

For some reason, it was a little sad. Even someone as powerful as Crystal Dragon God was only a small chess piece in the entire plan.

Lo Ya became the true beneficiary.

“Help her revive at that time. Unfortunately, she will not be a true god anymore.”

Unfortunately, the man in the white coat had also said that humans had developed for hundreds of millions of years. Even if they were that powerful, they were still unable to do anything to the so-called high level civilization.

Lo Ya originally thought that she would be able to obtain divine power. Who knew that it would disappear just like that?

Perhaps… this divine power was the key to unlocking the seal.

And this planet was originally left for her by humans.

She decided to first take a look at the cave where the inheritance was left behind.

Lo Ya sat on the back of a Wind God Winged Insect and began to fly towards the direction of the territory.

She was not in the mood to care about what the war was like. This world was the laboratory where humans nurtured their successors. There might be special useful information hidden inside.

She sat on her wings and flew for a long time. One day later, she happened to pass by the cave left behind by the aliens.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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