C287 The Ancient Humans of the Earth?

But for some reason, Lo Ya felt that the other party’s language was very familiar.

“First of all, this is a video that was recorded in advance. It can be saved for 5 billion years. Assuming that nothing unexpected happens, then the time you heard this recording… It must be within 5 billion years of my recording. Of course, 5 billion years is too long, even if it extends to the scale of the universe, It’s enough to destroy countless civilizations.”

As he said that, the chair started to slide to one side. Then, a 3D projection appeared on the right side.

It was a blue planet.

“Let me introduce myself, I am a researcher, born on a planet called Earth”

“Earth?” Lo Ya immediately wriggled over and laid on a piece of glass in front of the projection that prevented her from getting close. Her tail shook with all her might.

She was a little excited.

First of all, this human’s appearance was different from this continent. He could not be compared to the people of this world. Because of this, he looked more real.

Of course, he was also much more refined than the average appearance of the people of Earth in her memories.

The other party continued, “Earth is our Mother Star, and it gave birth to a civilization called mankind. In a short span of a million years, we evolved from primitive low-level creatures into an intelligent biochemical civilization with high intelligence. The so-called intelligent biochemical civilization refers to the elementary planetary-level civilization with intelligent computers, androids, and biochemical life forms as the core. ”

” Artificial intelligence biochemical civilization? ”

Lo Ya did not have too many questions about this term, because artificial intelligence and robots had already appeared in that era before she transmigrated. It was just that it was relatively beginner. As for biochemical modification, it was a little advanced. But through the computer, It was more or less understood that it was to install machines on the body… Or… To develop certain aspects of the gene, one step further… Utilizing the genes of different species on humans. The so-called biochemical could be directly understood as biochemistry.

Of course, this was only Lo Ya’s understanding. There might be a mistake.

Since the other party recorded a video, she could only listen quietly. The gods beside her had their hearing cut off, and because of the obstruction of the unknown energy, they were unable to approach Lo Ya.

“The humans who just flew out of the planet encountered a lot of trouble. We were unable to find a suitable planet to live on, and we were unable to fly to other planets in a short period of time. ”

” Later on, with the maturation of the space traction, humans were able to leave their own solar system on a large scale At that time, we once thought that we were a powerful civilization. And… We were looking forward to meeting with other interstellar creatures. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for us to realize the cruelty of space.”

“All sorts of terrifying disasters, countless terrifying civilizations. For hundreds of millions of years, humanity’s footprints have spread throughout the Milky Way, using countless casualties to develop their own territory. However, there are still some things that we can’t imagine… An extraordinary civilization has always been a threat to us.”

“A war has declared the end of humanity. At this final moment, we have successfully used the advanced Void Shielding technology to transform a place that was originally used for entertainment and recording into a venue for revenge”

His words were very simple and did not reveal too much information.

However, Lo Ya more or less knew that Earth’s civilization had already developed from a small civilization that could not even leave the planet into a behemoth in the galaxy.

However, such a giant could still feel the terror of the universe and was even destroyed by an even stronger civilization.

“You can roughly guess where I’m talking about. That’s right, it’s the planet you’re on.”

The man snapped his fingers, and the scene behind him instantly changed.

“This is an artificial planet built to commemorate the ancient flying chess game. It’s similar to a web. It covers the void. The planet itself has used a lot of techniques to create a world that shouldn’t have existed in the first place. We created another law, from the Elves to the Dragons. From Knights to Angels, all of these originated from the myths and legends of humanity hundreds of millions of years ago. We even wanted to create the gods of ancient India, ancient Greece, and ancient China ”

” Now, this world has already given birth to humans, but their genes are very different from real human genes ”

Saying this, he suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the giant pillar behind him.

“After studying the history of humans for hundreds of millions of years, I realized a very regrettable thing. If we can’t completely change ourselves, humanity will never be able to reach the level of a higher civilization. Some civilizations with completely different life forms will still crush us, existing in a way that no one can imagine.”

” Therefore, I leave my hope to the future, those that have inherited part of our genes. And those that have made breakthroughs elsewhere. I hope that such a thing will be born in a completely false world. A consciousness that still knows the truth.”

To know the truth in a completely fake world…

Lo Ya laid on the transparent wall and looked at the other party anxiously. However, she suddenly thought of many things.

That was the goal of humans, but they did not expect that she was a transmigrator.

Yes, Lo Ya did not rely on her own ability to discover the truth in this world with abnormal rules. It was because she had the original memories of humans that she could answer questions such as the number 6 element being carbon.

In other words, the result of this experiment itself was a failure.

In the era where Lo Ya lived, the people of Earth had yet to leave their Mother Star. He could not even be considered a galactic civilization, so he could not be the subject of the experiment. The gap between the two had reached an astonishing hundreds of millions of years, which was many times longer than the history of human evolution at that time.

So, what exactly happened between them, and why they used such a method to pass down the civilization of mankind… It was a little strange. Perhaps, the civilization of mankind at that time was already at the end of its road. This game field became the last inheritance that could be preserved.

The man continued:

“Humans are now shrouded in an illusion, we can’t see the truth, we’re about to die”

“We can’t imagine how those truly advanced civilizations exist”

“We used our last bit of energy to protect this small game field, using it to cultivate and inherit part of our genes.”

“A few hundred million years is enough to change everything. However, in despair, we will not give up on revenge, nor will we give up on the hope of survival.”

“When you pass this small test, it means that the blockade on this planet will be completely lifted. If nothing unexpected happens, it has already drifted a very, very long distance away in its invisible state. That’s enough. Far away from those super civilizations. This is a relatively new galaxy, but I can’t guarantee that this place will be safe.”

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